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Winter Wedding Flower Girl Basket

Welcome back to the May Arts blog!  Winter is quickly approaching and so are winter weddings.    Today, I have quick and inexpensive alternative to the summery wicker baskets that flower girls typically carry.   It mimics the pleated dress styles so popular now and due to its straight sides and light weight, it’s easier for little ones to carry.  Change the color, and it’s perfect for any time of year.


You will need:

  • ½ – 1 inch strong double-sided sticky tape (Scor-tape, Miracle Tape, Red line, etc.)

  • Clear Glue (Beacon’s)
  • Pearls – optional


Cover the entire can with double-sided sticky tape, including the round discs that hold the handle in place.    Be sure to cover the entire can.

Fold the pleated ribbon in half and beginning at the side bottom, peel tap and press the center of the ribbon onto the tape.  Continue to make a tight spiral up the sides of the can, peeling small sections of tape as you go.   The ribbon will pop up in the beginning but it will lie down once you begin spiraling.

Once you reach the top, cut the ribbon, fold the edge under and secure with a dot of clear glue.  Secure the bottom ribbon if needed.

Cover the handle with ½ inch double-sided tape.  Remove the paper.  Leaving a tail, begin at one end and wrap the handle.   Cut the ribbon, leaving a small tail.  Trim both ends of the tails and secure to the can with a dot of glue.

Add a decorative pearl to each side, if desired.   Fill with real or artificial flower petals.

These gorgeous ribbons come in so many fashion colors that matching your wedding colors will be easy.  After the wedding, you can gift the can to your flower girl or use it to store precious mementos from your special day.

Thrifty, elegant and one of a kind thanks to May Arts Ribbon!

 Blog post by:  Charlene Driggs


  1. Andrea Miller

    Love this Charlene. You always do such great work!!

  2. Sue McRae

    Very creative project!

  3. Gloria Westerman

    How clever!!!! Awesome idea…..tfs

  4. Debbie C

    Wonderful basket idea….love the pleated ribbon.

  5. Kristie Maynard

    Really lovely!

  6. Anita A

    What a stunning idea!

  7. Kim H

    wow beautiful, and youre right can use this idea for any holiday. would love gorgeous in ivory for a wedding or pale pastels for a baby shower. thank you.

  8. jen shears

    what a pretty flower girl basket- and what little girl wouldn’t be smitten with that soft handle?! Fabulous!! 🙂

  9. Kelly massman

    how beautiful!

  10. Jingle

    I absolutely love this! I need to make one!


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