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Weekend Giveaway Ribbon Scrap Organization – Winner!

Wow!  Has it been as long as I think it has since we've done a weekend giveaway?  Sorry 'bout that y'all!   Let's rectify this right away.  🙂

So, this Ribbon Lady has been doing a lot of organization recently.  My rolls are lined up neatly on one of our fab Ribbon Racks:


well….except for my Christmas ribbon.  Ok & this one isn't exactly mine.  But, trust me, this one is much more photogenic!  😉


But, my scraps?  Oh, my scraps!  That is a completely different  story. 

I have some stashed away in a tote bag:



and then there are the famous scrap cans:



Clearly these scraps need some more attention.  Ergo, our weekend giveaway! 

How do you organize your scraps? 

Post a comment here &/or on our Facebook Page & enter to win:

3 Rolls of May Arts Ribbon – Your Choice!

I will post a winner on Monday, August 1st!


Happy Weekend!


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:


50. Angella Crockett July 30, 2011 @ 9:17 AM

"The little bits I put in plastic baggies inside a plastic storage box. Since all of my May Arts rolls are in clear storage boxes, the little clear box blends right in. Wow, what would it take to talk someone into giving away one of those fabulous ribbon racks?! Drool!!!!! lol!!! Thanks and many blessings to you! Angie"


We are not giving away a rack just yet, Angie.  But great idea!  😉  Email us at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize. 

  1. Kathy P

    Whoo hoo….congrats, Angela~!

  2. {vicki}

    i use jars

  3. Janet Lebeau

    I have a small ribbon rack and I keep my small scraps in the same kind ogf cans that you have!

  4. Jennifer Reynard

    First of all, I love ribbon. I own quite a bit, but also force myself to use scissors once in awhile to use some! LOL I have a variety of methods to store ribbon. I have several baskets filled and displayed in my Dining Room…that is where I scrapbook and create…then, for short pieces, I wrap them around embroidery thread plastic tabs, and store them in the coordinating container, (all colour coordinated-looks like a rainbow this way!-so very pretty)
    I have a couple of actual ribbon holders, and then one bag that needs sorting.
    My dream would be to have an entire wall dedicated to ribbon, but I don’t think that would go over too good with my husband! 🙂

  5. Beth Dupont

    I put my loose ribbon in lunch baggies & then I have shoe racks hanging (the kind you use for flip flops) on the doors in my scrapbook room & I then put them in the pouches by color family. All red’s with red’s, orange with orange, ect. My hubby came up with the idea! The rest are on spools hanging on slack/pant hangers from Target. I can send a pic if you like.

  6. Kimberly Seldomridge

    I used plastic zipper pillow case packages and crop a diled a million holes in them. I put the ribbon in the bag and pull an end out a hole. It looks super cute when your bag is full with all these inch long pieces coming out. I love that the bags are clear as well. I separated them into colors so I can grab the bag I need easily.

  7. jean marmo

    Mine are all in plastic containers sorted by color. They containers are in a drawer which I just need to open to see what I need.

  8. Croppinmama

    I use several different size canning jars. The ribbons look so pretty shining through the glass.

  9. Amanda Stowers

    All of my scraps are wrapped around little Cropper Hopper cards and are stored in an Art Bin box. 🙂

  10. Cardcrazed (Karen G)

    I have my ribbon scraps in ziploc bags. That way, I can sort them by colour, and I can squish the bags flat for easy storage. My ribbon rolls, on the other hand, keep coming undone, so they end up shoved into grocery bags and left for me to sort later 🙂

  11. Becci Manies

    I have them sorted by color and in ziploc baggies. I use large pieces of ribbon for sewing and making hairbows and I save the scraps with my scrapbooking for cards, tags and layouts. 🙂

  12. Beth W

    By color is zip loc bags-except for Halloween and Christmas-each one of them has it’s own shoe box.I am so bad about buying ribbon-I love it!

  13. Sue C

    I found these candy shop style jars at a thrift store that fit perfectly on my bookshelf and hold all my ribbon scraps. Now I can get to my scraps easily and they add a decorative touch.

  14. Jen Chesnick

    mine are on ribbon rings and in large houndstooth bins sorted by color. I love ribbon!

  15. Jackie

    I organize my ribbon by color in large mason jars

  16. Sherrill Lewis

    Clear plastic shoe boxes are handy, as well as the clear-drawer rolling carts like scrap-bookers use, are my favorite containers. I store them by color following the order of a color wheel. That way, I can find what I want immediately. With as many ribbons as I own, that is the ONLY way I can organize them. Full rolls are in stored by type in Really Useful Boxes that office supply stores carry.

  17. Heather Maria

    I wish my ribbons looked as organized as in the photos above! At the moment I just have mine in glass jars with about two colours in each. Thanks for the chance to win some gorgeous ribbons:)

  18. Kristina MacKeen

    Right now mine are clipped up for the most part.

  19. Carole

    After reading all the comments I’ve decided I’m a ribbon “slop-a-holic” when it comes to keeping them neat and tidy. Although I try, just haven’t found the “perfect” solution. LOVE the ribbon rack, it looks fab! Love all of May Arts ribbons, the best on the market!

  20. Amy Smidebush

    I have to keep all my ribbons in a drawer to keep them cat-proof. However, one of my cats recently learned how to open the drawer, so now I keep my rolls in the back, and I keep my scraps wrapped neatly in plastic baggies.

  21. Kelley

    Lets see, I’ve got ribbon in three drawers, stacked on a shelf, some on a couple of shelves and I know I bought some others but I don’t know where they are. Those I probably have duplicates of by now because I was sure I had them but couldn’t find them.

    Scraps? I’m too thrifty to have scraps. I may get frustrated tying bows, but I refuse to have ‘left overs.’ 🙂

  22. Rebecca Ednie

    I keep all but my smallest ribbon pieces wrapped up and held with white twist ties. The really tiny pieces I keep in a small baggie.

  23. SouthernScraps

    My scraps are in boxes and drawers.

  24. Jean

    My ribbon scraps are stored in Pull EZ Ribbon purses and my rolls of ribbon are stored in containers from Stampin’ Up and others. It would be so much easier and more convenient to have them all in one place – a dream come true!
    Love May Arts ribbon! Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. Marjorie Barker

    My ribbon rolls are on coated vinyl wire. I put a loop on the bottom (sometimes a large metal washer helps) and string them on these according to color. Another twisted loop goes on the top and they then hang off of pretty decorative hooks that line one side of my desk in the scrapbook room. They are always there “looking” at me, begging to be used! Scraps go in zip-lock baggies.

  26. Rachel Hermansen

    I live to organize my ribbon scraps by color in cute glass jars then i line them up on a shelf in my scraproom. the look like decoration but also help to keep things together and easy to find!

  27. Kelly L

    I keep most of my ribbon in clear plastic boxes.

  28. Helen LeBrett

    My scraps that aren’t big enough to stay on the roll anymore, I roll them around two fingers, then take sequin pins (they are nice and short) and pin the end down. then they go on my shelf next to the rolls of ribbon of the same color. Nothing fancy!

  29. Cynthia B.

    I have my ribbon scraps in clear plastic jars – 3 that Walmart used to sell, and a couple of Making Memories ones.
    Those jars are packed to the brim! Really need to use up that ribbon…or buy more containers. 😉

  30. Catherine

    I love, love, LOVE your work!
    I sort my stash in plastic boxes!

  31. f lynn rush

    i keep my ribbon in plastic shoeboxes, so the scraps go into a plastic bag inside with the rest. that way, when i get out my box, my scraps are there as well, giving me the opportunity to use them.

  32. Kathy P

    “If my ribbon scraps are less than 12 inches long, I store them in clear ‘paint cans’ like you, or in clear jars with a screw-on lid. If they are 12 ” or more, then I wrap them around a ribbon card and store them in my plastic organizers. That way, I don’t pull out a ribbon that I like from my organizer and find out it’s not long enough for my page, and I don’t use up fave long pieces when I only need 3 inches for a bow!!”

  33. Kathy P

    If my ribbon scraps are less than 12 inches long, I store them in clear ‘paint cans’ like you, or in clear jars with a screw-on lid. If they are 12 ” or more, then I wrap them around a ribbon card and store them in my plastic organizers. That way, I don’t pull out a ribbon that I like from my organizer and find out it’s not long enough for my page, and I don’t use up fave long pieces when I only need 3 inches for a bow!!

  34. Giovana

    I put my little scraps in a basket, anytime I need a little piece for decoration or accent a project I go to my little basket.
    If I have long pieces I roll them and put secure them with a little pin and sort them by colors.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. Naomi A.

    Love the shelf…will have to have my crafty husband copy a similar one for me! thanks for the tip! Love ribbon!

  36. Denise Coulter

    I put my scraps right in with all my longer ribbons, in large clear vases. They are all separated by color and I love how beautiful it looks as well as be able to see all the different kinds when I’m looking for some.

  37. Sherry C

    Wow, I never thought about organizing my ribbon scraps. They’re currently in a little galvanized bucket, not too efficient. Thanks for the great tips!

  38. Diana N.

    There is no organization to it. My scraps simply go in a clear, plastic, wide-mouth jar.

  39. Angella Crockett

    The little bits I put in plastic baggies inside a plastic storage box. Since all of my May Arts rolls are in clear storage boxes, the little clear box blends right in. Wow, what would it take to talk someone into giving away one of those fabulous ribbon racks?! Drool!!!!! lol!!! Thanks and many blessings to you! Angie

  40. Nichole Bruno

    I store all my scrap ribbon in a clear resealable bag. I have tons, one for each project! It helps with keeping them color coordinated. I plan to use them all on cards one day.Now I need a way to organie my ribbon bags lol…Its a never ending process. Any tips,lol? Your ribbon rack looks amazing btw!

  41. terriavidreader

    Organize? Are you supposed to do that? I never knew! I put all mine into a box and then wish really hard when I’m looking for something!!

  42. Lynn

    Confessions of a ribbonholic! and I’m always looking for best ways of organization. Righ now my organization for scraps is a huge brandy snifter that sits on my craft table and odds and ends get thrown in it. So colorful! For longer lengths I either hang them on a purchased Ribbon Ring (love it!) or wrap them around 2″ x 2/12″ pieces of cardboard that then fit perfectly in a three drawer plastic stacking box (Wal-mart). Then there is the revolving 3 small boxes made out of peg board (that I found from someone on the internet) You roll ribbon around a round closepin and put in in the box, then thread the ribbon end out through the peg hold. This also sits on my craft table. Rolls of ribbon? yep, some of those too!

  43. SuZeQ

    My ribbons are stored by color (white, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, blue, green, brown, black) in Sam’s Club see-through cookie containers. What fun to dig into those containers digging for the right May Arts ribbon! (Almost as fun as eating the cookies!)

  44. Carol Ann Ater

    Tiny ribbon scraps only large enough for knots on cards are plunged into a clear jar to still see. Ribbon rolls too short to be on their original rounds are wrapped around flat cardboard embroidery spools and stored sideways in a box in a drawer. And the fuller round rolls are on dowels suspended across the grooves in a file drawer. Easy- peasy…..but your cabinet is awesome

  45. sue w.

    mine are in a plastic box …. close at hand so I can get to it whenever I need a small piece of ribbon for a card or project.
    stamping sue

  46. Darlene Pavlick

    First let me say your ribbon is the BEST on the market and secondly … I would LOVE to win some in ANY shape, form or container!! LOVE the ribbon rack and I have JUST THE SPOT for it in my crafting cave!!
    GREAT GIVEAWAY … thanks so much for the opportunity to possibly win some!! I’ve been over to your Facebook page and now I’m here to let you know YOU MAKE THE BEST RIBBON IN TOWN!!

  47. Lucy

    My scraps of ribbon are in a licorice container that I recycled 🙂

  48. Chantal S

    My boyfriend made me a ribbon rack, but after a few moths was to small (I dont understand how that could have happened, smile). So the rest I have in claer boxes.

  49. Tania

    Love that ribbon rack……I have a zip lock bags for each ribbon, and small hole in the top right hand corner of the bag which an album ring is threaded through.. The bags are then hung in colours from a rack in my cupboard…so easy to grab each colour combo….

  50. natasha G.P.

    My scraps are a mess. They are just on a shelf.

  51. Sharon Gullikson

    I just put them in a basket. Not the best way.

  52. b.poteraj

    Unfortunately I stuff them in a bag. I need a better system!

  53. Nancy Peterson

    Love, love, love the ribbon rack! Could really use that! I have ribbon in jars, drawers, flower cans! Really need a way to organize them better! I absolutely love ribbon!

  54. Carol B

    I have tried several different methods of storage but am still looking for the right fit! Thanks for some great ideas.

    Carol B

  55. Beth J

    Right now my ribbon scraps are all just in a shoe box…..But, I’m thinking I really like the clear can idea! Maybe then I’d use them since I’d actually be able to see them!

  56. Manhattan Mandie

    I have my scraps everywhere… mostly in baggies or tote bags. I need to get some cans 🙂

  57. Kristie Maynard

    I guess you could call my organization, total disorganization. I have ribbon in a lot of different storage places. Scraps are in a clear container, I have racks from Joann’s that hold some rolls, other rolls are in portable containers that were meant for bracelets that I got from Clair’s when my daughter worked there and they were on clearance, they are the perfect size for the rolls. Those are mostly holiday ribbons. I have others that are not on rolls, folded or rolled and in plastic containers. I know it sounds totally disorganized, but I know where things are. Anyone else used my craft room would be totally stumped! LOL!

  58. Holly Tolman

    My scraps are in jars on one of my shelves so I can see the pretty colors.

  59. Hilarie C

    I love the ribbon rack! So much easier to see and get the ribbon you need. I currently need to search through a drawer that holds my stash. I am also starting a my own version of a scrap can.

  60. Michelle

    I store my scraps of ribbon in ziplock baggies by color scheme.

  61. Anita A

    My scraps are in bins and kinda of organized by company. My rolls are in stacks or bins but not organized.

  62. Angie

    I store mine in in the Bygel baskets from IKEA and use the rails to hold the baskets. I like being able to pull the entire spool out and look at the ribbon against my project before I cut it so that I don’t have so many scrap pieces. 😉

  63. Kristy

    Mine are shoved in with my long pieces in big candy jars 🙂

  64. NinaN

    My scraps are currently shoved into the overflowing bin with most of my ribbon. I could really use some ribbon organization!

  65. Laura Spell

    Right now, all my ribbon is in a Rubbermaid box just waiting to be organized!

  66. Melinda Wilson

    I roll them up separately and use a small quilters straight pin to keep it together or small piece of tape. I have small drawers that keep scrapbook items by colors so they go in these.

  67. Emily

    I thrown all of my scraps in a little bin/drawer that sits on my shelves, that way people who come over can’t see my mess 🙂

  68. Gina

    I wrap my thin ribbons on floss bobbins, and store them in a plastic container. Wider pieces get wrapped around chipboard pieces and stored the same way. I can open the container and see what I have with a glance.

  69. Tiffany

    I just have mine in a ziplock bag….I thought my scraps were taking over…..;)

  70. Tifany DeGough

    I try to only keep useable scraps of ribbon…nothing too short. I keep them either wrapped on cards and taped to control the flyaways or in a plastic bag according to where they are from (to keep it easy when I make my supply lists).

    I’d sure LOVE to win a few rolls!!!

  71. Krissy

    I keep all my small scraps in a small, clear cookie jar that I found at Ikea. All the different colors look pretty on my scrap table, and I find that if i can see them, I’m more apt to use them!

  72. Becky Garrison

    Pint fruit jars, divided by colors. Anything over 1 1/2″ goes in there!

  73. Sav O'G

    OHHH! I just love that ribbon rack! I store my ribbons on cardboard (just wrapped around). I have all my other ribbon on spools—just laying around! I NEEEEED to organize them:) THANKS for the chance!! sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  74. Sue D

    I have the ribbon sorted by colors in plastic boxes and the scraps are in a ziploc bag in the box.

  75. DeniseB

    Some of mine are wrapped on notched-out cardboard pieces, the ends held with a straight pin. (The rest are tossed in a clear plastic box, but we won’t discuss those….).

  76. Holly

    *thud* I’m in LOVE with that big ribbon rack and all those ribbons stashed in there!

    As for my own ribbon scraps, I have some of those clear plastic boxes that are supposed to slide into those tackle boxes for fisherman. These have tons of tiny little compartments – perfect for putting those scraps into!

  77. Doris Widder

    I don’t have any special organizing method for ribbon scraps. I actually just keep them on the spools they came on or in the bags I received them in until every last bit is gone.

  78. Wendy Orme

    My ribbon scraps are forted by color and put in clear bags. My rolls are on a dowel hanging underneath a shelf where I can always see them.

  79. Marcy H.

    Well right now mine are in clear bins & i dig through when I need some ribbon. Would love to win your prize!! Thanks for the chance~

  80. Betsy Burnett

    I have mine on cards in jumbo jars they look pretty and I can find what I am looking for.

  81. Mimi Davis

    I use a 5 pant hanger with the swing arm for my spools of ribbon (bed,bath & beyond) ribbon that comes in a package I use the clip it up and for scraps I either use the ribbon ring (if ribbon scrap is long enough). If the ribbon is small scraps I use ziplock bags organized by solid or patterned.

  82. Crafty Math Chick

    I don’t have many ribbon scraps, I tend to use every inch of my ribbon, but the few I do have is kept in one of those clear plastic clamshell containers from Stampin’ Up! on my craft table, so I can see if I have anything that works before I cut into a new ribbon roll. Thanks for the chance to win – this ribbon rack is DREAMY!

  83. michelle norris

    I have my ribbon organized in two drawers by color, and little pieces in ziplock bags by color. I keep a tiny pin in each spool to keep the ribbon from unwinding!

  84. Cheryl Arnold

    I have a spool that I keep my ribbons on and for those that I do not haver a spool, I have two drawers just for my ribbon organized by color.

  85. Laura H

    I have a drawer that has an organizer in it and i have them rolled up with elastics around them to keep them neat looking.

  86. Samantha T

    I have mine hanging on a wooden dowel. Pieces are in a divided plastic container.

  87. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    I don’t have facebook so hope this counts. I have a container that holds ribbons with a lot of whole and I put them in there when there is about 2 yeards left. I try to keep them in colors so it makes it easier to pull them out.

  88. Debbie Painter

    Right now they are all just in a box, waiting for me to figure out a better way to organize them all! Thanks for the chance to win more ribbon for my stash!!! 🙂


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