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Weekend Giveaway Paper Storage – Winner!

Naturally, being The Ribbon Lady, I am a lover of ribbon – it’s not just a silly name!  😉  I have several locations throughout my office where I have ribbon stashed away.   Truth be told, unless it’s on the spool, it is relatively easy to stay hidden.   But, ribbon isn’t my only crafty love.  I also have a slight addiction to paper!  Now, these stacks are no doubt more bulky than even the widest of spools.  And, looking around now, I must admit to it becoming relatively unmanageable.  If I were to try to find a particular stack…yikes! 

Enter this weekend’s giveaway subject – How do you organize your paper?  Have a picture of your storage solution?  Great, I’d love to see it!  Post it on our Facebook Page

Either way, tell us all about it!  Post your comments, or better yet email me a picture, and enter to win:

DCWV’s Chalkboard Stack! And:


2 Spools of May Arts Ribbon – Your Choice!


I will post a winner here on Monday, March 5th.

For an additional chance to win, post a comment &/or picture on our Facebook Page too!


Happy weekend & good luck to all!


The Ribbon Lady


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:


I use vertical storage from Michael’s! I have 16 cubes, 8 of which hold my Designer Paper Stacks. The stacks that have been opened and used to some degree are then put into large zip bags to keep all of the sheets together. That way I always know WHO’S paper I’m using. My Matstacks and other mini’s are stored in the deep drawer storage units, also labeled by company.


Jan, email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

  1. Rebecca Ednie

    I store my 6×6 paper in CD boxes with lids from IKEA. I store my 12×12 in storage cubes with drawers (because I have a lot of light and I want to prevent fading). 8×8 papers stand up in a photo box which I also get from Michaels super cheap on sale, about $2.50. Works great!


    My studio is a work in progress…but most of my paper is stored in plastic bins.  When I need to gather paper for a crop I usually put the paper I need to take with me in a plastic envelope that is made for storing 12×12 sheets of paper.  Thanks for a chance to win such a great prize!
    Karen 🙂

  3. rush

    i have a wonderful storage solution.  i will be posting to your facebook page!

  4. Jan Garber

    I posted a picture on your FB page and have emailed you several photos!  I love my paper stored vertically and labeled by company. That way I always know who's papers I am using!  I also have a vertical paper rack I purchased just for my cardstock!  Easy, and within arm's reach.  Also sorted my company and color. Thanks for such a great giveaway and a chance to see everyone elses' storage ideas!

  5. Lynn

    I wish I could say I'd found the perfect way to store paper; but I'm still looking!  Meanwhile, I store Pads and heavier cardstock Vertically on shelving.Single papers are sorted by color, theme, or specialty (glossy cardstock, mulberry, etc) and stored horizontally in paper racks or  plastic carts with pull out drawers.  Scrap pieces are sorted by color and stored in photo boxes on nearby shelves. 

  6. Amy Serbaroli

    I have an amazing storage chest that belonged to my Great Grandfather. He was an artist (quite accomplished) and he had it made to store his sketches, small paintings, and some supplies. It has twenty drawers that measure 13x2x15. I love it! I also have a few small bins. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  7. Luanne

    Since my room is just small I store my patterned papers in a wooden drawer and for my base card in a plastic stacking storage. both of these can be accesed by turning 3 o'clock from my desk.

  8. Betsy Pratt

    For solid color paper storage, I love the vertical paper holders. I keep my good-sized scraps and all of my patterned paper in storage drawers. This works really well. my solids don't take up *too* much room on my work surface, and my pp and scraps are still within reach. Works for me!

  9. Beverly Jordan

    I use the Crop In Style vertical storage and use an office shelf to store all of them.  Otherwise, I use the Art Bin 3 inch boxes to store projects with embellishments, otherwise.  Love my paper!

  10. Pendra

    I have several 3 drawer organizationers with most of my papers in, divided by paper size and weight.  I have my paper collection in smaller 14X14 boxes marked on the outside and stored in a closet.  It works for me!  Thanks for the chance to win this really neat paper… I just love it!

  11. Ginny

    I have some paper in plastic storage containers and some in an old printer paper box and some just in drawers.  It is hard to keep organized as there are so many different kinds and patterns , even colors. 

  12. Kelly

    Aah – paper!
    8 1/2 x 11 solid CS organized by color in file drawers labeled according to color wheel
    12×12 printed sheets by theme in rolling cart drawers labeled by season (e.g. spring) or design (e.g. flowers, stripes, dots, etc.)
    Collections from DCWV & K&Co organized by theme or designer in plastic snap kits or large plastic tie envelopes.  All clearly marked with theme and/or designer name with embellishments enclosed.
    Scrap bin is 12×24" basket – not organized!
    6×6 and 8×8 collections in basket
    Envelopes by size in another basket
    As for ribbons – that's quite another matter!!!
    Thanks fo chance to win.

  13. Connie Smith

    I have a serious love affair with paper. One of the closests in my craft room is dedicated to paper (about 3/4 of it) and then the small pads are organized in 2 custom pull out drawers my hubby built for me. He also built remodeled 1/2 of the closet with shelves on the right half and the left half has a large mail sorter with shelves below that. The paper in the closet has to be more organized than it is now and is on my list of things to do. Right now I use the Cropper Hopper Paper Holders for any loose papers I purchase, I use a 24 pocket mail room organizer for odds n ends like vellum, graph paper, acetate, labels, brochure paper, stationary and 8 1/2 x11 colored cardstock. The 12×12 paper stacks are on the shelves on the right side of the closet. It is a never ending quest to find the perfect system. I'm going to send you pictures too.

  14. Annie Lou Ricci

    Can never have to much paper or ribbon !!!

  15. Colleen O

    Being a paper junkie it can be tricky. I have several (and I'm talking several) Sterlite plastic bind filled with paper.  I keep the same brands together so I don't have to dig iin my piles. My paper pads fit perfectly in cubbies above my desk that I had designed for that need. I also have an old rolling cropper with jumbo hanging files. I keep my paper kits in that container. Whew!!

  16. {vicki}

    I use cropper hoppers to store my paper

  17. Lynda

    I combine my cardstock & paper.  Then I divide it by color according to the color wheel.  Then, within each color, I divide it between patterned & basicly solids.  Each of these categories get their own verticle section in 2 cardboard-like boxes with handles that I don't think are sold anymore.  My only problem with this system is that the sections need to be wider because I've really got too much paper stuffed in each. 

  18. Aida Gatch

    I am fairly new at this wonderful world of cardmaking so I dont have much to store. The little I do have, I have it in a 12×12 storage bin from Joann's. I picked it up on clearence for 1$. Not bad for my first time. Thanks for the chance to add on to my little collection.

  19. Rea

    Paper is a love of mine when it comes to crafting.  So last year I purchased cubes with dividers to put my papers in by color.  I also have a plastic container that I keep my DP in and I have a file cube that I keep my kits in.  Being organized this way really helps me when I am creating.    

  20. Goat Girl

    OMGosh I don't organize it! My poor paper is just in 2 stacks on a bookcase shelf. I wish I had more space and resources to organize it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. sandysewin

    I recently reorganized my paper pads, so I wrote a blog post just for you.  🙂

  22. Sue D

    I have my cardstock in a office paper organizational unit separated by colors.  My scraps are organized in a drawer system by color.  My DP is kept in the appropriate sized totes in plastic bags to hold the scraps too.  Single sheets are organized by theme.

  23. Kathy P

    Always a great question with no right answer!  For most of my paper collection, which is very extensive, it goes into Cropper Hopper files by manufacturer, unless it is a specialty paper like Boy/Girl/Baby, or a holiday, or a seasonal paper, or travel, which go in their own paper files.  Those stacks?  I write the name of the stack on the top binding and then store them flat on a shelf.  Can easily find them, but they ARE heavy, and I need to find a way to get them on shelves that are closer together so I don't have to move 50 lbs to get to the bottom one!

  24. Helena

    My papers are in a folder for drawings

  25. Melinda Wilson

    For my solid color cardstock I use plastic trays that stack so I keep them separated by color. For my patterned paper, I use vertical crophopper containers – most of these are catogorized by brand, keeping the embellishments with the paper. Some of these are then separated by occasion or event like birthday, camping, vacation, etc.

  26. Lyn Gill

    Well I only started back into papercrafting in Oct. so I don't have many paper packs yet  (only 5) but their in a Leather Tote Bag I bought at a resale shop for the purpose, but if I get much more paper I'll have to find something different.

  27. Jenny Jean aka Wifey Cookie

    I have a sucky way to store my papers. Just a cabinet with layers. I separate textured ones, ordinary double-sided ones, and plain ones.  For paper stacks, I store them standing up, like books. LOL.

  28. SuZeQ

    I have eight 12"x12" Iris containers for my papers.  Number One is filled with specialty papers, Number Two has only Tim Holtz's papers, Number Three has solid colored cardstock, Numbers Four and Five contain miscellaneous sheets of paper separated by color.  Number Six, Seven and Eight hold all of my paper packs.  Yummmmmmmmm.  These containers are busting at the seams and I'm waiting for them to go on sale again so that I can pick up a few more.  LOVE me some paper … LOVE me some ribbon.  Ask me how I store ribbons and flowers.

  29. Vicki Wilson

    Ah paper. It multiplies like rabbits. Sorted single sheets are in wire racks purchased from a store going out of business. Sheets not yet sorted by theme or color are in drawers. 12×12 stacks are in a cabinet next to my desk, with names of stacks on list inside door. 6×6 pads are on a vertical storage unit.

  30. sue wisniewski

    My papers are in a drawers I got years ago at The Container Store.  The drawers are big enough for 12 x 12 and 8 1/2 x 11. 
    stamping sue

  31. Sharon Roselli

    Storage for paper is easy peasy. I use Tiffany Spaulding way for paper in my scrap rack and 12×12 jetmax cubes. it is separated by theme 1st. what doesn't fit into a theme birthday, graduation,etc. goes into my rainbow section. all colors together. For printed DP I use the most dominant color. most paper packs I separated and put into the correct theme or color. Your theme and colors will be diffe…rent from mine. Because you have different paper then me. but I've like this for 6 months. it makes it so easy to create. I know right where everything is. It took a while to get this way. I did a stack every morning about 2 inches at a time. I used paper dividers at first until I had it all sorted. then decided where to put it. scraprack or 12×12 storage depending on amount. hope this helps.

  32. Pam

    My card sttock is stored in JetMax cubes by color. My patterned paper is stored vertically in Cropper Hoppers by company & collection name. Other more generic pp is stored by color in the JetMax cubes or by category in the Cropper Hoppers. My scraps are stored by color in folders. One for plain & one for pattern and those are in rainbow order for easy retrieval. So far, it's the best way for me.
    30 seconds ago

  33. Lucy

    i have the clear paper trays that stack up on top of each other. All similar colors are in one tray. It works for me 🙂

  34. Tini A.

    I've a lot of folders for my   papers! So i've sorted the cardstock by colors and the scrapbook papers by themes …like flowers, vintage, dots and stripes, kitchen and so on :).
    Hugs Tini

  35. Marie / Legojenta

    I don't have any large paper stacks like this to store, but I can tell you about how I store my 6×6" paper pads. I store my paper pads inside ziplock bags, and I have all the scraps from the pad inside the ziplock bag along with the pad itself. It makes all those scraps easily contained =)

  36. Bartemous Black

    I stand mine on end, because I don't have any good way of storing paper.  I use book ends to keep them as upright as possible.  I'll have to try some of the ideas above.  Thanks for the opportunity to win.  I would love the chalkboard paper and some ribbon.

  37. Carol E Brooker

    Wow! after reading all the ways paper is stored I'm going to try some of them.  I have a rolling cart that has 12×12 drawers and my paper is sorted by color and then printed – flowers – stripes- pop-a-dot and so on. Thank you for the chance to win the chack board paper would love it, and the ribbon.

  38. Naomi Armenta

    Love paper…it's always a challenge to have the right storage.  Check out my blog to see what I have come up with for paper storage in my newly renovated craft room.

  39. Ashley N Newell

    I have my 6×6 in small crates that are sorted by manufacturer.  My 12×12 is on a paper rack from a local store that closed, also by manufacturer.  My card stock is in magazine holder things sorted by color.

  40. Doreen

    I am also a paper addict (in addition to my ribbon fetish).  I store most of my paper in 12" x 12" clear drawers.  I have three six-drawer storage bins under my desk, organized by theme (brights, kitchen-sewing, vintage, etc.)  It works — most of the time 🙂

  41. Crafty Math Chick

    I store it stacked one on top of another in a big pantry closet of shelves.  Not the most convenient organization for sure, but I can fit in a LOT more paper this way!  😉  Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. Debbie Craine

    I too collect paper I have some in jetmax shelves others in plastic tubs, still others that I want to use and work with on my craft table and desk.  I am not organized everytime i try i revert back to the stackaholic that I am.
    Would love to win this stack of paper. Good luck all.

  43. Ronda A.

    I definitely have a paper addiction just like I used to with fabric…ooh, the colors and it's so much fun to buy!  I store my 12×12 pads in a milk crate and Bazzill solids in a shelf purchased at Michael's.  The 6×6 I've started purchasing fit nicely in a drawer so I'm switching to buying them.  Have a great weekend!

  44. Laura

    I have my paper stacked under a desk.  I have to pull the whole stack out and go through it every time I want something.  I also have some stacked in my kitchen and on the top of a bunk bed.

  45. Kristie Maynard

    Paper storage, well I also have a bit of a paper addiction. I have 3 of those cube type storage units that have 3 drawers each in them.  All 9 drawers are full of paper, then there are the 6 drawers for 8.5 x 11 paper, then there is all the paper I have in my totes at My Happy Place Scrapbooking, the studio that I manage with a couple other gals. 
    I wouldn't necessarily recommend the drawer cubes, they are pretty deep and hold a lot of paper, but it is hard to look through, but it's what I have and what I'll probably have for quite a while.

  46. Jen Cuthbertson

    Most of my papers are in clear horizontal file drawers labeled by manufacturer.  Now ribbon storage – that's what I need!!

  47. stampnk

    Oooh, great giveaway!! I store my papers in up right holders, and on bookshelves. I like to see them when I scrap so that I can grab what looks good with my photos. Of course, I wish I had about 3 times as much storage space because I am a paper hoarder!

  48. cheiron

    Most of my paper is in vertical files (cardstock in rainbow order and PP by company), but the neutral cardstock I use most is on horizontal shelves next to my table. 6 x 6 pads are in DVD bins from the Container Store. They are a perfect fit. 

  49. Barb King

    You name it, I use it.  I store patterned paper by manufacturer  in those plastic 12×12 envelopes that they sell at Michaels, I think they are for scrapbooking.  I also have a wooden rack for my 12×12 solid cs, and keep some big pads there too..  Projects I am currently working on I keep in those 12×12 plastic containers by Iris, they are about 3 inches deep.  8×11 cs goes in a drawer in my desk, and 6×6 pads in a basket on my Ikea shelf..  I am all over the place with this, yikes!

  50. jeanette munson

    I paited some pizza boxes cut the tops off and down the side. hold 12×12 paper find.

  51. Anita Mulcahey

    I try to keep my paper by color but have been switching over to keeping them by manu which is much easier for me.

  52. Sue McRae

    I have 2 racks (the kind you see in stores) to store my paper. Love it, because everything is visible.

  53. marybeth i

    Big pads lay flat.  Smaller pads vertically.  Individual papers go in a plastic storage box and scraps are divided into bags.  I LOVE all the different papers available.

  54. natasha g.p.

    Oh boy, what a combination. I store my papers in a couple of ways–it should be stored better, but for now it will do. I have some in vertical storage, some in horizontal (on a rack), some in horizontal shelves. I haven't found the perfect way yet.

  55. Lisa Nelson

    I store my individual pages of paper in cropper hoppers. The big 12 x 12 paper pads stand side by side in inexpensive storage shelving from Target. Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. Pam Spradlin

    ArtBins…many, many ArtBins.  Pattern paper is stored with cardstock that matches underneath it.  This way when I have pictures to scrap I am only looking for pattern paper to match.

  57. Micah G.

    This is probably the neatest paper I've ever seen. And I've seen some neat paper. Runner up is Core'dinations embossed papers. Can you tell I love papers?

  58. Christine Kiehl

    I store my paper in sereral ways. On book shelves, in portable made for paper expanding files, in recycled pizza boxes and on a purchased paper rack. I have so much to store it's crazy bananas. Why? Because I am the keeper of both my older sisters and my crafty stuffs. But, I feel lucky as I know just about everything available to me to use and I can use it anytime I'd like!

  59. B. Poteraj

    This paper looks so cool!!!!! And you are giving away some of you amazing ribbon? I'm crossing my fingers AND my legs!

    1. B. Poteraj

      I store my papers on racks, but the edges get crimped a bit. Is there a better system?

  60. shartl

    I store my papers all up right in cubes that are lined up inside a large closet.  I sort and organize by type (cardstock vs patterned papers), color, and whether they are solid or patterened. I can see everything that I own and grab what I need!

  61. C arol B

    I store paper collections by manufacturer in labeled plastic scrap boxes. My card stock is stored by color.
    Carol B

  62. Jill B

    I have two places for paper storage: Iris plastic containers for the scraps and I have an Expedit from Ikea. I have my stacks lined right up in it.

  63. MaryJo Larrison

    I have a craft table that has shelves in it…..thanks for the chance to win!

  64. Meggan P

    I store my papers in clear 12×12 drawars & filing folders in a box. Label each drawers according to their color/brand. 🙂

  65. Cyndi Stephenson

    This is a awesome giveaway.  What could be better, a paper stack that I have been dying to play with and some of your scrumptous ribbon.  Thanks for giving me weekend a good start and giving me the chance to win.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  66. Slammie

    Vertical – cropper hopper and expedit cubes

  67. Fifi-T

    I've got a bonde unit from IKEA, it's about 13" wide and and each shelf about 13" tall, there are 4 little cubbies. In each of these cubbies I keep all of my paper in plastic boxes about 1" deep and 12 x13" square (long enough to take papers with title strip), these I've written teh collection and manufacturer on. It's very organised I just tend to not use a lot of my older papers

  68. Sharon Gullikson

    Oh my gosh, I could really use that chalkboard paper!!!!!!!!!

  69. Jennie P.

    I don't have a huge paper collection. I have a sterlite container that is meant for filing I guess. It even has a handle on the lid and it holds quite a bit of paper. 

  70. Miriam Prantner

    We have an old wardrobe (not full length, but it has legs) with drawers that slide out on one side. Since I sell CTMH, that’s the majority of my stuff. I have neutral cardstock in one, colored in another, patterned (divided by pack) in another, and other brands in another. I try nit to have too too much at one time, and this works for now. Hoping someday to have more space, that is more visible, so I can organize by color.

  71. Kelly Sas

    I was fortunate enough to get some paper storage unites from a local scrap store that went out of business and a great price.  I store all of my colored card stock in these.  I have both 8"x11" and 12"x12'" horizontal  storage racks.  I store my patterned paper of which I don't keep as much around in vertical form in two cropper hoppers.  This works very well for me.

  72. Tifany DeGough

    I have to keep all my craft supplies in my bedroom closet, so tey all need to be very portable.
    I organize my 12×12 papers in plastic storage that is made for 12×12 papers. The ones from ArtBin are my favorites because they are very sturdy, but they are pricey…so I also have some Iris cases. 
    I keep cardstock sorted by color and patterned papers sorted by manufacturer. 
    For 6×6 papers I store them in square plastic bins. You can get them for $1 at WalMart or Dollar Tree. They fit 6×6 paers (stading up) perfectly!

  73. Ruth G

    I have several different paper storage systems. My go-to is a rolling drawer system that houses 12×12 sheets so that they lie flat and I organize those papers by type (manufacturer, papers with shine or glimmer, plain cardstock, scraps, birthday theme or current project papers.) These are handy for use with my Cricut and helps make it easier when I'm making cards, especially and hopefully soon more scrapbooking!

  74. Rebecca W

    I have 2 large paper racks – like the ones used in stores for paper to hold mine,

  75. kris stice

    I have my paper sorted by colors on jetmax shelves. My scraps are in a file folder also seperated by color,I try to go to my scraps first.

  76. Amy Jones

    Well I have to say I love paper too.  But since Im just getting back into crafting since having kids and using most of my supplies up on school projects and lettting the kids have the fun.  I dont have much left.   I dont have any storage yet either since moving.   But I like to keep all my paper stored in paper plastic containers to keep them clean and sorted (for  the most part)  I love having my own area to scrap at and keep all my newly gathered stuff picked up for me.  (the kids have their own stuff now) which helps alot.  I still share though how can you not.  I would like to have some shelf to stick everything in it's own place.  Hubby says we might have to build me a lil room when the money gets better.  I hope so and cant wait for my own space.  That would be nice.  Thanks for the chance to win some great paper to add to my newly growing stash.  Ive been wanting to try the chalkboard paper stack so that would be so neat.

  77. Julie Shearer

    I am love paper. And have been looking for this pack for weeks now. I keep my paper in through drawer of my very large hutch .

  78. erin

    Organization and my craft room do not go hand in hand…  

  79. Laura Cox

    Ok AWESOME giveaway….thanks for the chance to win!!  I will get a pic posted if I can find it….but I love using a method of 12×12 iris boxes and 12 x12 folders…..I can get papers and matching embellishments together….or if it's a general theme with a lot of embellies (like Halloween), I use the iris box for the embellies, and the 12×12 for all the paper (ok, sometimes more than one 12×12 folder….lol)

  80. KellyG

    I have a slight paper addiction also!  I keep my pads in vertical Cropper Hoppers, it works for me!

  81. Amanda Coleman

    Paper storage is a contast struggle for me.  I have some in bins, some stored vertically on shelves,  some in a pile on the floor.  No tips or secrets from me, but I sure do look forward to seeing what others do with their paper!


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