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Weekend Giveaway Halloween Crafts – Winner!

Happy, happy Friday!   Now, you all know how I love Fridays!  Hands down, my favorite day of the week.  So, each Friday I like to celebrate with one of our very fabulous & 'oh so simple to enter' Weekend Giveaways! 

Well, this week I have been searching around for some fun Halloween Crafts & Decorations!  Some of which I have posted on Pinterest (oh & if you aren't following The Ribbon Lady yet, please do! 😉 )

For this giveaway, all you have to do is post a comment telling us about your favorite Halloween Craft or Decoration.  Have a picture?  Send it in to [email protected] or post it on our Facebook Page!  Better yet, do both!


The prize? 

3 spools of May Arts Ribbon – Your Choice!


Winner will be posted Monday, September 19th.

Good Luck & Happy Weekend!


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:

24. Victoria  September 17, 2011 @ 12:32 AM

"I love cute Halloween crafts. I usually make cards or some fabric art."


Victoria, email us at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize.



This photo was sent in to us by Laura Carazo:


These photos were sent to us by Kristie Maynard:


This photo was sent to us by Victoria Sturdevant:
This photo was sent to us by Gloria Westerman:
"i love bringing out my realistic-looking crow.  it give a "poe" look"  – f lynn rush
This photo was sent to us by Eul Joo Park:
This photo was sent to us by Denise Bryant:
  1. {vicki}

    my favorite decoration is ‘dressing my son up for trick or treating’– I find great pleasure in that

  2. Becky D

    I don’t decorate for Halloween but I fall is my favorite season and i decorate for fall. My favorite is my giant wreath i hang on my door – autumn leaves are my favorite crafting/decorating element for fall. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  3. Anita A

    Stunning! I love making treats for friends.

  4. Aki

    I’ve made a card for this Halloween ( and I’ve sent it to you :”D ). As usual, I make cards for Halloween every year, then give them to my friends or my family. XD

  5. Carol Ann Ater

    I forgot to mention my fav fall craft – felt leaves surrounding a vine wreath I made last fall. Autumn is fast becoming my favorite holiday/season

  6. Carol Ann Ater

    Cutest owls I’ve ever seen. And so crafty

  7. Laura Carazo

    Love to use acorn!!!

  8. Tanya P

    I love Halloween! My favorite thing is just carving pumpkins!

  9. Gloria Westerman

    I don’t decorate anymore b/c my kids are grown….but I do make little treat bags for the trick a treater and of course for my grandchildren….I just made a little home decor project that I’m going to send to you….thank you for the chance to win your fabulous ribbons…

  10. DeeDee Catron

    This year I have some fab Graphic 45 papers to work with for Halloween.. and I found this little picket fence that will make a fab wall hanging! my favorite part about halloween is decorating 🙂

  11. SuZeQ

    I still remember making ghosts when my children were little. Easy project – take a Kleenex and drape it over a lollipop and tie a piece of orange and black yarn around the stick to hold it on.

  12. Pam

    Loveto decorate my home for Halloween & fall! I have several flower arrangements I have made, one made with a witch’s caldron. I think my favorite is my standing lady scarecrow holding a basket of fall flowers, pumpkins, etc. She’s so cute!

  13. Lucy

    My fave is the carved pumpkin we make and then putting the candle in and light it up!

  14. sue w.

    my favorite thing to do is make halloween cards and send them out to friends and relatives. haven’t started making them yet but will very soon.
    stamping sue

  15. Michelle Smith

    We go all out for decorating for Halloween, the kids say our house is the best on on the block. We have so many decorations it would be hard to pick a favorite, but I do love candy bowl with the grabbing hand for those who are not expecting it, it can be quite funny to see their reactions. Thanks for the awesome giftaway!

  16. Victoria

    I love cute Halloween crafts. I usually make cards or some fabric art.

  17. Cardcrazed (Karen G)

    We don’t celebrate halloween, but I really do enjoy the chocolate and goodies that come out!! Now that my kids are grown, the only thing Halloween means to me is inexpensive chocolate bars 😀

  18. Christine Dring

    My favorite holiday is Halloween! I have a cemetery that I put up in my front yard. It gets bigger every year as I keep adding to it! Also, I have a huge spider web hanging from our upstairs window down to the bushes in front of the porch, complete with big hairy spiders! It’s awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Sue D

    I just like plain pumpkins from my garden to decorate.

  20. Marcia D.

    I love to bake owl cookies (chocolate peanut butter cookies shaped like owls)

  21. Jan Hennings


  22. Carole Hepburn

    glitter – lime green, orange and purple
    ribbons – lime green , orange and purple
    paper – lime green , orange and purple
    pumpkins – spray painted lime green , orange and purple

  23. Kristie Maynard

    I hope this counts. My favorite would be the layouts I made for halloween. I’ll see if I can find the pictures and send them off to you in an e-mail.

  24. stampnk

    I used to make a lot of Halloween decorations and my favorites were these little stuffed witches made of fabric and wooden balls with faces painted on them. Made the hat out of black felt…cute!! Oh yes, and I also made a couple of fun Halloween quilted wall hangings. My daughter has them now for her own Halloween decorations!

  25. Shartl

    We host a Halloween party every year and LOVE making all our own decorations! My favorite though was a wooden coffin that we built out of plywood and painted black. The lid is partially open so that you can see a scary ghoul inside (formed out of a zombie mask on a stuffed scarecrow). Faux spider webs everywhere and there it is!! Love Halloween decorations.

  26. Jen Clark

    I love making banners!! Last year I only made a “fall” one, but this year, I’m working on a Halloween one! Banners are just so fun, so easy, and add such wonderful texture and color to any room of the house!

  27. Julie Shearer

    I dont do too much decorating for halloween anymore …my kids are 18 and 23. I do a little bit out doors. I have a couple of scarecrows, a big bale of hay, some pretty mums , a few dried corn stalks and a couple of cute halloween stakes and hangings. Mostly to add some color after all my flowers have died. Thanks for a chance to win.

  28. lalo

    So my favorite Halloween craft is making my kids Halloween costume. Got four kiddos and although I don’t make them all every year there is at least one I have to do…this year it’s 2 out of 4 🙂

  29. Kim H

    My favorite Halloween craft is to make handmade Halloween cards to give to family, friends, and tags for trick or treaters. I never remember to get pictures before I give everything away, but will try again this year. Will be making them at a Crop next weekend.

  30. Ann Merkins

    3 years ago my daughter got married on Halloween. We made all the decorations as well as boquets(Balck and red roses) and her veil. Which I made from a lace fabric that had tiny irredescent skulls. It turned out very nice, if you didn’t look closely you didn’t notice the skulls. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. Tini

    My Decoration for halloween is a banner and halloween candles (pumkins, crazy cats) 🙂

  32. jean marmo

    Still love to have pumpkins on the front porch and make the 23 year old go get one with me!

  33. Cyndi Stephenson

    My favorite decoration for Halloween is all the different jack o lanterns.

  34. Stacey

    I am going to have to go with these little fanged pumpkins I found online! They are just too cool!

  35. Janet Sisk

    I lean towards the fun/cute side of Halloween. I hate the evil and scary stuff. I love to put out scarecrows, Mums, and cute Jack-o-lanterns for the trick-or-treaters to enjoy. Thanks for a chance to win. 😀

  36. Lindy

    I actually just started making my own decorations this year…and I’m working on a Halloween Wreath right now that I really like. I will take a picture when finished (hopefully this weekend) and post.

  37. Sue McRae

    I have a wreath that’s kind of scary but fun. Don’t want anything too frightening to scare the little ones 🙂

  38. Mary Anne Flesch

    I love making Halloween costumes!! Although now that my youngest is 13, I rarely do that anymore. We sitll like creatively putting costumes together – such as tearing and bloodying up a shirt from Goodwill!

  39. Nicole

    I don’t do a lot of decorating for Halloween, but I do look forward to carving a pumpkin!


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