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Weekend Giveaway Pizza Pizza – Winners!

One of my favorite parts of my job is that I get to give ribbon, and other crafty goodies, away.   I mean seriously…what could be more fun!  So I try to have giveaways whenever I can, even if there is no good reason.  ‘Just because’ should be plenty reason enough.  Well, here is one of those ‘Just Because’ giveaways.  🙂

Now, in my house Friday night is pizza night.   As a matter of fact, I have done a few Pizza Friday Giveaways on our Facebook Page but never on the blog.   So, obviously, I had to go and fix that little problem.  😀

All you have to do to win is tell us your favorite pizza topping.  Easy peasy, right?

The prize:

2 Spools of May Arts Ribbon – Your Choice!

For a chance to win an additional spool, post a comment on our Facebook Page too! 

I will post both winners (one from the blog & one from Facebook) right here on Monday, November 5th!

Happy Weekend & Good luck y’all!


-The Ribbon Lady


We have a couple winners!  The winner of our first prize pack is:

Mary Werner
Italian sausage is a must have for pizza. Just like your ribbons when scrapping!

The Facebook prize goes out to:

Nanneys Creek
Jalepenos…..thanks for opportunity to win such pretty ribbon.

Congratulations, Ladies!  Email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

**all winners have 2 weeks to claim their prize**

**when emailing, please note which giveaway/prize you are claiming**

  1. Nicole Martel

    I like pepperoni and onion on mine 🙂 yummy.

  2. B. S. Gallant

    My favorite topping for any pizza is crushed red pepper.  I love it.!

  3. Mary S - Big Mamma

    I'm a pineapple and ham girl!

  4. Rebecca Ednie

    Does cheese count? I love cheese. Otherwise, mushrooms for sure!

  5. Jasmine Ford

    Mmmm….pizza! I love mushrooms, pepperoni and bacon on mine, with extra cheese!

  6. karenladd

    I love artichokes and mushrooms!! Oh yes, and I also love a good pepperoni pizza!!

  7. Mary-Anne V.

    Bacon…hands down. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. Angela

    I love Ham, Pineapple and Anchovies on BBQ Sauce.

  9. shartl

    Yay for pizza!!! My favorite topping is olives, mushrooms, tomato, and fresh basil. Oh yeah, and extra cheese!!

  10. Kathy Mc

    Love pepperoni and green peppers on my pizza…but not really fussy when it comes to eating pizza. Thanks for the chance to win May Arts ribbon!

  11. Terri

    Love lots of pepperoni on my pizza

  12. Natasha Poteraj

    I love sausage, yes I do, I love sausage how about you?!

  13. Smokie

    Mushroom is my favorite topping.

  14. Dee A

    Banana peppers and onions…yummy!

  15. Janet Sisk

    I am a Pepperoni girl.  😀

  16. Melinda Wilson

    I love Canadian Bacon!!!

  17. Andrene

    My fave is canned mushrooms (not fresh).

  18. Goat Girl (Michele Hemming)

    I'm so boring, I could pepperoni & mushroom pizza once a week!

  19. Patti aka NW Lady

    I like thin sliced red onions on my pizza.  Thanks for a chance to win some yummy ribbons. 

  20. Jeanne Kelly

    Yies – I'm hungry – my favorite topping is Buffalo Chicken!

  21. Linda Grady

    When I first started reading your post, I thought, "What!  A Pizza give-away".  Yum – LOL   I love ham and pineapple but usually have pepperoni, sausage and bacon for my son.

  22. Carol Logan

    Pepperoni would be my first choice.  Thanks so much for an opportunity to win ribbon !

  23. Miwa

    I'm just a simple cheese & pepperoni kind of girl! Thanks for the chance to win – your ribbons are gorgeous! 🙂

  24. Brenda B

    My favorite pizza topping is any veggie but roasted red peppers are a must have on any pizza.  I especially  love homemade pizza with pesto instead of tomato sauce, mozarella  and feta cheese, veggies and pineapple…mmm….mmm good!

  25. Julie N

    Friday is also pizza night at my house.  My favorite is roasted red peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms.  

  26. Debi K

    I am a plain and simple pepperoni girl. Thanks for the chance to win some of your beautiful ribbon.

  27. Kathy P

    Cheese, sausage, peppers and onions, mushrooms and tomatoes every single time!!

  28. Carol Ann Ater

    A chance for May Arts ribbon or pizza?  I'd be more delighted with your Ribbon.  Pepperoni and extra cheese would be lovely too.

  29. Kathy Miller (@ScrapNDaze)

    I like it hot, so I would have to say Jalepenos! 

  30. Barbara K

    Pepperoni, thanks for the chance to win!

  31. Pam Perkins

    OH OH OH!!! XTRA CHEESE & ANCHOVIES PLEASE!!! Nobody eats that with me!! I dont know why!! Maybe if I put some pretty ribbons around it…they might not realize it!! LOL

  32. Vicki Wilson

    Pepperoni and mushrooms is my fave. Thanks for the chance to win.

  33. Jennifer Scull

    how fun! we had pizza last night even. 😉
    I love both sausage and mushrooms on my pizza! and what a delightful job to give away ribbons, especially those as pretty as the ones by May Arts!
    have a great day!

  34. Sassy

    Friday nights is pizza night at our house, too.  Favorite topping?  Pineapple!

  35. Sue D

    Saturday night is pizza night here and I like mushrooms!

  36. Cathy M

    My favorite pizza topping is shrimp and spinach. While on a trip I had a thinly (like paper) sliced potato pizza.  It was excellent. 

  37. Gloria Westerman

    Oh I'm a sausage person….love it….and hand toss dough too…..thank you for the chance to win…..

  38. Renee King

    I like regular sausage on mine not the Italian kind! Thanks for the chance to win some of your awesome ribbon!

  39. Mary Werner

    Italian sausage is a must have for pizza. Just like your ribbons when scrapping!

  40. Laura Petruso

    I love pizza!  Friday night is pizza night at our house too.  Pepperoni and Italian Sausage on a pizza is my fav but I've discovered a close, healthier second- Morningstar Farm veggie crumble.  It tastes a lot like ground beef crumbled on your pizza and you get your veggies in!!

  41. Donna R

    It's really hard to pick a favorite topping because I love mypizza with the works. But I will say onions. Love them. Thanks for the chance! Have a wonderful weekend!

  42. Tammy

    Yum!  I love ham and pineapple! 

  43. rush

    i like pepperoni…lots of it!

  44. Gigi

    The best pizza is tomato and mushroom! Tey taste great!

  45. steph d.

    i love olives and pepperoni!  i also love bacon on my pizza!  so delish!  thanks for the chance!  happy weekend!  *hugs* and much aloha, steph 🙂  

  46. steph d.

    i love olives and pepperoni!  i also love bacon on my pizza!  so delish!  

  47. Patrice

    Mmmm, that sounds good – pizza! My fave topping is pepperoni with mushrooms. Love it! And thanks so much for having this giveaway! Always love seeing what inspirational projects are new on the blog; and, of course, love May Arts ribbon! 🙂

  48. NWFlamingo

    Beef (hamburger) and onion, with or without tomato, is my favorite.  But it has to be thin crust, the skinnier the better.  Yum…..

  49. marilyn

    My favourite is Artichoke, Feta, black olives, kinda middle Eastern.  

  50. JoAnn K Delery

    i absolutely love a white pizza with lots of veggies and cheese!

  51. Janj

    Pepperoni is my favorite!

  52. Yvonne S. Morentin (@Morentin1326)

    woo hoo! I love black olives on my pizza… or shall i say, i love pizza with my black olives…LOL… If i could I would forgo the cheese and eat it with tons of olives…

  53. Renee G

    I love fresh tomatoes and green onions on mine.

  54. Linda R.

    Mushrooms and blue cheese, but not on the same pizza.

  55. Miriam Prantner

    Mushroom and onion….it's a hard combination to love though….it's not that popular usually.

  56. Kristie Maynard

    I have a problem with favorites, I have so many things that I love that I have a hard time deciding on favorites.  I guess my favorite thing is to have extra cheese, but if I have to choose another topping I usually have pepperoni, but sausage, onion and mushroom also sound pretty good!  LOL!  Thanks for the chance to win.

  57. Nikki C

    Mmm My Fave Pizza Chicken and Pineapple with that YUMMY garlic butter … OMG I now want PIZZA lol thank you for the chance
    hugs Nikki C

  58. Lynn

    favorite pizza topping? loads of cheese with "whatever" underneath!

  59. Diana K

    If I had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of my life it would be pizza. Love lots of cheese with peppers and mushrooms.

  60. Kelly M

    Pizza, that is our favorite on Friday night and a good movie from Netflix 🙂  I made these great little pizza bites Friday night from Pinterest and they were really good, quick and easy and it was so simple, it had one of my favorites in it PEPPERONI !!! I poste on Facebook yesterday but your blog was down and now it is up !!!!  LOVE MAY ARTS RIBBON !!!!

  61. Karen S

    Chicken Wing Pizza.  All the Blue Cheese, buffalo style chicken on the dough….mmm delicious.  Now I'm craving pizza and I just had lunch!

  62. Dee

    my favourite pizze topping… mmm.. which one to choose? Lately my favourite choixe is the Döner Kebab Pizza from our local New York Pizza. 

  63. Denise Bryant

    Feta cheese. I love the Greek pizza at our local pizzeria!

  64. erin

    I love any pizza with blue cheese.

  65. Debby L

    It's meat lovers pizza for me…I really like the sausage topping.

  66. miislucky

    My fav(s) are spinach and mushrooms, mmmmm, and with extra tomatoes. I think that's what I'll have tonite, hehehe. Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. Pam Spradlin

    Spinach…I also posted on facebook!

  68. Beverly Jordan

    Oh my gosh, you are making me so hungry! I love ham, and pineapple, supreme,  4 cheese, and bacon and onion!! Does that tell you how much I love it!!

  69. Stacy Buller

    Fridays used to be pizza night in my house but no one can agree on a pizza place…and I got tired of the fighting…so now we do subs or Chinese food. My favorite topping (and I'm alone here in my family) is pepperoni, peppers and onions. Hope you enjoy your slices tonight! I

  70. Jamie Larsen

    well in addition to cheese it must have pepperoni!! 😀 thanks for the chance to win!
    [email protected]

  71. VL

    Broccoli! 🙂 Sounds gross, but don't knock it till you try it!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. Steph Lee (Arty Carty)

    Pepperoni for me!! Thanks for the giveaway…love May Arts ribbon!

  73. Karen L K

    I like italian sausage and pepperoni or…
    Mediterranean style with feta cheese.

  74. Gwen

    Hope it is open to Canadians… I love your ribbons!  Pizza is canadian ham and pineapple – maybe a little bacon too 🙂

  75. Susan M. Brown

    My favorite topping is italian sausage on thin crust….MMMM-MMMM!

  76. Nikki Forrester

    My favorite is definatly just cheese! But I do LOVE bbq, chicken and pineapple from time to time. 

  77. Sheri

    depending on my mood. i like cheese and sausge or cheese and mushroom, or just plain cheese. 🙂

  78. NinaN

    Bacon and mushrooms!

  79. Donna O'Neil

    I like ham on my pizza.

  80. Sarah Moerman

    Ummm… looks yummy! I love pineapple on my pizza!

  81. Annette Hindes

    Pepperoni !!!
    I love Friday Pizza nights too!

  82. Ann M

    How fun! Thank you! In our house no one would think about eating a pizza that did not have lots of onions on it!!

  83. Cheryl Walker

    Well I LOVE Mushrooms on my pizza, but I also LOVE pineapple too! Thank you for the chance to win 🙂 

  84. Stephanie

    I like sausage on my pizza!  Thanks for the giveaway!


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