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DIY Neck Wrap Heating Pad

I’ve got a great gift project today! I found the instructions for making a neck wrap here, and decided to add some ribbon to fancy it up a bit!

DIY Neck Wrap Heating Pad

The directions on their site call for two 8”x20” pieces to be sewn together- I used a fat quarter (18”x22”) to make it even easier! I simply trimmed two inches off the length & width and pinned the right sides together.

In order to keep your filler evenly dispersed divide the 20” into 4 even sections- you can mark these with a pen if you’d like. I cut the folded side at each mark & slid my ribbon (I used ½” solid/wrinkled ribbon in red) in to hold my spot. I ran a ¼” seam around the perimeter, leaving an opening to turn the fabric & be able to pour my rice inside.

The directions call for 6 cups of filler (flax, rice, etc). Pour 1.5 cup of your filler into your bag & pin your ribbon/fabric so that you can run a stitch to secure your section & ribbon. Repeat for each section. This is the only tricky part- pinning the ribbon in place on the front & back of your wrap at the same time takes a little patience! 😀

I machine sewed the opening closed, and repeated the stitching on the other end so that both ends would match.

To use your wrap you microwave 2-3 minutes, so ideally you want to choose a cotton fabric/ribbon & watch your microwave carefully! The ¾” canvas ribbon and the eyelet trims would make great choices for this project! Take caution that it is not too hot before putting on your neck.

I wrapped it up with some more red solid/wrinkled ribbon & an essential oil for a pampering gift!

DIY Neck Wrap Heating Pad

Thanks for stopping by- I hope you’ve been inspired!

By Jen Shears



 Other Supplies Used:

  • Fat quarter of cotton fabric
  • Sewing machine/thread/straight pins
  • 6 cups rice/funnel


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  1. TracyM #6773

    THANK YOU for sharing this pretty & practical project Jen!!!

  2. Karen L K

    What a nice gift that would be and an excellent choice to include a Doterra essential oil.

  3. Amante del Papel



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