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Working with the “Right and Wrong”…Side of Ribbon

There seems to be a classified “right” and “wrong” side to everything, and ribbon is no exception. But why not work with both sides of the ribbon and create a beautiful project while stretching your supplies? I’ve got two cards to showcase today that features May Arts Satin and Taffeta Ribbon lines.

My first card uses both taffeta and satin ribbons, however I’m showcasing the “right” and “wrong” sides of the taffeta. I created a Congratulations card-which could be used for a wedding, anniversary or graduation.

For the taffeta, I chose to work with the beautiful and luxurious silver color. Notice the “right” side is slightly darker, and has a shinier sheen to it. The “wrong” side is more dull, and takes on a slightly different silver hue.

The main design element to highlight the different sides of the ribbon are the fishtails. I created these with the Imaginisce Ribbon Cutter. To adhere the ribbons to the card, I sprayed each backside lightly with spray adhesive. I finished the card with Black Burlap String and a clay silver flower.

The satin also has the same qualities, although the ribbons hue isn’t such a drastic change from the “right” and “wrong” side.

Here’s another card that highlights using both sides of the taffeta ribbon. I wrapped three lengths of ribbon around a piece of cardstock (the “wrong” side is in the middle) and then adhered the panel to a card base. I embellished with White Crinkle Ribbon, a sentiment sticker and a larger clay flower in silver.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when creating with both sides of ribbon. Stretch your ribbon supplies by thinking on the “wrong” side!

Blog post by: Karen Baker

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  1. Nikki C

    I love to use the back side of a ribbon it seems to be the perfect colour I'm always hunting around for 🙂

  2. Beverly Jordan

    Fantastic cards and tips!! So clever and I would never have tried! Thanks!

  3. Sue D

    Great tip–thanks!

  4. Christy Q

    Cool tips! I will be giving them a try soon. 

  5. Kristie Maynard

    Great tips.  Love to stretch my supplies!

  6. Brenda B.

    Thanks for the great tips, Karen!

  7. jen shears

  8. Becky Johnson

    OMG, why I never thought of this is beyond me.  TFS.  Becky J.

  9. Sharon Gullikson

    I just saw a project online with your orange and pink ribbon (both sides) and it looked great!

  10. Court's Crafts


  11. erin

    Oh love the idea of thinking outside the box with the "wrong" side.

  12. Charlene

    Great tips, Karen!


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