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A Wreath for all Seasons

Today, guest designer Cathi O'Neill is back with another fabulous project!  She is doing a series of posts with us, so we hope you enjoy her work as much as we do.  Don't forget to post your comments at the end!


A Wreath for all Seasons

Come join me to learn how to make a simple wreath that you can change out the decor for with the change of the seasons, with great help using the gorgeous Graphic 45 Places in Time papers. 

A Wreath for all Seasons

I found it very hard to source a wreath form here in Ireland, so I borrowed an idea that Royal Ribbonista Karen Baker used for her gorgeous Nature Walk Wreath and made my own from some large pizza boxes that I got some scrap goodies delivered in, recycling at its best! I used a plate to trace the circle and then cut out the center and I layered two cardboard bases together. 

A Wreath for all Seasons

I wrapped the Wide Burlap Ribbon around the wreath form to make a great burlap base.

A Wreath for all Seasons

I used the gorgeous Frayed Flowers in ivory to build up my wreath. Where I knew I was going to have my interchangeable decorative motif I put several flowers together, then a spaced the others out a few inches apart for the rest of the wreath.  I hot glued all the flowers into place.

A Wreath for all Seasons

 I then took 5 inch strips of the beautiful Lace & Pearl Ribbon and glued them into place between the frayed flowers.

A Wreath for all Seasons

For my final addition for my wreath I made some super simple burlap flowers simply by wrapping and twisting Faux Burlap Ribbon

A Wreath for all Seasons

Since these ribbons are wired they held together perfectly till I was able to hot glue them into place between the frayed flowers. The wreath base is now finished!!

A Wreath for all Seasons

For each of my different seasonal centerpieces I tied a large bow using various colored Woven Chevron Striped Ribbon and used my Graphic 45 Places in Time Collection for all the gorgeous image collaging. I simply assembled them together and glued the bow to the front of the decor piece. I used a piece of burlap twine attached to the back of each of my themed motifs. To switch them out simply tie them around the wreath base!!

A Wreath for all Seasons

A Wreath for all Seasons

A Wreath for all Seasons


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  1. TracyM #6773

    GORGEOUS wreath Cathi!!!

    LOVE your burlap and lace and pearls!!!

    THANK YOU for sharing your BEAUTIFUL inspiration 🙂

  2. Carla Hundley

    Great idea for this wreath!
    Came out so cute and being
    able to change it up for
    different holidays is
    very creative.
    Carla from Utah


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