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Weekend GiveAway Bold Prints – Winner!

All week long, the May Arts Team has been developing our Summer 2011 Line.  We are all very excited about this one too, as we have definately got a few surprises up our sleeves this time. 

But this got me thinking about how I can bring you all in to the fun.  So, here we are with our Weekend GiveAway. 

First, the prize:



Great, right?  See that fuzzy chenille one on the end?  One of this ribbon lady's favorites!  Reminds me of a cuddly teddy bear.  🙂 

Ok, so to win this prize we want to hear your ideas!

We have been thinking up different kinds of fun, bold prints: animal, camouflage, etc…    But I thought we would turn to you & find our what sort of fun prints you would like to see from May Arts Ribbon. 

Post your comments here & enter to win that fabulous prize pack above.

For an extra chance to win, post a comment on our Facebook Page too.

I will announce the winner on Monday March 7th, 2011.

Good luck & have a great weekend!


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:

5. HeatherC March 4, 2011 @ 2:23 PM

"I think some printed ribbon with hot air balloons, or clouds would be fun! (I think the last ribbon looks like a teddy bear too!!)"

Heather, email us at [email protected] to claim your prize! 

  1. Doreen

    I think bold brights are making a comeback. Think Candyland. And lemon yellow. I love yellow. And texture.

  2. {vicki}

    I like stripes, polka dots and paisley prints in bright colors–especially blues

  3. Billie

    Playground equipment. Chain link ribbon to use for swings or it could be used as links of love or something like that. Swimming pool gear; beach balls, goggles, etc. I picture fluffy clouds with the clouds in your favorite shapes you like to look for when laying on your back looking at the clouds.

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  4. Jennifer H.

    Fringe in short and long lengths. How about polka dots of all colors of dots so it will coordinate with any project, like all pastel colors on that one ribbon in dots. Then do a earth tone with all earth colors and the same with rich colors. More shaped ribbons. And of course I loved the ruffled ones! Oh, and more stretchy ones!

  5. Tiffany H

    Damask or flourishes!

  6. Gretchen Krisher

    Love these ribbons! I’m a sucker for polka dots…one can never have enough polka dots!

  7. Rita

    I love your ribbons. How about script, in vintage colors? thanks!

  8. Barbarae Staradumsky

    I would love to see more vintage ribbon! Give me some frilly lace! All kinds of types of frilly lace!

  9. danielle brown

    Love these ribbons!!! the textures, colours and patterns are fab! Endless possiblities!

  10. Cheryl

    I love these colors! They are perfect for summer beach themes and the colors are rich enough to take them right into fall!

  11. Bette S

    I’m a fool for flowery, feminine things. I do love the colors you are showing – can see many possibilities here. Also I like Robin’s idea – make flowers with ribbons! Neat!

  12. Robin

    I think you should design a line of ribbons to make flowers, you could put a strip of paper on the back of the ribbon with instructions!

  13. Kim Fisher

    This giveaway is straight off the Pantone color chart- gorgeous! I “m so happy to find such creative options. I have a bride who’s an interior designer and she recommended May Arts to me- and I’m very , very glad! I’m so impressed with your current swoon worthy products that I can’t imagine suggesting anything. Keep up the good work!

  14. Debbie Gaetz

    Some ideas: cut-outs of umbrellas, Eiffel Tower, corsets, vintage car; Russian, Asian tapestry weave designs; ribbon lines that coordinate with Graphic 45 collections. May Arts is a terrific source for ribbons; thank you!

  15. Mary

    I love all the textures in this collection.

  16. jean marmo

    Wonderful ribbons! I would love to see anything in plaid or floral.

  17. Theresa Fredrickson

    Thanks for offering a great give away.
    I love using ribbon on my cards. I would like to see wider ribbon with a masculin theme, fish, vintage cars, sports, etc. These could be laid across a card without a bow.

  18. Debi W

    Beautiful ribbons! And a chain to win them! I would like to see cherries, lemons and different types of fruits.

  19. Donna Huisinga

    I’m into cards for girlfriends right now with sassy sayings so would like to see some ribbons to go with them .Coffe cups, tea cups, high heels, shopping bags, tea bags–all would be awesome! All in a row, one right after another!.

  20. Gabby

    Is that “cork” ribbon on the right? Wow, whatever it is is waaay cool! I would like to see more natural and earth tone colors (twill/tafetta/satin/grosgrain) that is already pleated. Also your big and little roses that are tea-stained looking, so I don’t have to buy the white ones and stain them myself. I’m a “go-to” girl when it comes to crafting. I like to have “some of each” to grab and apply as the inspiration “hits” me! A supply of these would be wunderbar! Thanks for letting me share my comments and entering me in the summer ribbon giveaway! 🙂

  21. stampnk

    Fun prints that I would love would be rows of houses, rows of trees, rows of birds, you get the picture!! Also love plaids and dots! going into a different direction, I love vintage trims like crochet and lace!

  22. Audrey

    Zebra print would be great and it would go with many colors. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.

  23. karenladd

    Oh, I would love to win these ribbons. I love the color combos and the textures! Both blue and brown are my favorite colors and they would be great for either masculine or feminine projects.
    I like designs and prints that are versatile and so would like to see varigated prints found in nature such as rippled patterns, color washed ribbons, swirls and soft stripes the blend into each other.

  24. Frances

    These ribbons are beautiful, love to see shiny silk ribbons hugs. frances.

  25. Renee J.

    I just retweeted a tweet about this giveaway to all of my followers. Yeah!! Thank you very much!

  26. Renee J.

    These ribbons are so yummy! Oh, I love polka dots, too. Thank you for the chance to win!

  27. Rebecca Ednie

    I’d love to see beach themes, vintage script that looks like clothing labels and sewing themes like mannequins, scissors or buttons.

  28. Tammy s.

    Those are beautiful ribbons…I do love antique looking ribbon…which has the aged effect.

  29. shartl

    Oooh, love these ribbons!! The color combo if blue with anything is super!!
    As for prints, I don’t care much for camo but I do love plaids, polka dots, and scrolls and flourishes! Would love to see some elegant, vintage prints like flourishes and toile!

  30. ellen s

    ooops…i got excited and hit submit…what prints? more plaids for sure! plaid is a classic and i love how it looks with a print

  31. ellen s

    love love these colors!!!!

  32. Debbie Painter

    I love these new colors, especially the brown & blue one! I have been looking for a Towelle (sp) print & have not found any, so that would be something I would like to see.

  33. Sue from Oregon

    truthfully…I love the slid satin ribbons you have, but if for a print,, nothing better that dots!

  34. Becky

    Drool, drool, drool…..these ribbons are the BOMB!!!
    I love checks & polka dots on ribbon….makes for a fun card!!!

  35. Janet Sisk

    I LOVE these ribbons! As for ideas for future ribbons, I was thinking cameos might be nice since they are everywhere right now. Also farm animals in primary colors would be fun. Insects and lizards can be fun especially in tropical colors. And who doesn’t love flowers and nautical themes! Gosh, I don’t know if I was much help at all. 😀

  36. Tona

    Love the colors of these ribbons!
    I think that polka dots are always great.

  37. terriavidreader

    Lovely ribbons. That’s my favorite embellishment on cards. And these could be masculine, which are hard to find. thanks for a chance!

  38. Eniko

    I love the idea of traditionally men’s patterns on ribbon like houndstooth, striped silk tie, corduroy, blue & white striped cotton (as in a button-down shirt)…

    Also patten leather.

  39. Vicki Wilson

    Beautiful colors. I need these.

  40. Diane S.

    Beautiful ribbon! love the colors-May Arts you rock!

  41. Lynda

    Fabulous colors!!! I would love to see a zig zag type pattern…black and white…

  42. Erin

    COffee mugs or something coffee

  43. Lynn

    Lions and tigers and bears…oh my! Ribbons printed with zoo animals would be a lot of fun.

  44. Suzanne a

    Not a huge fan of animal prints but would love to see some fun eccentric circles!

  45. SuZeQ

    Oh, such beautiful colors … I need them! I would love to see dotted swiss. That reminds me so much of Springtime. Thank you for your generosity.

  46. April W

    I would love to see a ribbon with big ABC’s all over it. How fun!!
    – April W

  47. sue w.

    I like solid colors especially in the brown family…that has always been hard for me to find. For designs how about dragonflies/butterflies and flourishes.
    thanks for the chance to win those beautiful ribbons.
    stamping sue

  48. Karen B.

    Can it be colors instead of prints? I’d love to see some of your ribbon in sage greens, more naturals! You do such a fine job already it really is hard to say anything!

  49. Pam

    I would love polka dots! More stripes would be great, too. Thanks!

  50. Lucy

    I love ribbons and use them alot. Your choice for the giveaway is awesome. Thanks for the chance 🙂 Lucy

  51. Pam

    gee stump me here…LOL, a wider select of grograin print, i love hairbows, for scrapping a double sided print is fun, twill tyoe with kiddo prints…

  52. Kelly massman

    How about an assortment of trees! Lovely ribbon choices for the giveaway! Thanks!

  53. Natalie E

    I’m thinking rainbows!!!

  54. Rae Higgins

    I’d love some ribbons based on teacups, teaspoons, tea parties, tea bags, etc on a tea colored ribbon, of course!

  55. Cindi

    Ribbons are one of my favorite embellishments. I enjoy lace ribbon,
    ribbons with stand up flowers, silk ribbons
    and earthy striped ribbons.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  56. Laura Evangeline

    Let’s see… houndstooth, chevron, doily, cow, clouds, butterflies, suns, woodgrain, stitched, scalloped and something with a string/stitched stripe down the center or sides that could potentially be pulled to make a gathered section. I gotta say, I LOVE RIBBON!!! You should see the “ribbon section” of my studio! 🙂

  57. Carol Ann Ater

    A Build a Bear Workshop scrapbook page highlighted blues and tan ribbons.

  58. Jess

    Love the fuzzy one! Comment #26 reminds me of Paper Source’s new kitchenware paper. I’d love similar ribbon (and no doubt they would too, I know they carry your ribbon! 🙂

  59. Pam Loris

    I would like to see victorian prints. Anything from that era, adds, scrollwork, ironwork, sewing. Thanks for hearing us out!!

  60. Elizabeth P

    stripes in hot neon colors or traditional, really fancy ladylike old victorian style, checkered, or random dots.

  61. Wendy Orme

    Love the prize package! Maybe a fun new design would be vintage game pieces or signs.

  62. DeniseB

    Love those ribbons for the giveaway! Beautiful colors!
    As far as prints, I’d love to see one with tropical greenery (ferns and leaves). Love the idea that someone else mentioned about a woodgrain design too. Birdhouses would be fun, and a snowflake print. A kitchen-related design (with wooden spoons, mixing bowls, measuring cups, etc.) would be great for decorating gift boxes or bags of baked goodies.

  63. Jessica

    Ohhh, faux bois in bright colors! Is seersucker possible?!

  64. Melissa 'Ziggy' Cook

    I love those ribbons!

    I would like yellow ribbons! Also, patterns in houndstooth, plaid and chevron.

  65. Doris Widder

    I like variant stripes where each strip of color is a different width and I like the stripes to run in the same direction as the length of the ribbon…Hope I described that so you could understand what I meant!

  66. Anne Thompson

    Print ideas: frogs; pandas; elephants; arrows; golden retrievers; big dots that would coordinate with a circus theme. Anne, yourmainestamper

  67. Kathy Freeman

    I would love to see bright butterflies and pastel butterflies (on different ribbons), some umbrellas and maybe some rain boots.

  68. Karen K

    I am not big on big bold prints but there are some great ideas from everyone. Maybe some holiday ones would be a good idea like Easter or Christmas or Thanksgiving type images. I like someone’s idea of camping related or colors that would go with camping.

  69. Joyce

    I would love to see some ribbon with sentiment blocks, so the ribbon is printed with a pretty border with an area ready to be stamped on. How fun would that be!

  70. Kelly fox

    Paisley! and I’ve been seeing lots of rainbow parties lately!

  71. Ronda A.

    Polka dots are cool! I love them bright, white and funky. How about paisley or dirty and distressed?

  72. Susan L

    I love the leopard print and the colours that go with it. I also love the newest trends in the steampuck line especially the wire dress forms, bird cages, sewing machines, and sewing patterns in beige and black or white and black. I love the ribbons in the prize package, so beautiful, I’m sure I’d find the perfect project for all of them.

  73. Monika

    know it might be boring, but I love everything with Polka Dots.

  74. Dawnll

    I love this new color scheme…I love anything with toile pattern maybe pastels.

  75. Nancy Peterson

    I love the ruler ribbons in different colors, poka dots, small and large, linen ribbons in different colors, baby themed with footprints etc.. I’m not a big fan of really brightly colored or crazy printed ribbon…like a more subtle look my self to accent a page or card, not be a major player so to speak.

  76. Samantha T

    I’d love to see a damask, doilies, camera, bikes, and how about something woodsy/camping inspired like tents (maybe not literal, but triangle shapes), pine trees, wood grain, etc.

  77. Lindy

    Love the colors shows. I’d be a fan of camouflage as my entire family is big hunters. Would work GREAT with the hunting and trail pictures.

  78. Janet Zeppa

    Love that colour palette!
    Could we see clouds, pinwheels and more double sided polka dots!

  79. Lori W.


  80. Kristie Maynard

    I’m a big fan of polka dots and tiny flowers. I would like to see some very light and muted colors and designs too. Animal prints are always fun too. And some very sheer wired ribbons. I like to use them for making flowers, but the technique only works with very sheer ribbon.

  81. Naomi A

    I would like to see bird cages, ruler prints and dolphins!

  82. viji

    I am not a big fan of animal prints, although I would love to see paisley, spirals,polka dots, toddler trucks robots etc….

  83. Mandie W

    I love these ribbons. I have several yards of that “Teddy Bear” ribbon!!! In fact, I also call it my teddy bear ribbon! I actually just sit there and rub it sometimes because it’s so soft! I want a blanket made out of it, LOL! So I would LOVE more of that exact ribbon in more colors! Oh, and I also love ric rac! So MORE ric rac in trendy colors and prints would be awesome!!!

  84. Lori Phillips

    I want more grosgrain choices.Bold, bright colors. Argyle, damask print, novelty prints in 7/8″, and 1.5″. I would also like to see 2.25″ in anything but solid. A bigger selection of grosgrain stripes in fun colors. You are my favorite as far as quality goes, but the color selections… Want more ideas? Contact me.

  85. HeatherC

    I think some printed ribbon with hot air balloons, or clouds would be fun! (I think the last ribbon looks like a teddy bear too!!)

  86. Hilarie Cortes

    Love these colors, perfect for masculine related projects! Hmm, would love to see some plaids in fun, bright colors (pink, purple, greens) or argyle.

  87. Melissa Minor

    I’m not a big fan of camouflage or animal prints but I love anything with Polka Dots or Paisley!

  88. Elaine

    Love the colors in the pic….would also like to see some ikat prints (especially navy and white or orange and white)

  89. Linda Beeson

    I love those colors, it reminds me of a neat “beach” scene with the browns and blues!


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