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Weekend Giveaway A Valentine For Him – Winner!

I always find making a masculine Valentine’s card &/or gift to be a difficult task.  Hearts, flowers, little x’s & o’s & the like just don’t feel very manly.  With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I bring this question to all of you:

What Valentine’s crafty creations do you make for the men in your life?  Do you buy your gifts for him instead?

Either way, tell us all about it!  Post your comments, or better yet email me a picture, and enter to win:


3 Spools of May Arts Ribbon – Your Choice!


I will post a winner here on Monday, February 6th.

For an additional chance to win, post a comment &/or picture on our Facebook Page too!


Happy weekend & good luck to all!


The Ribbon Lady


This card was sent to us from Laura Cox:

This next card was sent to us by Alice Hancock:

This card was sent to us by Ryann Salamon:


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:


Colleen H:  I ususally make a card and then get mmy husband some chocolate, but I did something else fot our anniversary a couple of years ago and may try again for Valentine’s – a chocolate bar bouquet!
Yay to candy bar bouquets!!  😀   Colleen, email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!


  1. Joy Hager

    Love reading all the ideas, congrats to the winner!

  2. Laura Cox

    Congrats to Colleen!!!  Thanks for putting my card up!!  Happy Valentine's Day every one!  And to all those special guys in our lives!!

  3. Kris stice

    I usually buy some candy and make a card for my husband.

  4. Nicole

    Being a floral designer by the time valentines has come. .. and the day is over = glass of wine and another valentines day, complete.  Me and my husband we usually go out to a fancy dinner post valentines and enjoy the romance on  another day 🙂 BUT  I would love to wrap my self in May arts ribbon and give my self to my husband!

  5. jennifer

    I don't make paper crafts for dh, but I do make him his favorite candy and create a cute little package to put it in.

  6. Karen G

    I plan on giving hubby a card, and I also plan to make a nice dinner for him that night.  It's stamping group day that day, so I won't be home, I'll be creating.  Hubby will be immersed in technology 😀  Oh, and I can't forget, I'll make sure we have some talk and cuddle time that day too 🙂

  7. Jamie Greene

    A white card base with a die cut of big red lips!  Here is a link to a photo of a card I made a while back

  8. Colleen H

    I ususally make a card and then get mmy husband some chocolate, but I did something else fot our anniversary a couple of years ago and may try again for Valentine's – a chocolate bar bouquet!

  9. Nancy M

    I think a handmade card is nice and maybe chocolates (to share)?! Or, something that he really, really likes that I know is special to him.

  10. Ryann Salamon

    What a fun contest!  I emailed you a card and wasn't sure if I should comment as well to get entered into the contest?  If I'm not supposed to, disregard this comment!  🙂

  11. Ange

    My husband and I don't really exchange gifts often. But in the past I've made heartfelt cards for him on vday. I would say a favorite drink or treat of his decorated in hearts and whatnot would be perfect.

  12. Bhavana Patel

    If not too late, we are off to Paris!! A bit of a double celebration, he had his 50th this weekend and to celebration Valentines day of course! you have to do at least one Valentines day in the city of love!!

  13. Colleen O'Lear

    Sorry about the link lets try this again.  This is the card I made my husband for Valentine's Day this year. We will enjoy a special friend with our son as well.[email protected]/6830020753/

  14. Megan A

    I've made him coupon books of 'nice' things I can do for him, along with a card

  15. Marcy H

    I usually make my DH a card & one for my DD. Then we have a nice dinner at home usually.  Being places are usually so crowded.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  16. shartl

    I always make handmade Valentines Day cards, and this year I also made some mini-mailbox decorations using Hershey Nugget chocolates. I saw it online and just had to pull out my Valentine papers and start crafting! This year I also had our 18 month old make a Valentine card for her daddy! Messy, but so much fun!

  17. Tanya Hulbert

    Honestly, I don't think men hate cards, they they just may prefer having a woman tell them how much they respect him rather than hearing all the lovely dovey stuff.  And who can go wrong with candy for either sex!  My husband loves the cinnoman gummy hearts!  

  18. Micah G.

    I buy candy. It would take too long to make it, and it wouldn't be as delicious.

  19. Natasha G.P.

    I make a nice dinner for him. I don't usually cook, so it's a treat.

  20. Janet L.

    I'll make my husband a card, since I have so many stamps, tools, etc., and buy him a present that has something to do with golf or his college alma mater.

  21. Caryn S.

    We don't tend to make a huge deal out of Valentine's Day at our house. It's less a couple's occasion and more a family celebration. Usually I will cook a special meal and we will eat it at the table (with the kids!) with candles lit and then have some sort of special homemade dessert. The kids get the gifts not us! I will probably make him a card for Valentines Day this year, one of the fancier ones and get him some chocolate or something he likes (bacon?).

  22. erin

    I'll make a card, but we're not really that into Valentine's day…

  23. Marie

    I try to do creative yet practical gifts. Last year I made a bouquet of boxer shorts! 🙂

  24. alice hancock

    I make Cowboy Valentine's by cutting out Cowboy pictures from printed fabric and gluing them to the card front.  Then I write a silly poem on the inside.

  25. Helen Lebrett

    I usually make him a hand made card, so I can customize it with his favorite color (red, and I make sure it's not too feminine!!), and one year I took a small photo album with drop in pages, and stamped on the pages and wrote on each page something that I love or appreciate about him.  He loved it and still takes it out to look through at times. I left a few pages out so I could add to it later on: I need to add to it this year!

  26. Janice Aeschliman

    I made him a card but I will buy the rest of his gift! He is my best friend and sweetheart rolled into one.

  27. Stacy Caddy

    I usually make a heart shaped cheesecake for the hubs & a card of some sort… I could fingerpaint a heart on tissue paper and my husband would go on and on about how wonderful it is… LOL!!! he's such a great guy!!!!

  28. Michelle Weddle

    I make his card.  He gets upset if I buy him a card now.  I buy other gift items but the card has to be handmade.  And there has to be a card or it's just not the same.  He expects the handmade card.

  29. Mary-Anne V.

    My husband isnt into Valentines day… he says we should love all the time and not show it on one particular day.. good point. I usually make a card and thats about it.

  30. Doreen

    Luckily for me, My husband likes my handmade cards and gifts (smart man).  This year, I created wall art with one of my favorite movie lines featured, "You had me at hello."  Please visit my blog to check it out:

  31. KimberlyRae

  32. Tami B

    The way to a man's heart is thru his stomach!  I give my hubby a card but his main gift is something for the tummy which he usually loves.

  33. n. griffin

    My hubs loves fruit so Edible Arrangements is a favorite place to grap a Valentine treat for him topped off with a handmade card! Thanks so much for posing this question…it's fun to read throught the responses and get some new ideas! Have a great weekend!

  34. Marsha D

    Each year I bake a heart shaped cake   (cherry chip – his fav), frost it in pink frosting (cherry) and put little red hots on top that spell out I Love You.

  35. sharon gullikson

    I buy See's Chocolates for my husband. He loves them, and he give me some, so we are both happy…

  36. Laura Cox

    He gets a card that I made….and his fave candy….turtles! 

  37. Caroline D.

    I make a card and get a box of dark chocolates for him.  :o)

  38. Gloria Westerman

    I make my DH a card and gift box or bag to put his favorite chocolate in….then I cook him his favorite meal and we eat by candle light…..

  39. Sue Kment

    Any thing with candy works for my sweetie!

  40. Goat Girl

    I made my boyfriend a mini-book (from a Tim Holtz video I watched) and a card and then I bought him a New England Patriots floor mat!

  41. NWFlamingo

    Sometimes I buy a card, sometimes I make a card, sometimes I forget the whole thing and sometimes I buy him chocolates if he didn't buy a shopping cart full at Christmas time!

  42. KimberlyRae

    Valentines Day is very close to my heart … My Hubster proposed on Valentines day and we were married 10 years later on valentines day! To read a Lil Love story and see my hand painted watercolor card here in our wedding flowers and colors.   it's on my face book and my blog here

  43. Monika/buzsy

    Not much… maybe a SWEET card… or a coupon book. That always works… Thanks for the great give-away. :o)

  44. Brenda Smalle

    I generally bake my husband valentine sugar cookies – his fav! 

  45. Jean Keefe

    My husband truly appreciates any hand-made card with an appropriate sentiment.  I have made him books and boxes too, and he saves everything I make for him for any occasion, not just Valentines.  Of couse beautiful ribbon adds elegance to any project and for that I depend on MA products!

  46. April W

    My hubby and I don't make a big deal about gifts on Valentine's Day…instead we always do a nice dinner alone.  Since we don't get to go out very often without our girls, it's really special to us!  I do usually make him a card though. 😉
    – April W

  47. Kathy P

    I don't usually make crafty stuff for my DH, but I have started making him cards for special days.  And I was very surprised to see that he displays them in his home office for months!  I will buy him some books for his new Kindle this year!

  48. Carol Ann

    I make a chocolate cream pie for my sweet hubby.

  49. Sue D

    I usually make a card for him and make a nice dinner with a special dessert.

  50. Melinda Wilson

    This year I am making him an accordian folder card from some Jillibean collection I have.

  51. sue wisniewski

    I like to make him a card and usually get him some chocolate …… sugar free …. as a treat.
    stamping sue

  52. Beclu Spinks

    Hi, My hubby's birthday is Feb. 13 so I usually make 2 separate cards for him….one for b-day and one for v-day.  I try to make them using something that relates to what he likes to do or poke fun at him.  He always gets such a kick out of them.  We don't exchange gifts for v-day …. after 51 years of marriage we definitely know that we are each other's special Valentine, lol!  We are planning a family get together for his birthday this year since it will be a milestone year (70)…our children & grandchildren will be come in to celebrate with him.  This is his birthday card that I already have ready for him…It fits him to a T!!!  And here is his valentine card:  /  Thanks for a chance to win some of your fantastic ribbon!!!

  53. Sally McD

    Wheneve I make a card for my husband it has to have a tree on it. He's a forester/woodworker. Nature is his game, oh wait, he loves dogs too, so sometimes it is a card from our bestest dog, Buddy! I think he likes Buddy cards the best!

  54. Lauralee

    I usually make him a card using guyish papers and twine or jute type ribbon with some buttons and give him chocolates but this year I am planning on making him cupcakes because he loves cake. He's not a big holiday kinda guy so it makes it difficult. Thanks for the chance to win some of your fabulous ribbon!

  55. Tammy V

    I get the pleasure of having my hubby's bday the day after valentine's. I usually try to make him a mushy card for valentine's then something humorous for his bday (thinking about angry birds since he is addicted to that game).  My gift to him is taking him out to supper (both nights) so he doesn't feel slighted!

  56. rush

    i don't have a "him"; i have a "her", and i am going to make a gushy, romantic card with flowers.  she still has the last one displayed on the dresser.  i guess i am doing ok!

  57. Denise Bryant

    No man in my life either, so I'm on my own for Valentine's Day this year. I do have plans to go out to dinner with a group I belong to. We do a monthly ATC exchange and get-together, and this month it just happens to fall on Valentine's Day. Happy to get to spend it doing something! Maybe I'll make the gals all a little treat, adorned with a bit of ribbon, no doubt!

  58. Marcia Dehn-Nix

    I make my guy a card and we have a night out on the town, which for us old farts means a movie and dinner.

  59. terriavidreader

    Always a card, and sometimes a cake too.

  60. Sue McRae

    I do make a card for my husband but I usually buy him a gift that revolves around his hobbies of boat building and woodworking.

  61. Holly Tolman

    I've done a couple of different mini albums or scrapbooks just for daddy of reasons why we love him. One year I even made him a pair of boxers just for the fun of it. This year my plan is to make his favorite meal, but it also depends on when my baby-who is due on Valentine's Day-decides to come.

  62. Colleen O'Lear

    Made a special card for my hubby.  Think he looks forward to seeing what creation I am going to make him for each holiday.  No special plans other than spending time with our four year old.  I'm sure a bottle of wine and home cooked meal is in the works too.  Here's a link to the card I made him.[email protected]/6761220369/

  63. Jen Cuthbertson

    I will make him a card and we have reservations for dinner at a restaurant we've been wanting to try.

  64. Bethany Becker

    I make my hubby a card and we make dinner together.  I have in the past made him a coupon book.

  65. anne

    sigh, I only have very young men in my life.  🙂  I will make them cards tho!

  66. {vicki}

    one year I made my husband a mini album—he Loved it!!!!!!!!

  67. KathScraps

    I'm going to make a frame I saw on Pinterest that has in vinyl on it "I love you because" and then you can write on the glass why you're particularly happy with your husband at any given time and wipe it off and change it as necessary.  Just hope I never have to leave it blank, LOL!  Going to try to post a link.

  68. Janet B

    I will make a card specially for him. Then we treat ourselves to a nice dinner out.

  69. Jeyatha

    I am gonna make him a cute bookmark as the one he has now is in a very bad shape.. I am going to make it look romatice by adding some lace and ribbons on top and gonna have all my fav stamps on it.. 🙂

  70. Lucy

    I make him a card and he buys me one!

  71. Jennyfer L.

    I give him a massage and a sweet romantic dinner with our kids because he works too much!

  72. Janet Sisk

    I make my hubby a card since I am a stamper.  We usually go out to eat somewhere nice, too.  However, anything else that happens is our little secret.  😀

  73. Kristie Maynard

    Things have been pretty crazy in our lives lately and I haven't even considered Valentines day or his birthday the day after.    I feel like Valentines day is one day that you can get a little "frilly" for a guy and have it be okay.

  74. Rebecca W

    I will make a card and sometimes make an mini album of either our godchild or our dogs but his large gift is normally bought- this year we will probably get a grill for both our valentine's day gifts.

  75. Cathy B. of Il

    'll be making my sweetie, along with my 2 sons, cards.  Also will buy my sweetie the lastest Columbo dvd…big fans of that series.  Doesn't sound too romatic but works for us!  🙂

  76. Cheryl Hutcherson

    We don't have extra money for gifts, but I have plenty of cardmaking supplies, so I'm working on making the most fabulous card ever for my husband…it's going to be hard because it has to reflect how wonderful, loving, caring, thoughtful, helpful, etc. that he is!  He's all that and more!!  Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. Scrappin Dhilly

    I actually made a fun Valentine's card with a monster on it, it is cute and funny, I just love it!  I think he will get a kick out of it!

  78. Miriam Prantner

    I don't usually make crafty stuff for the hubby, but this year I did.  I'm giving him a mini 10 things I love about you album.  And I'm going to pick up some butter rum lifesavers for him – his favorite and not always easy to find.

  79. LaWanna Yeager

    I plan on making a mini album of our life together for my husband. 

  80. Donna S.

    I will get my Dad some candy that he likes and go out to dinner with my parents.

  81. sharon gullikson

    I'm going to make him a big chocolate heart cake with chocolate frosting. I get some too, though…

  82. Angela LeBlanc

    His Birthday is so close to V-day that I try my best to make him something really special. He wears 2 anklets that I made for him last year. I got him a camera, now he can take a pic of what I make him this year.I am making a card for sure.

  83. Holly E

    I will start a card and get the kids to help decorate it. Then we will have a nice dinner, something thats not on the daily line up.

  84. Juliana Swanson

    I usually make my husband a card.  Not a fancy one, and it is usually personal or an inside joke–so it doesn't get posted on the net anywhere.


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