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Wreath Re-Do!!!

Last week I was feeling very pleased with myself; my halls were decked, trees were trimmed, bring on the Egg-nog!  That is when I noticed that my front door was bare.  All along the block, my neighbors had lovely wreaths hanging for all to see. Ooops.  I had forgotten my Christmas wreath!  In order to keep up with the neighbors and without spending money on a new wreath, I decided to revive an old wreath.


The sad specimen of greenery above, had been a “hand me down” from my mother, about a decade ago.  I removed all of the dead ribbons, crumpled eucalyptus and rusty bells…dusted off the wreath and JUST ADDED RIBBONS!  Any festive May Arts Christmas ribbon will work!  I didn’t wire on the ribbons, I just tied them on, trimmed the ends and in under 5 minutes!  Brand new wreath!

From Wikipedia…a little FYI!

“A wreath is an assortment of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs and/or various materials that is constructed to resemble a ring…. Wreaths have much history and symbolism associated with them. They are usually made from evergreens and symbolize strength, as evergreens last even throughout the harshest winters. Bay laurel may also be used, and these wreaths are known as laurel wreaths. The circular shape of the wreath is seen as a common symbol of eternity. The use of wreaths varies by culture, tradition and religions. In Christianity, it is used to prepare for Jesus’ birth and in many cultures around the world, wreaths are used in weddings as a headdress. The history behind wreaths dates back thousands of years and much of the symbolism lies with Greek mythology, Roman tradition with the present day usage being focused on Advent and for festive décor.”

Blog Posted By: Leah Farrar-White

  1. Donna Przybylowski

    Love the last wreath in this clip, all the christmas colors are just fabulous!! Wish Christmas was not over, but I guess there is Valentines Day coming and I so love Red!! Well, love pastels too, ah heck, love them all!!

  2. Donna Przybylowski

    Lovely wreaths!! Awesome job! But then again, you have awesome quality Ribbon!

  3. Charlene

    Beautiful, beautiful…can I have your rusty bells?

  4. Pam Loris

    Your after wreath is wonderful!

  5. sue w.

    you did a great job of re-doing your wreath. stamping sue


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