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Welcome Baby Basket

Welcome Baby Basket

Working in labor & delivery, I see a lot of cute door hangings welcoming a new baby; this started the wheels turning on how I could create my own fun design!  I started with a wire hanging basket (but any similar style would work), 4" Wired Burlap Ribbon and pipe cleaners.

Welcome Baby Basket

Cutting the pipe cleaners in half, I twisted the halved pieces onto the top of the basket as shown:

Welcome Baby Basket

Starting at the left side of the basket, I made large loops with the 4" Wired Burlap Ribbon and then twisted the pipe cleaners around each loop until the entire front of the basket was covered in loops.

Welcome Baby Basket

I wanted to add some color and whimsy so I wove a strand of Pink Fuzzy Wired Pom Pom trim around the loops, gluing them to the sides of the loops with fabric glue.

Welcome Baby Basket

Welcome Baby Basket

Next, I cut three lengths of Pink 1.5" Solid Ombre Ribbon for the streamers; use as many streamers as needed to share birth stats and info.  Glitter stickers can be found at craft stores and don't forget to look amongst the homecoming goods!  
I made a large bow from the same Pink 1.5" Solid Ombre Ribbon and then tucked and glued it in place.

Welcome Baby Basket

For the inside of the basket I chose Spanish Moss as the filler; colored shred or excelsior would also look nice.  I made a few 'pokes' using patterned paper from Simple Stories, punches and colored straws by Queen & Co. You could also add a stuffed animal, blanket or other small toy. 

Welcome Baby Basket

This design could easily be adapted for a wreath, wooden frame or other fun shapes…I've seen just about everything hanging from hospital doors LOL!

Blog post by: Shellye McDaniel


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  1. TracyM #6773

    Your baby basket is ADORABLE Shellye!!!
    Thank you for sharing how you created it too … it is a great idea that we can use for any occasion 🙂

  2. sharon gullikson

    I like the BABY signs!


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