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Welcome Fall!

It’s that time of year again!  The kids head back to school, summer clothes and swimsuits have been packed away for another season, the air becomes crisper and the leaves begin to turn beautiful shades of red, orange and brown.   Fall is also the time to dress our homes for the upcoming holidays and celebrate the beautiful colors of the fall season.   What better way to do that than with gorgeous May Arts ribbons!

Today, I have two holiday wreaths to spark your creativity and add a warm welcoming feel to your front door.   Thanks to the beauty and selection that abound at May Arts Ribbon, both wreaths require a minimum amount of supplies and expense, an extra bonus.  Add that to the fact that you will be able to use these wreaths for many fall seasons to come, and it’s time and money well spent.  I love that!

Our first wreath celebrates the fun of the Halloween holiday.  Bright orange pumpkins, spooky black bats, lots of sparkle and shimmer, some sheer elegance and a bit of dotty fun makes for a fun yet elegant welcome for big and little goblins


You will need about 2.5 yards of Each Ribbon


  • 12” Solid Poly foam wreath
  • Black Acrylic paint/paint brush
  • Hot glue or pins

Here you see the two wreaths already painted.   I find acrylic paints easier to use than spray paint and it dries in minutes.

Adhere your widest ribbon (MK38) to the inside of wreath using a dab of hot glue or a flat head pin.  Wrap around the wreath leaving  spaces between the wraps.  When you get to the starting point, add either another dab of hot glue or another flat head pin.

Beginning with the Solid check (KB14), slightly overlap the sheer and wrap in the same manner.  Continue with the Metallic Velvet (377-38-10), and the Solid Bubble Dots (MD28).

Wrap about 7 of the Satin Cutout Pumpkins (EX28) at several points around your wreath for extra pop of color.

Make a triple loop bow using the Sheer Stripes (MK38) and add some of those super cute Satin Cutout bats, pin or hot glue the bow to your wreath and in less than 30 minutes, you have a beautiful accent for your home at a fraction of the readymade cost!



 Fall Wreath #2

I can’t tell you how easy and much fun this wreath was to make!!  It’s sure to draw ooh’s and ash’s from everyone who sees it.   And guess what!  It’s made from ribbon scraps!  So, never and I mean never (!) throw away those May Arts Scraps!

Here’s all you need for a 14” wreath:

  • A 14” poly foam wreath
  • Brown Acrylic paint/paintbrush
  • 5” pieces of scrap ribbon (I used about 200 pieces on this wreath to cover everything except the back.)
  • Florists Greening Pins (see photo for style)

I began with a large pile of various May Arts scrap ribbons of all types and textures in similar color families. There were rich warm browns and burgundies, vibrant reds and oranges, shimmery golds, bright and muted greens and a bit of neutral cream for grounding.  All the warm and wonderful shades of fall!

There were small pieces of lush Chenille Dots, satins, sheers, metallics, grosgrain, velvets and stripes and checks.  Let your imagination be your only limitation!

Here is a small sampling of the ribbons (I got carried away and forgot to photograph the whole pile.)

Here’s how you do it.  After you cut your ribbons into 5” pieces, you will roll them into a circle.

Pinch the overlapped end of the circle together and place the greening pin over the pinched ribbon.  Insert into the foam wreath.   That’s basically it!!  How easy is that?

I began by choosing 8-10 pieces and placing them on the wreath in basically a 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 pattern. You can see that my 6:00 is a bit off but that really doesn’t matter.  This pattern helps your eyes to focus on all the patterns without being overwhelmed.

A stunningly beautiful and unique fall wreath for under $15 because you used your May Arts ribbon scraps!   It will be our secret. (wink!)


Happy May Arts Creating!


Blog Posted By: Charlene Driggs

  1. Mel the Crafty Scientist

    I LOVED this tutorial when you posted it and I finally got around to trying it myself (the first kind of wreath at least) and I just posted the results on my blog (and credited this post). Just wanted to say thanks! (You can find my post with the wreath here:

  2. patty

    Absolutely LOVE the all the ribbon colors and textures in your fall wreath!! Tutorial easy to follow…Just beautiful!

  3. jen shears

    Both are great- but that second one is going to be trouble- I can see never throwing any tidbits out from here out!!! 🙂

  4. Shelly

    Charlene….too cute for words. I am definitely going to add the 2nd wreath to my project list. If I can’t get it done before Halloween, maybe I’ll do a Christmas themed wreath. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Andrea

    Fabulously done!! I love wreaths so much that uhem, yes many of the doors in my house are adorned with one, not just my front door.

  6. Leah

    DROOL!!! those are fabulous, Charlene!!! Love them and want to make one this weekend!!!

  7. Lexi

    great wreaths! The second one is so creative 😉

  8. Lynne W

    Charlene, your wreaths are stunning!! I especially love the second one, what a great way to use up your scraps, and get a great decor item at the same time!!

  9. Kimberly Jones

    What a great project Charlene! I love the fall wreath, and what a wonderful way to use up all those ribbon scraps. Great tutorial!


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