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Zebra Rosette Pendant

Zebra Rosette Pendant

Whether frilly or plain, small or large, pendants are a fun way to dress up and add texture to a scarf.  I ordered the grosgrain animal print ribbon with my daughter in mind;  her room is decorated in zebra, so there will be more projects as far as this ribbon is concerned!

To begin, you will need a needle and white thread (about 18″ of knotted thread will do for this size of rosette).  Next, fold the ribbon in half and start a straight stitch along the edge:

Zebra Rosette Pendant

Create a gather in the ribbon as you continue with the straight stitching.

Zebra Rosette Pendant

As you go along, wrap the gathered ribbon into a rosette fashion; this will help you to determine how large you’d like for the rosette to be.
For the base, cut a circle from a piece of felt (smaller than the rosette):

Zebra Rosette Pendant

Cover the felt with a thick coating of fabric glue and press the rosette into place.  It may be necessary to add a dab of glue in between layers of the rosette, especially more towards the center.

Zebra Rosette Pendant

Stitch or glue a pin-back onto the back of the rosette.  Embellish with a monogram pin, buttons or smaller rosettes!

By Shellye McDaniel

Other Supplies Used:

  • Needle
  • White Thread
  • Fabric Glue
  • Pin Back
  • Felt

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  1. TracyM #6773

    OH MY, layers of lovely!!!
    Your zebra rosette is a delight Shellye!!!

    1. Shellye McDaniel

      Thanks so much, Tracy!


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