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Your Contest Ideas Contest Winner

Wow!  Ladies, thank you for all these wonderful
ideas!  They will all be kept on file, so
keep an eye out for your contest idea! 
With the holidays coming up, it will be a lot of fun to put these to
good use!

This week,
we have two winners! 

Our first
winner was requested by our very own designer here at May Arts!  And I was happy to oblige!  Kerry A:

“I always love a contest that
challenges me to create a new project. And what about a contest where people
recommend new ribbon colors? Or tell you their favorite May Arts ribbon?”

congratulations!  We’ll be using one of
these ideas right away!

Our next
bonus winner is Tam OConnell:

“Hi just love your ribbon and
the site is very helpful. Contest? 1. How about a theme like Halloween, Thanksgiving,
Christmas, etc. and you would have to make an item using ribbon for that
holiday. 2. How about a contest to highlight specific kinds of ribbon
Velveteen, Two Tone ,Stitched Edge etc. where you would have to use it on a
project. 3. Maybe a contest to use a given number of different kinds of ribbon
on a project. 4. How about a designated craft like create an ornament, a mini
scrapbook ,or home decor item. 5. Okay one more. what about a specific size of
ribbon on s project. Thanks for letting me rattle on. This gave me ideas. I’m
on my way tomorrow to pick up ribbon at Archiver’ . Thanks.”

Tam, congratulations
to you too!  This was a whole lot of
ideas guaranteed to inspire all of us!

Ladies, please forward your shipping
information & your ribbon selections to [email protected]

If you didn’t win this week, be sure
to keep coming back for more chances to win free
!  There’s always a new contest running on the May Arts Blog!

  1. Tam OConnell

    OMG! Thank You so much! I’m so glad you understood my rambling of ideas. I will send my ribbon selections asap. Thank you!!!

  2. Lynn Faggard

    I would love to have saddle-stitch gros grain in school colors in 7/8″ and 1-1/2″ widths. I need combnations like burgundy and white, royal and white, royal and orange, navy and gold, red and black, purple and gold, etc.

  3. Kerry A

    Yeah! Thank you so much! Glad you liked my idea! I am off to drool over your gorgeous ribbons and think of some new colors too! I will email my selections later today…thanks again!


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