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Weekend Giveaway – Halloween Costumes – Winners!

Well, first and foremost I would like to thank our friends over at Vintage Street Market for a great week!   The Ribbonistas had such fun creating with your products!  Now, of course, I wanted to end this week with a giveaway….but I also wanted to have a bit of fun with it.  So, I thought we’d talk a little Halloween.  🙂

For those of us with little ones, Halloween is all about the costume….errr or the trick or treating in the costume!   Which brings me to this weekend’s giveaway.  Answer one or both of the following questions and enter to win the prize pack pictured below!

The Questions:

  • What are the little ones in your life dressing up as this year?
  • When was the last time you dressed up for Halloween?  What was the costume?

And in case y’all are wondering, my little dude will be an angry bird this year…the red one to be exact.  And, boy, is he excited!   My last costume was last year: a glittery witch.  Cause…you know…everything’s better with glitter…according to this Ribbon Lady anyway!   😉

The Prize:

Vintage Street Market’s Family Fun Paper Kit


Vintage Street Market’s “Numbers” Tinted Tape


2 spools of May Arts Ribbon, your choice!

For a chance to win an additional spool, post your comment on our Facebook Page too.

I will post both winners (one from the blog & one from Facebook) right here on Monday, October 22nd!

Happy Weekend & Good luck y’all!


-The Ribbon Lady


We have a couple winners!  The winner of our first prize pack is:

My sassy seven year old is going as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s – all decked out in the incredible tulle dress seen on Pinterest, sunglasses, tiara and all!  The last time I dressed up for Halloween was several years ago at work.  I was a 50’s girl in my poodle skirt!

The Facebook prize goes out to:

Lois Radford
My daughter who is 9, wants to go as Medusa!  The last time that I dressed up, I was an elf!  Thank you for a chance to wind some of this amazing ribbon! LOVE MAY ARTS…MY FAVORITE!!! 

Congratulations, Ladies!  Email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

**all winners have 2 weeks to claim their prize**

**when emailing, please note which giveaway/prize you are claiming**

  1. Emily h

    Aw. It has been a good week. I dont have a little one but my niece is dressing up as a munchkin from wizard of Oz.  I kind of dressed up this weekend for her birthday party.

  2. Donna

    My daughter is going to be Alice in Wonderland. I was a witch last year but this year I am pregnant and will pass on dressing up.

  3. Kara

    The little one is 13 and no longer dresses up. She was a bat 4 years running. I actually took the costume and upsized it for her and still have it – it needs to be upsized again (black hoody with ears on the hood and silly googly eyes with fangs on the shirt front. My last costume was 20 years ago. I was a vampire before vampires were cool.

  4. Miriam Prantner

    My daughters are doing to be generic superheroes (got a cape/mask set last year on sale).  The last time I dressed up was probably two years ago.  I was a doctor – wore scrubs and got some accessories from my doctor sister.

  5. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Our granddaughter is going to be a princess…a PINK one, Nana!  Last year she was a kitty cat.  I can't remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween, but we do a Christmas Eve costume party, and last year I was a beatnik.  That was fun!

  6. Susan

    My granddaughter (6 months old) will be a pumpkin, and my niece will be a zombie.

  7. Jennifer

    My sassy seven year old is going as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's – all decked out in the incredible tulle dress seen on Pinterest, sunglasses, tiara and all!  The last time I dressed up for Halloween was several years ago at work.  I was a 50's girl in my poodle skirt!

  8. Jeniff

    I don't have babies yet. My last costume was a vampire.

  9. Carol Vivenzio

    My little ones will be all dressed in matching bunny costumes this year. I last dressed up for Halloween as Martha the Hippo from Martha and George- the children adored it! Thanks for this chance to win and Happy Fall, Everyone!

  10. Gloria Westerman

    Well I don't have any little one to dress anymore….but I did always make theirs….and my last coustume was and Indian princess….I cut the dress out and sew it together….then I attach a piece around the neck in a triangle  and but little rolls….attach beads to the ends and tie with a knot….I also cover my shoes with a beads…too

  11. kate blue

    well, this year, my son wants to be a KING…and my teenage daughter will drive me crazy and decide 2 days before Halloween of course….. I didn't dress up last year but the year before that I got all creative (JKJK) and  dressed as what I thought was a  CSI agent but everybody thought I was a police office at a school crossing LOL-I was going to a kids party and didnt want to scare anybody 🙂 …..had people giving me extra candy cause they thought i was a police officer keeping an eye on the kids trick or treating hahaha

  12. Barbara K

    One little one will be a ghost and his sister will be yet another princess this time Rapenzel. Last time I dressed up was at school as the Cat in the Hat as I’m a teacher. Tinted tape, ribbon and paper oh my! What a fun prize!

  13. deedee

    my lil ones going to be fairies.. last time I dressed up I was a piratess…

  14. Barbara H

    No little ones to dress up.  The last time I dressed up I was a top hat and it was probably 20 years ago.  Love May Arts ribbons so thanks for chance to win.


  15. Anja

    The only little ones I have are cats, and they will not let me dress them up (I wonder why!? :-)). However, my cute little nephew (1 year old) will be dressed up as a cute bear <3 For myself I will have to dress up at work, last year I was a wich and this year I'm thinking about going as a carrot… Might regret it though 🙂

  16. Margie Visnick

    I am not sure if I am dressing up or not, but one of my girls is going to be Katniss Everdeen (from the Hunger Games) the other kids haven't decided yet.

  17. Kathy P

    My 'little dudes' are my DGC:  6 yo will be dressed as Alice in Wonderland, and her costume and wig are awesome!  The little guy, who's 4, is going as HULK….and he is so excited, he had to show me ALL of Hulk's menacing moves!
    Last time I dressed up?  Probably 20 years ago….a vamp for a neighborhood party!

  18. Renee VanEpps

    We haven't completely made up our minds yet, but I know my little one wants to be Princess Celestia (from My Little Pony).  🙂  I haven't dressed up since probably 5th grade!  Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  19. Yvonne Williams

    Vampire Bride, Yoda and last time I dressed up was as a glitery purple witch,

  20. SuZeQ

    My "little one" isn't so little any more but she's dressing up for an annual Halloween party and going as Honey Boo Boo Child.  Oh my.
    The last time I dressed up I was A Boy Named Sue.

  21. Becki V

    My “little ones” aren’t so little anymore (21 and 19 now) but will dress up as witches to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters that come to our door.

    My last Halloween costume was a full Boy Scout uniform…merit badge sash and hat included!

  22. Catherine Derouche

    the little ones are dressing up as Batman, and Tinkerbell.  the last time I dressed up was about 8 years ago and I dressed up as a clown, had a ball:)

  23. Cheryl Hutcherson

    My 4-year-old girl is going as a pink sonic (the hedgehog). 🙂

  24. Debby L

    What are the little ones in your life dressing up as this year?  

    my granddaugther is a little girl Elmo and is cute as anything and one is a timy 2 month cutie.

    When was the last time you dressed up for Halloween?  What was the costume?

    Maybe 6 years ago.  a witch…it was in the work place.

  25. Monika/buzsy

    Cool giveaway! Love the sweet paper kit!
    Angry bird sounds interesting! I can see why he is excited! My little one will be a race card driver. Everything is about Lightning McQueen so it will be perfect. I don't remember when I dressed up the last time… probably 10-12 years ago…

  26. Katina

    I don't have little ones but I used to make the Halloween costumes my brother wore while he was in college. He's been a Jack-O-Lantern, a Killer Bee, and a giant pink Party Animal bunny! My last Halloween costume was a witch from Hocus Pocus!

  27. Janet Sisk

    I work at a school so we have fun dressing up every Halloween.  I have been an "old" lady, a "blind" referee, pregnant lady(mocking a fellow coworker) and a motorcycle gang member.  My daughter has been a dog, pig, and doctor.  Thanks for a chance to win a fab prize.  😀

  28. JoAnn K Delery

    my first little granddaughter is going to be dressed as a cute little elephant!

  29. Kristie Maynard

    My little ones are 22 & 20 now and it's been a while since they dressed up.  But I will tell you that when my son was little he always wanted to be either Mickey Mouse or Peter Pan and we had a lot of fun with that.  I don't remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween, maybe when the kids were in Elementary school.  I know one year I dressed as a little girl.  Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Mary S - Big Mamma

    I don't have any little ones but two years ago i dressed up as snooky and since I am 5'6 had had 4" heals I really looked like a Snooky Transvestite…. LMAO!

  31. sharon gullikson

    The last time I dressed up was last year. I was a nerd.

  32. Ana Marcela Herrera

    My little cousin is gonna be Frida this time. Last time I dressed up was several years ago. I was a cute doll.

  33. Dorothy Stuart

    My little ones grew up and moved away now I have 8 grandchildren. I look forward to seeing them in costumes every year. My last costume was a vampire for a holloween party..

  34. Nikki C

    No Little Ones  here and the cat only steals my ribbons he won't let me dress him up lol . Last Year I was a Dark fairy and the wings where a little plain so I dressed them up with glitter, bling, black silk flowers and lots of black silk Ribbons. Then I also had fake blades that I dressed up with cords and more ribbons the Halloween stores have great things but they need to be tweaked to be more personal. 🙂
    thanks for the chance
    hugs Nikki C

  35. Terry Fryer

    No little ones. But I torture the dog – one year I got a small bikini top and childs grass skirt, plastic lei and she looked adorable. I am going to recycle costumes this year from 2 years ago. My husband and I dressed as aging Aerosmith groupies. 

  36. michele d

    My little one is dressing as an anime from one of her faveorite shows and last halloween I dressed as an old woman in her pajamas. Was really not a costume but all who came to the door tghought it was so yep i went with it .

  37. Cat Darling

    My little ones are my grandchildren. Aidan will be Spiderman and Isla will be a Princess. I will be a witch as I have dressed as one for several years now. I have the PERFECT witch hat with a veil and spider on the top and neon green and black striped stockings.

  38. Penny L

    my "little ones" are no longer little enough to dress up!  we'll keep busy handing out goodies to the trick-or-treaters.  Last time I dressed up was as a mime with the kids about 8 years back…it was fun to dress up with them and take them out!  I miss those days!

  39. KellyG

    My son is going to be a penguin!

  40. Julie A. Shearer

    I do not have little ones anymore. I dressed up last year , for a party. I was an eskimo . Thanks for a chance to win .

  41. Sue D

    I think they are going to be princesses.

  42. JCYee

    French girl, Indian girl, and Huntsma!

  43. Penny W

    My little munchkin GD will be pint size Wonder Woman and her mother will be will be regular size Wonder Woman, and daddy will be  Captain America. The last time I dressed up was about 12 years ago I was a witch, my daughter was a black cat, and my son was a spider. Thanks for the oppertunity to win, such wonderful prizes. 

  44. Indy

    Last year my third grade team dressed up as the Mommy and three little kittens who lost their mittens.  This year we are dressing up as Waldos.

  45. Denise Bryant

    I dressed up as a Kitchen Witch last year. Wore a Halloween apron, with a witch's hat and a carried a wooden spoon in my apron pocket. The costume had to be something simple to wear to work that we could work in.

  46. Darlene

    Last year I was a witch!!  My grandson is going to be a monkey. I am excited as this is the first year I think he may understand the holiday.  Thanks

  47. Sara Tanner

    My daughter will be the Mad Hatter and my son will be BUZZ LIGHT YEAR universe protection unit!. lolol Or that's what he say's. He's in a wheelchair so I have some very bright LED lights to attach to it so it will sort of look like a space ship. It's also a good way for people to see him as we live in a very hilly city and most homes aren't wheelchair assessable. This way his sister and her friends knock on the door and I  stay behind with him. He';s chair well be so bright knowone can miss him. lololol

  48. kathleen schriber

    we will be getting spooked/tricked by a ghost and batman this year.  makes me scared and excited at the same time.

  49. Anita braddock

    Our new grand baby will be a pumpkin. And I last was a witch I made the costume. Thanks for the chance to win.

  50. Joann

    My daughter is 9 and she is dressing up as one of the Monster High Girls, Frankie Stein! I last dressed up four years ago and I was a witch! … thanks for the chance!!

  51. Jean Marmo

    No one here to dress up. My last costume was a scarecrow!

  52. Amy #8546

    My daughter is going as a gothic princess and my son is going as a power ranger.  I havent dressed up in years, so I could not tell you the last costume I wore.  lol.  

  53. Angie Grimm

    My daughters are planning on being a pink flamingo and a girl werewolf.  Costumes as diverse as their personalities.

  54. Susan Hahaj

    My grand daughter will be Little Bo Peep this year, and I have no idea what costume I last wore, it's too long ago to remember LOL

  55. Lillian Child

    My 4 year old grandson will be Captain America this Halloween.  My 40 year old son dressed up as a knight from Rocky Horror Picture Show last year – he won first prize at a halloween party!

  56. Rania K.

    I'm not sure but I think I'm the second! Minnie my little daughter and I was dressed up …maid!

  57. Beatrice Lawson

    My son is Pikachu. My last costume was a pirate two years ago.

  58. mamichelle

    My granddaughter will be Jessie of Toy Story.  My last costume was a bag of jelly beans way back when!

  59. Maria Mendoza

    My baby is to old to dress up. I think 13 is the limit but she doesn't think so. Last I dressed up was last year I dressed up as a fairy 

  60. Lois R.

    My daughter wants to go as Medusa…we shall see…and the last time I dressed up I went as an elf! 🙂 Thank you  for a chance to win…hope I am doing this right! 🙂 

  61. NinaN

    This year we will have two geisha's and a little Dennis the Menace 🙂
    I can't remember the last time I really dressed up. I will often just wear a hat or wings or something like that.

  62. Megan A

    my daughter is dressing up at Frodo from the lord of the rings. I am dressing up this year too – the first time since college. I am going as Arwen from the lord of the rings, at my daughters request.

  63. Meme

    My little one will be Minnie Mouse and my last costume was a Mummy. I think I am first to post on both facebook and here. Woo Hoo!


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