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Welcoming Fall Silk Wreath

Welcoming Fall Silk Wreath

I must admit that Fall is my most favorite of seasons but it is one of the most difficult to decorate for! You can go with brightly colored hues of yellow and orange leaves or frightening Halloween décor, but I find myself wanting something for the end of summer, early fall. I created a chic and sleek fall wreath featuring one of the newest colors in the May Arts Silk Ribbon line, teal.

 Welcoming Fall Silk Wreath

I started with a 12” foam wreath and wrapped the 1.25” teal ribbon tightly around the entire wreath, making sure to overlap the ribbon to avoid any foam peeking through and for a really nice texture. Then, once the entire wreath was covered, I adhered the cut end of the ribbon with superglue and let it dry thoroughly.

 Welcoming Fall Silk Wreath

To decorate the wreath, I attached a pre-made decorative twig with floral picks. I then adhered some real pine cones with hot glue to fill in blank areas. The focal point is the bird, which was also attached with a floral pick.

 Welcoming Fall Silk Wreath

For added interest and texture. I looped my favorite May Arts Burlap String Ribbon (this color is Antique Gold-perfect for Fall!) behind the bird and adhered it with hot glue.

 Welcoming Fall Silk Wreath

I think the end result is a stunning and sleek representation of fall. The teal silk ribbon is the perfect compliment and backdrop for the orange and gold hues in the decorative elements and focal point of the wreath.

 By Karen Baker



Other Supplies Used:

  • 12” Foam Wreath
  • Superglue
  • Hot Glue
  • Decorative Twig
  • PineCones
  • Bird
  • Floral Picks


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  1. Amy C.

    This is a very sweet wreath!

  2. Janet

    This is so pretty! I am putting this on my list of things to make. My sister and I get together once a month for a big crafting day. So glad I saw all these awesome ideas!

  3. Melissa W.

    Beautiful! I love how simple it is yet will make you do a double take!

  4. Sandy

    Simply beautiful. Would never have thought to use teal with a fall wreath, but it really works!

  5. marylouh

    Simple but so pretty. thanks for the idea.

  6. Cathy A

    Stunning. I would love something like this in my home

  7. TracyM #6773

    BEAUTIFUL wreath Karen – LOVE the teal and elegant design!!!


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