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Weekend Giveaway Inspired by Pinterest – Winner!

With another craft challenge on the way, I needed to come up with a new theme.  So, this time I turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration.   I was looking for something bright & colorful that reminded me of spring/Easter. 

This is what I found:

Now, I want your opinion!  What do you think of the inpiration photo?  Post your comments & enter to win:


2 Spools of May Arts Ribbon – Your Choice!


That’s not all!  Follow The Ribbon Lady on Pinterest & I’ll throw in:

DCWV‘s ever popular Tattered Time Stack


1 extra roll of ribbon!


Now be sure to head on back here & let me know once you’ve followed our Pinterest page!

I will post a winner here on Monday, February 20th.

For an additional chance to win, post a comment on our Facebook Page too!


Happy weekend & good luck to all!



The Ribbon Lady


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:


Angela Wood
I love these bright colors and heart shapes – reminds me of summer.  They must be gum drops cut out with heart cookie cutters and dipped in sugar? I have to try this! Don’t you love pinterest – so many great ideas there! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies, hugs, Angela


Angela, email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

  1. Susan Jensen

    Day Late Again

  2. Ruby

    Congratulations, Angela!

  3. stephanie hines

    love the inspirational photo! thanks for a chance to win!!

  4. Helen Brown

    Made me want some gumdrops.  The colors are so "Springy!!!"

  5. elaine drakeford

    adore the colours in this picture… so summery   xxx

  6. Rebecca Ednie

    I followed on Pinterest. The insp. photo is sweet but if I was crafting I'd add a mid tone neutral like Kraft to keep it from looking too childish. 

  7. Helen Lebrett

    I just signed up for Pinterest about a week ago, and I love it so far!!  You chose a great pic for your inspiration!!

  8. DebbieC.

    I love the colors in the inspiration photo….yummy and sweet!

  9. Ann Merkins

    I am now following the Ribbon Lady on Pinterest. Lots of inspiation!

  10. Ann Merkins

    I LOVE the spring colors! I am making spring cards now!

  11. Amanda Coleman

    I follow May Arts on Pinterest, too.  So much great inspiration!

  12. Amanda Coleman

    I love the colors and texture in the photo!  Makes me want juju hearts!

  13. Kathy P

    I think this is a YUMMY inspiration!  Sweet, sugary, and an uplifting reminder that this drab winter will soon be replaced with the beauty of spring!

  14. Dorina D

    Joyful!!!!!!  Spring is in the air.  With those colors you know that spring is coming and Easter is near.  Gonna have to see what I have in papers and go make a spring page.  Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. SuZeQ

    Oh yes – very spring-like and I am lovin' it all.

  16. Kara Craig

    Ahh, this makes me think of when I was a kid.  I can totally remember what those candies taste like and completely takes me back! Love it!

  17. Sue McRae

    I'm now following May Arts on Pinterest.

  18. Laura Petruso

    Now following on Pinterest!!

  19. Laura Petruso

    Your inspiration photo reminds me of Easter eggs!  Love it!  And I so love Pinterest.  Headed there to follow you now!  Thanks for the chance to win!!

  20. Gigi

    This picture is so bright and cheerfull It ispires me to make beautiful streamers out of Satin double grosgrain! So many beutiful colors!

  21. Tenia Nelson

    This inspiration looks soooooooo yummy……im my tummy…!! Love those bright colors!!!!

  22. Micah G.

    This is a good inspiration for Valentine's day or a birthday. And it makes me hungry.

  23. B. Poteraj

    I like the colors–they look nice together. But I'd add a zing-y color, too.

  24. Pendra

    I left you a comment (already a fan) on FB!  Thanks for the chance for these great goodies!!

  25. Pendra

    I am now a follower on Pinterest!

  26. Pendra

    These colors remind me of Spring, soft, citrus, pastel, Easter… NO SNOW, no jackets and window's open with a clean breeze!  Wow, doesn't get a whole lot better!

  27. Stacy Caddy

    I follow you on Pinterest…

  28. Stacy Caddy

    Love the photo of the colorful hearts… They do remind me of spring, they actually made me crave some candy….

  29. Tara Capewell

    those sweets are maing me hungary! they are such a great color combo!

  30. Tanya Hulbert

    Our family was hooked on those candies for Valentine's so what a TREAT to use this image as an inspiration photo for the upcoming challenge!  Fun, fun, fun!  

  31. Karen

    I Iove gummy candy of any sort! The colors are so bright. They make me want to use them for spring and Easter. I follow you on Pinterest and I've posted a comment on facebook. Got all the bases covered. Thank you for offering this.

  32. Lynda

    The colors, shapes, & sugar texture make the photo eyecatching!

  33. natasha g.p.

    I like the picture of the candies. It would be good inspiration for a background, and a focal point could be placed on it.

  34. Sharon Gullikson

    The sweet colors and hearts are a good starting point for Valentines…

  35. Norman Dixon

    Great inspiration photo! I love the colors. AND, I am now a follower of The Ribbon Lady on Pinterest!  🙂

  36. Sue

    What I think about the picture: Inspiring textures: gritty, a crunch then soft, stiicky,dimensional.  Inspiring smells and tastes: fruity and sweet or fruity and salty (when I used to work in industry they gave us salt covered jellies to help us tolerate intense heat in summer).  Lemon, lime, cherry, spice, wintergreen.   Inspired designs: birthday cards with these colors as ballons or cupcakes; children's get well cards with heart shaped flowers or ballons; buttons (OMG what fun those would be shaped in these colors and covered with highly textured glitter).  Thank you so much, I feel the need to craft now!!! 

  37. Denise Coulter

    Totally reminds me of Easter with those yummy colors :). Looks like something the aeaster Bunny would bring to our house as well. 

  38. terriavidreader

    The inspiration is perfect!  Colorful, springlike, what more could you ask – except fewer calories!

  39. Barbara A.

    The colors are reminding me that 'spring' is on it's way!!!  I'm so ready for it!

  40. Jen Cuthbertson

    Just posted to facebook!

  41. Jen Cuthbertson

    Just started following you on Pinterest (now I have to figure out how to use it!)  🙂

  42. Jen Cuthbertson

    I love those suggary hearts!

  43. Gloria Westerman

    Oh and I'm a big follower on Pinterest!!!!!!!

  44. Gloria Westerman

    They remind me of easter eggs colors…bright and cheerful and sweet….

  45. conniemelancon

    I love the bright colors reminds me of dying eggs!  I am now following you on pinterest.

  46. Vicki Wilson

    The picture looks happy and sweet. I now follow you on pinterest.

  47. gayla

    My favorite, sugary and sweet!!! I look forward to checking your blog every morning! You're the best inspiration out there!!! 

  48. Stacey Boyd

    Luv the inspirion photokes me think of an Easter Egg Hunt with all the kids running around on a beautiful spring day looking for eggs.  Hmmm, maybe I will alter a plastic egg….sounds good.  Thank you for the inspiration!

  49. tabitha grace jones

    Your image definitely reflects the description you were searching for –
    gorgeous!  I don't know much about pinterest – I clicked the "to be invited"
    and I got an e-mail that I'm on a waiting list.  Can I follow you another route?  TFS

  50. Jean Keefe

    Yummy colors!  Inspires me to head to my craft workshop to create!

  51. April W

    I think it looks YUMMY!
    – April W

  52. Carol Ann

    The bright colors of sweet candy – I think of spring and an intertwining mask I saw (and purchased) yesterday.  The inner circles would be gorgeous in these pininterest colors.  love it!

  53. Michelle Weddle

    I'm now following the Ribbon Lady on Pinterest.

  54. debb

    sweet yummy and Eastery! I follow on PI

  55. sue wisniewski

    They definately make me smile and think of when I was a kid at the candy store picking out candies from the penny jars!  guess I'm showing my age. 
    stamping sue

  56. Pam

    I immediately repinned that gorgeous picture! It's pure joy! I've been following you on Pinterest for awhile. Very addicting…but the inspiration is phenomenal!

  57. Trisha

    I am now following you on Pinterest.  What an awesome way to get inspiration and ideas.  patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  58. Trisha

    Love the inspiration of the gum drop hearts.  What great colors to work with.  patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  59. Melinda Wilson

    This picture is such a bright and cheerful delight to look at!

  60. Sue D

    Sweet!  Very fun colors and texture.

  61. Mara Adkins

    I think that is one heck of some inspiration! Love the colors! Love the hearts! Would Love to eat some!

  62. Lucy

    I love the soft colors of todays inspiration 🙂

  63. Lexi

    The colors remind me of cool summer breeze, beaches and theme parks. 🙂

    I followed you on Pinterest (lexinterests) and liked your FaceBook page (l de LionCourt). Commented on FB, too!


  64. Mary Anne K.

    Yummy goodness!  I have followed all boards on Pinterest and I have  already found the perfect color scheme for a bathroom I am redoing!  Thanks so much for the chance to win your beautiful ribbon.

  65. Nicole Mullen

    I love.the inspiration photo,its so fun and colourful!! Oh and I am a follower on Pinterest and commented over on Facebook too 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  66. Sharon in Arizona

    Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!!! Love these candies, but REALLY LOVE the colors – they scream Spring and Easter. Great Pinterest picture!! I'm now following The Ribbon Lady on Pinterest and left a comment on Facebook with a link back to this page. Your candy is yummy too! Hugs, Sharon :o)

  67. rush

    i am following you on pinterest.

  68. rush

    the inspiration photo reminds me of the colors of jelly beans, so it is right on track for being a spring thing!

  69. C arol B

    Love the fun colors! And the hearts too!
    Carol B

  70. Mina974

    Love candies!! Great color!
    I follow you on Pinterest…
    Have a great week end!

  71. Cynthia B.

    The hearts remind me of conversation hearts (Valentine's Day on the brain, here!), but the bright colors definitely remind me of springtime. 🙂

  72. Sandy Allnock

    Oh this brings back memories of sugary candies of my childhood! Yum….love them in heart shapes!

  73. Kelly Sas

    I am now a follower of The Ribbon Lady on Pintrest.

  74. Kelly Sas

    Love the inspiration photo for the colors and the sparkle, but I am kind of tired of hearts. 

  75. KimberlyRae

    Wheeeeeeee…looks like some sweet sugary Fun, to Me! YUMMY!

  76. Nancy Peterson

    Love those colors…reminds me of Easter eggs! Beautiful!

  77. Jenny Jean aka Wifey Cookie

    What yummy inspiration! The colours are so bright and cheery, it makes you smile! 🙂

  78. Michelle Weddle

    The photo is very yummy and I'm wanting to eat several of them getting them all stuck in my teeth.

  79. Colleen O

    I'm a follower on Pinterest. Love the colors of the jelly candy… so spring!

  80. Ruth G

    I'm following the Ribbon Lady on Pinterest as Ruth Gauss (and commented on facebook as Ruth Suttie Gauss.)

  81. Ruth G

    I love the sugar-coated colorful hearts!

  82. karenladd

    So, I'm following the Ribbon Lady on Pinterest and posted on FB too! Yay May Arts!

  83. karenladd

    Ooooh, the colors are so sweet and cheery…and remind me of Easter eggs! Unfortunately, it's also making me wish I had some of those candies right here so I could nibble as I type!

  84. shartl

    YUMMY!!!! Okay, I admit that I love candy…and that I love jellys, and that I love hearts, and that I love colors! So yes, what do I think of this? How about fabulous!!! super inspiration for Easter and Spring!

  85. Kayla F.

    I'm following your pintrest page! You have lots of boards to go through to look for goodies and ideas! 🙂

  86. Kayla F.

    I love it! Although it does make my mouth water for some sweets! The colors are definitly springtime and whenever I think of Easter I think of candy! Is that a bad thing though? lol

  87. GM

    I LOVE the inspiration photo- there are so many things you could do with it! (Oh, and I'm following some of her boards now. ^^)
    giggedy geekmum AT gmail DOT com

  88. Betty Anne Orr

    Although the shape makes me think of Valentines Day the colors make me think of the Easter egg hunts we had when I was a kid. Happy memories. 

  89. Bethany Becker

    I am following you on pinterest!  I am ejoying your page.

  90. Bethany Becker

    Love the colors and the shape of the candy.  Candy always makes me smile.  Great inspiration.

  91. Sue McRae

    I like the happy colours and it makes me think of love.

  92. Angie

    I am following on Pinterest!

  93. Angie

    The photo makes me think of Easter inspiration!

  94. Cyndi Stephenson

    I love it, it is sweet and yummy.  It makes me look forward to spring.

  95. Kristie Maynard

    I commented on facebook on this picture.  Love the colors!  Very 'sweet'  lol.  And I'm following you on Pinterest!

  96. Jeyatha

    Colors make me think of bright spring which we are waiting after the white winter..  🙂

  97. Kathryn

    Wouldn't it be cool to have ribbon with all those lovely colors of hearts?  I'd scoop some up! 

  98. Jean Marmo

    Such cheerful colors! Following on pininterest.

  99. Debi-Mike Weidleman

    Following you on Pinterest!  Great inspiration!
    Your picture reminds me of handmade flowers for cards!  A variety of beautiful colors.

  100. Jennie P.

    I'm following the Pinterest page 🙂

  101. Ange

    I love the bright fun colors of the inspiration photo!

  102. Holly E

    This makes me feel like spring is right around the corner. I cant wait until all my little flowers bloom!

  103. Amy Jones

    I Love it.  It is very inspiring.  I Love the colors and the feel of spring.

  104. Robin

    I love the colors…they are HAPPY!

  105. Angela Wood

    I love these bright colors and heart shapes – reminds me of summer.  They must be gum drops cut out with heart cookie cutters and dipped in sugar? I have to try this! Don't you love pinterest – so many great ideas there! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies, hugs, Angela

  106. Jen McDermott

    I’m following you on Pinterest too!

  107. Cathy Derouche

    Makes me think of spring too, AND it makes my mouth water!!

  108. sandysewin

    I think you can't help but smile when you look at those colors. 🙂  
    I'm following you on Pinterest.

  109. Stephanie Magee

    I already follow you on pinterest …love that site … and I love the colors of your hearts … sweeeeeet …. Puts a smile on my face!!!! 🙂

  110. Jen McDermott

    The picture makes me hungry for sweets!

  111. LynnR

    The candy colors are so bright they look like tropical summer time fun!  Fruity drinks with your toes in the sand for sure!

  112. Lyn Gill

    I'm a pinterest follower & I love it! That candy looks so yummy!

  113. Elizabeth

    Honestly — I LOVE sugared gummy candies, so my first question is are they tangy/sweet/tart? cuz that's what all these colors do for me –they ZING! and if they taste as good as they look then they are winners in any medium.
    Oh and I followed you on Pinterest too!

  114. Naomi A. of CO

    The colors remind me of a cool breeze in a hot summer afternoon drinking lemonade and watching the kids playing with the water hose in the front yard!

  115. Anita Mulcahey

    Love it. Makes me think of spring and Easter.

  116. Kristina M

    I think of childhood.  I used to love these sweet treats!

  117. Tifany DeGough

    And I was already following you on Pinterest. :o)

  118. Tifany DeGough

     Oh…the inspiration photo looks so fun…and SWEET! The colors are fabulous!


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