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Weekend Giveaway with Lawn Fawn {winner!}

First, a big thank you to our friends over at Lawn Fawn!   We always have such a great time hopping with you & hope we get to do it again soon!

Both May Arts & Lawn Fawn have an extra chance to win some goodies of your own.  So, for Lawn Fawn’s giveaway click here.   And for ours, here is the prize up for grabs:

Ribbon Rack

3 Spools of Ribbon – Your Choice!


A Lawn Fawn stamp and die set of your choice!

What do you have to do to win?  Well, I’ve seen quite a few of our beautiful ribbons used this week.  So, all you have to do to enter to win is tell us which of those ribbons were your favorites.  I know I spied a few of my own personal favs along the way!  😉

I’ll post a winner right here on Monday, July 15th.

Good luck y’all and happy weekend!

The Ribbon Lady


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:

Cynthia Rose
I have seen the chevron ribbon in several colors on quite a few cards and that is my current favorite.

Cynthia, email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

**all winners have 2 weeks to claim their prize**

**when emailing, please note which giveaway/prize you are claiming*



    There are too many yummy ones to pick one but if I had I think I would save the Chevron twill.

  2. croppinmama

    Loving The Chevron Twill!

  3. Kailash

    The chevron ribbon is fabulous, it looks like a stamped image!!!

  4. Denise Foor

    The Chevron ribbon is my cup of tea….love it!

  5. Palmier

    teal was my favorite

  6. Eida

    I love the chevron ribbon

  7. Karen Rice

    Oh how I've loved the chevron (twill) stripes!!  The colors are gorgeous to boot!  I LOVE those faux suede leaves, too!

  8. Ria Montefalcon

    Oh I love the chevron ribbon and of course the burlap. Its versatility can be used in any project

  9. Annie W

    I absolutely LOVED the teal metallic velvet ribbon that Emily used the other day.  Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  10. Carol B

    I LOVE the chevron stripe, so trendy right now!


    Carol B

  11. Jennifer Scull

    the chevron made into little banners was adorable, but I think I was most impressed with the wire trimmed portion of the burlap tied in  a bow on that pretty tag. can never go wrong with that gorgey silk ribbon though….. no way to choose only ONE! 🙂

  12. Dana D.

    How to choose a favorite of may arts ribbon, that is the question. I'll say the white pom poms, the horizontal satin white ribbon, and the teal and the burlap.

  13. maureen

    all of course …… denim, crochet, and two tone sheer.

  14. maureen

    What ribbons I like…..well all of cource… how could you not love thin sheer, crochet, denim, but my all time fav is the sheer two tone. 

  15. Kelley_R

    So many beautiful ribbons to choose from! The chevrons are fun but I have to go with the silk ribbon Erin Thiem used.

  16. Carmen

    All your ribbon have been fantastic ( specially your past Halloween and Christmas they were super cute) but definitely your chevron ribbon stands out it is super gorgeous

  17. Julia Hernandez

    It was a tie between the pom pom ribbon and the one that was stmaped with a fox

  18. Pai

    the chevron ribbon stood out as did the wired ribbon used for the fireworks!

  19. Karen Schroeder

    The one I like best is the Teal Metallic Velvet!!!

  20. Mary Lou H

    I liked the 1.5 inch twill that Lalo used for her card.   She stamped flowers on the ribbon.   Love the idea of being able to stamp the ribbon to match your project.

  21. Robin Buchholz

    I really liked seeing the different ways the chevron ribbon was used. I think it's a busy pattern and wasn't sure how to incorporate it onto my crafts but, after this week, I am truly inspired!

  22. Cindy B

    The chevron ribbons were my favorite!

  23. Angie Hall

    I liked the tag covered in lace(Gini made it I think). I love all the chevrons too and the striped twill is stunning. Can you tell it's very hard to pick a favorite May Arts ribbon? Thanks

  24. Toni Storie

    Picking your favorite ribbon is a lot like picking your favorite child, but if you promise not to tell the other ribbons…my favorite is the chevron twill!

  25. Lori Caswell

    Everytime I see a display of ribbons like that, all I can think is how much fun my cats would have!

  26. Sue McRae

    I really like the chevron ribbon (it was used on quite a few projects) and all the  wonderful colors it comes in.  

  27. Debbie Ford

    I love all but especially the chevron

  28. Janetta Zeimetz

    All of the ribbons were beautiful, but my absolute favorite was the Teal Metalic Velvet used by Emily!  Simple stunning!

  29. sherry parent

    I love all of them, but my fave is the one with flowers on it.  I love flowers.

  30. Lucy E.

    I have so many favorites, but I would have to pick those colorful chevron stripe ribbons, with the Horozontal satin strip ribbon as a second. Thanks for all of the fun and the chances to win 🙂

  31. Fran Green

    I saw so many wonderful products and ideas on the blog hop.  My favorite May Arts products are the silk ribbon and the chevron twill.

  32. Fran Green

    That's easy.  The silk and Chevron ribbons.  Thanks for the blog hop.

  33. jenny f

    The chevron twill is adorable, but for a classic you can use again and again, the silk is just gorgeous. So elegant. Also love the leaves….

  34. by belle

    That's easy…the chevron twill!!!  I saw that on a bunch of the great projects this week!!

  35. stamping sue

    I do enjoy all of your ribbons but been seeing a lot with burlap and chevron ….they are my favorites.

    stamping sue

  36. Laure

    All the ribbons were great but i loved the glitter ones!

  37. Holly E

    My faves are the burlp and the teal one!

  38. Message Keeper

    I love those chevrons and ribbons with dimension such as the pom-pom and etc! Those really add some sparkles to the cards!

  39. Jeannie (blue)

    Normally I'm not a fan of chevron, but seeing the chevron ribbon used in so many fun ways, I can't help but like it.

  40. stampnk

    My favorites were the chevron ribbons…LOVE them in all colors!

  41. chark

    the orange one Charlene used. Plus I like seeing my name, as I'm a Charlene too! 🙂

  42. Indy

    Chevron ribbons—love them!!!!  Thanks for the chance!!

  43. Natasha Poteraj

    The chevron ribbons were great. But There were several that I LOVED.

  44. Sharon Gullikson

    I think the green suede leaves were my favorite.

  45. Carmen

    I loved the orange chevron ribbons that Charlene Driggs used

  46. Becca

    I love the elastic ruffle ribbon!

  47. Chris Steele

    Love all kinds of ribbon. One of my greateset embellishments!!

  48. Paula Spagnuolo

    Lots of great ribbon and stamps were showcased but my favorite is definitely the chevron ribbon and the card made with it by Yainea is swoon-worthy!

  49. Liz O.

    I like them all, but my fave was the chevron ribbon 🙂 Thank you for all you do and share it was a fun week!

    have a wonderful weekend!

  50. Rosemary

    I like the chervon ribbon

  51. Beverly Perdue

    I love the silk ribbon.

  52. Johanna Bablitz

    I love the chevron ribbons and how many colours they come in.  Also, have a soft spot for burlap!

  53. Barb Wagar

    I like the chevron pattern ribbons and I also like the silk ribbons!

  54. Sue D

    I like the Twill /Chevron Stripes ribbon in all colors!

  55. Shona Chambers

    Have fallen in love with the chevron ribbons, they have given me so many ideas. Would love to win some!!

  56. Annette Hindes

    I really like the chevron pattern ribbon that Charlene Driggs used

  57. SuZeQ

    Chevron.  Burlap.  Teal.  Glitter.  How's a girl to choose just one?  Everything May Arts makes is FABULOUS.

  58. Julie A. Shearer

    Oops …that should read … so fun and all the yummy colors .

  59. Julie A. Shearer

    That is a tough question . My favorite was the wired chevron ribbon . So find and all the yummy colors are awesome . Thanks for a very fun week .

  60. Verna Angerhofer

    I am loving the chevron ribbons. Those are so cool!

  61. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing)

    Sort of torn between the white horizontal satin strip and that fabulous wide burlap!

  62. Amy#8546(TheTigersHaven)

    My favorite would have to be the  teal 5/8" twill.  I love the teal color.  I also love the 1.5" width Twill FNN09 it is Great for stamping on.  Thanks for the chance.  HUGS

    Amy Jones

  63. Ana Marcela Herrera

    the white mini pom poms.

  64. Cindi

    The  Twill Chevron Ribbon is my favorite…

    Many thanks, Cindi

  65. Cynthia Rose

    I have seen the chevron ribbon in several colors on quite a few cards and that is my current favorite.

  66. Ann M

    LOVE the burlap ribbon!

  67. Rita

    Beautiful ribbons……..thank you for a chance to win!

  68. Grá O'Neill

    Very difficult choice, but I spotted the jumbo leaves on the hop & my eyes went straight to them on the rack 🙂

  69. terriavidreader

    Thanks for a chance to win. I love lawn fawn too

  70. christi

    i loved the gitter one.

  71. Annamarie Jones

    I loved the chevron ribbon! So pretty!

  72. Gayle M.

    So Love Lawn Fawn and teaming them with May Arts…is awesome. Would love to win this.

  73. Misha

    I just love the chevron ribbons, they are so versatile.  Thanks for the great ideas.

  74. AundriaB.

    I've enjoyed all of the inspiration this week but I'd have to say that my fave ribbon is the twill/chevron stripe in so many yummy colors! Thank you for the chance to win some along with some Lawn Fawn goodies.

  75. KellyG

    Lots of great stuff, but of course I love the woven chevron ribbons!

  76. Loly Borda

    I love the one that has small ponpons and all the colors of crevron. Thanks for the chance!

  77. Ava Gavloski

    I liked gini and karen's project this week, burlap must be on my mind with earth tones!!!

  78. Iris Soscia

    Love the chevron ribbons

  79. Lynn G.

    I am liking the chevron, burlap and that wired ribbon where they cut away the edge and used the wire part as a bow.  Great idea!

  80. Moid

    I liked the chevron ribbon used in the Lawn Fawn inspiration 

  81. Taunya Butler

    My favorite was the White Horizontal Satin Strip 410  that DeeDee Catron used on her card!  It was beautiful!

  82. Emily H

    I really like the white mini pom poms shown by Jen Shears. That teal twil is awesome too!

  83. Maria C Agostini-Perez

    I love all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enter for the giveaway?


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