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Weekend Giveaway An Unlikey Match – Winner!

I was recently using the crochet ribbon pictured below for a beach themed project I have been working on.   This ribbon happens to be one of my favorites because of its versatility.  You can instantly change the look simply be weaving another ribbon through it.   But this time I had a some real trouble finding the right combination.  This led me to think about the process of matching two ribbons together.  Sometimes, the answer is obvious.   Other times, it's the unlikeliest ribbon that turns out to be the perfect match for your project. 

So, I bring this question to you.  What one May Arts Ribbon would you match up with this crochet? 


Post your comments and enter to win:


3 Spools of May Arts Ribbon – Your Choice!



I will post a winner here on Monday, January 9th.

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Happy weekend & good luck to all!



The Ribbon Lady


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:


81. Kristie Maynard January 7, 2012 @ 11:21 PM

"I would match it up with HN-1-33 the 1" brown satin ribbon or one of the 3/8" satin reversible ribbons and weave it through the crochet. This would be beautiful coordinating with so many of your ribbons! Very pretty! Thanks!"


Kristie, email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

  1. Sandie McCarthy-Roberts

    I would pick the other ribbon based on what I was going to use it on. Off the cuff, I’m thinking the black velvet rik rak. 🙂

  2. lily

    Too many to choose from — i’d use whatever happened to pull out a color of focus in the paper this very versatile crochet ribbon. love it.

  3. Ruth G

    I would think about a navy or black silk woven throughout the length. Thanks for the interesting question and a chance to win!

  4. Laura Cox

    Oh my it definitely would be velvet ribbon….the metallic velvet in aqua or gold… for a valentine….ooh, la, la!!

  5. Angi [at] Making Mayhem

    (I tried to leave a msg earlier, but the system said it was a duplicate…but it didn’t show up here!)

    I would pair the crochet trim with the Satin/Center Ruffle. I love the texture!

  6. Lynn

    I paired a length of Velvet Metallic with this crochet ribbon. For a subtle look, I turned the metallic ribbon and used the back side. Beautiful sheen!

  7. Angi in CO

    Right now I think I would go with 370-14-47. It’s a pretty sheer lavender with purple flowers…you didn’t say which beach! 🙂

  8. Elizabeth P

    I love ribbons, but sadly do not know the numbers. I just think a green/blue very soft, perhaps velvet ribbon to go with the crochet, so that the textures and colors coordinate but don’t get too matchy-matchy.

  9. Janelle S

    I think I would try the new burlap. Each weave would be puffed out a bit for some yummy dimension. Or even better the horizontal stripe grosgrain 333-33 is a favorite!

  10. Michele spera

    Love your beautiful ribbon! Thank you for a chance to own some:-)

  11. Jeyatha

    I was also thinking of using 395-18-33.. Will take 2 stings, run one from left to center and back to left and other from right to center and back to right.. that will give me a patten there.. I can even think of crossing them over to give a web like structure on the crochet.. 🙂 really wish to win.. 😉

  12. Rebecca Ednie

    Velvet ribbon would be perfect but the silky crush would look great too. I’d use a width just a bit larger than the opening so it would scrunch or if it isn’t available that width, I’d cut the wider ribbon down to size.

  13. Julie O

    It would depend on the project I was working on. Right now, I can’t get enough of skinny ribbons — 1/4 in, or even 1/8 in. A bright teal in a thin width would look awesome woven through there!

  14. Lynn

    I have paired this ribbon with the Metallic Velvet. For a more subtle shimmer effect, I use the back side of the Metallic Velvet ribbon as the “right” side.

  15. Karrie O.

    Hi, I just found your site thru a search for crinkle ribbon and discovered you have a blog, so cool! I would say crinkle or satin would pair up nicely with that pretty crotchet ribbon!

  16. Kristie Maynard

    I would match it up with HN-1-33 the 1″ brown satin ribbon or one of the 3/8″ satin reversible ribbons and weave it through the crochet. This would be beautiful coordinating with so many of your ribbons! Very pretty! Thanks!

  17. Natasha G.P.

    SK 34 might be nice. It’s a pretty combo, and somewhat beachy. It doesn’t scream beach, but it hints. Nice.

  18. Tami Mayberry

    389-18-04–1/8″ velvet

  19. erin

    Anything would work, but I’m currently loving the natural May Arts 5/8-Inch Wide Ribbon, Organic Cotton with Periwinkle Stripes

  20. Merry S.

    I would pair it with red or bright pink for Valentines Day!

  21. Tara capewell

    i think i would use the organic cotton blend stripes in the green to put under it when using it my second option would be to lace through the crochet the thin solid centre stitiches in lime or the black and orange!

  22. Boni Grabusky

    burlap would make this so beach side and forest friendly 🙂

  23. Linda Grady

    My first thought was velvet ribbon; still think this would look so elegant. Esp. a brown or burgundy color.

  24. Naomi A. of CO

    This being a neutral color would go with just about anything you carry, but I would pair it with suede, browns, reds, oranges…or something in the line of vintage!

  25. Tanya Hulbert

    I’m going with EX23. The satin pink hearts woven through would look beautiful for Valentine’s!

  26. Sue D

    I would use 337-25 with it.

  27. B. Poteraj

    I’m thinking that 389-18-34 would be nice. I think it’s thin enough.

  28. Kelly

    I would pair the crochet with the new metallic velvet ribbon #377-38-33. The color combo seems perfect for any project with sepia photos or a heritage theme. Gorgeous!

  29. Sharon Gullikson

    PV 34-34 would be my choice. If it’s not thin enough to be woven through the center, then I’d use one that’s thinner. The blue would look nice with a beachy theme.

  30. Dana Tatar

    Beach layouts are my absolute favorite to create! I’d pair this crochet ribbon with 394-38-66, sheer braid ribbon. The braid adds another layer of fun texture and the blue/teal color combo would look great with the sand and surf. I always collect shells when I go the the beach, so I’d probably add some of those as embellishments as well.

  31. Karen

    Hearts, Hearts, Hearts! This lovely crochet ribbon inspires me to thread 377-38-14 red metallic/velvet through it, attach to a card, and add punched out red hearts for Valentine’s Day! And then using more of it later for Mother’s Day, with perhaps RG12, light. pink grosgrain with ivory stripes, for a subtle vintage look and then adding a light pink heart on top.

  32. Christine Dring

    Ok, here are just a few I’d try: 342-78-93 or 94; 394-38-04; 333-16; or 350-58-94. I could go on, but I really need to start taking down my Christmas decorations! Thanks for the chance!

  33. Goat Girl

    I would pair it with any of your silk ribbons but lavendar would be my first choice. I LOVE your silk ribbons!

  34. Kathy P

    I would run 388 Brown Velvet through it. I think lace looks great with the elegance of the velvet!

  35. Susan

    For your beach theme I would probably pick MB-16. I think the woven diamonds ombre in a variation of green blended with this crochet cotton would replicate the grasses on a sandy beach. And since I am in the heart of the dunes of Lake Michigan, the diamonds remind me of the dunes along the beaches. Both of these ribbons are beautiful. So, what ribbon did you use for your beach theme?

  36. Pam

    Wow love this ribbon, like the vintage look it would add to a scrappy project, and oh how it could look tea dyed…. well now i really read you post, LOL, any velvet or dark satins, burgundy, btowns, eeven a creamy color would change the look and make it awesome, just like May Arts for all the fun… Happy weekend!

  37. cecelia DuPriest

    I would use the celery oouble sided satin grosgrain ribbon for a very soft look!

  38. Carol E

    I would put it with a pretty blue for your beach theme. Thank you for the chance to win.

  39. alice hancock

    I am thinking about Easter… I would weave a sheer lime green ribbon that is wider than the opening to give a puffy appearance.

  40. Monika/buzsy

    Oh, so pretty! Love the soft look. I think I would use 1.5″ faux suede with ruffled edge. It would lookdgood on top of brown or black… yes, black would give it a very elegant look… any type of solid and wide would work well in my oppinion. :o)

  41. Cheryl Hutcherson

    I would go with sheer looped trim…maybe the blue color to go with an “ocean-y” color.

  42. SuZeQ

    I would most definitely weave any of your thin velvet ribbons through this … how romantic would that be?

  43. rush

    i think a black silk would go with this wonderfully: sk10 1/4″ the different tectures would make it interesting.

  44. Angella Crockett

    How fun! After drooling over all of the selections, I would go with the 1/4″ Solid Iridescent BS45 in the Violet/Turquoise since it combines shades of the ocean with shimmery tones like Mother of Pearl! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to add to my May Arts collection! God bless!

  45. Chris R

    For the beach theme, If it would thread through nicely, I’d like the 392 Sheer Box Pleat in the sand color. The tone on tone would be pretty and I think the box pleat would look like wind blown sand. My other choice would be the Metallic Velvet 377-38-01. : )

  46. Gayla Gosselin

    I would definately pair it with a red and use it for my tree garland!!! Love it!

  47. Cami

    Not sure of the size of the holes, but I love the ivory color and would use either the #333 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon, or the #AF 3/8″ ribbon…in any earth tone color. I love pinks and purples and would venture even using the #EA 1/2″ wrinkled ribbon, giving it a nice “puffy” effect. When in a rush, I’d use #372-1-XX, the crochet/velvet center ribbon so I don’t have to run a ribbon through!

  48. Pendra

    For a beach themed project I would go with either the Satin Pleat 379-58-04 in Aqua/teal or the Sheer box Pleat 372-58-09 in cream. I think either of these would be soft and lovely woven in with the crocheted lace and be a beautiful texture on a beach themed project!!

  49. Evelene Sterling

    HZ11 Sheer Animal print ribbon would be so different without being overpowering.

  50. Beverly Jordan

    Deep red velvet to match up with this for the upcoming Valentines we will be making!!

  51. Jeyatha

    One more option I would try is fold the crochet and stitch it on both the sides of SK16 .. In this way I would have olive green with crochet piped on both sides [it would be doubled sided too], I can use this as a handle for a little paper bag.. 🙂

  52. Nancy

    My 3 choices, depending on which width fits the center of the crochet: 337-32; BM3;3 BA32

    I chose them for a monochromatic look. This ribbon reminds me of the long scarves I made in an off white sheer cotton for my mom and my best friend for xmas, to which I added bits of upcycled handmade lace panels on the ends, and lace edged soft ruffles along one long edge. This crochet ribbon would be an excellent “new” substitute to use, and I love combining whites and off whites for an antique, handmade look.

  53. ava

    EA14 Red for valentines day, wrinkled ribbon or DA04 blue….. My eye could not find the midnight blue that i was looking for to go with the creamy brown…….hummm a new color?

  54. Sue McRae

    I kind of like the 3/8″ striped grosgrain in the blue/brown color or the 3/8″ grosgrain with horizontal lines in the blue/green color. This blue/green colour combo makes me think of the ocean and would go great with the texture of the “sandy” lace.

  55. Marcia D.

    I immediately thought velvet ribbon too, like PV 25 (a deep red), or 357-34-04 (a very pretty teal blue)

  56. Doreen

    This is beautiful ribbon, and it reminds me of lace my Mom put on my dresses she sewed for me! I would l.o.v.e. to get my hands on a spool. I think the red velvet ricrac (MS 25) or the velvet/woven (PV 14) will complement it nicely. I hear Valentine’s Day is near!

  57. Kim Sirak

    I love this crochet It looks so vintage and since I am a green fanatic I would pair it up with PV16 3/8″x33y – VELVET/WOVEN And if I really needed it to be aged I would tea dye both.

  58. Mary-Anne V.

    For a beach theme page I would either thread a light blue SK34 to complement the water in your pictures or a nice copper/tan silk ribbon like SK33 to play off the sand or tanned skin in the pictures. Thanks for the chance to win such beautiful ribbons!

  59. Jeanette Munson

    “I would pair it with sheer organza.
    its very beautiful.

  60. Jeyatha

    I can run it in-between a thick ribbon like 337-47 and then make a big bow out of it.. I can stick it to my door.. 🙂

  61. Anita A

    I would take fuzzy wired white pom pom and colored it with glimmer mists to pair with this.

  62. trakaszcie

    i would do the lacy pearl [384-34-09] because right now i am so into neutral/vintage layouts!

  63. Sara T

    i think it would be pretty with a berry colored satin ribbon weaved into it. 🙂

  64. lynda

    I would have to go with QA-16 or QA 02 the 7/8 embroidery satin ribbon in a celery color or that beautiful peachy tone…would be wonderful!!!

  65. Helen

    I would use a wider cream so that I could bunch it up a little…something silky would provide a nice contrast with the more natural fiber of the crocheted.

  66. Melinda Wilson

    It would be depend on what I am working on but to complete a beachy type product, I would try the EA 16 crinkly ribbon in a taupe color. It would have a very casual look.

  67. Christy

    I would use the twill stripes in aqua. I think that those would look so pretty together.

  68. Suzanne

    hmm first I thought I would do Black Velvet ribbon but the post by Kathryn really has me thinking.

  69. Kate vickers

    I would pair it with one of the solid 1/8 ” velvet ribbons and weave the velvet into the centr of the crochet. It would be really pretty on a vintage style card.

  70. Kathryn H.

    A beach themed project makes me think of Nantucket, old world sailing ships and metal rusted over time by the salty sea air.
    I would use the 1/4″ solid iridescent BS35 (sea blue / rust). It would pick up the colors of the ocean, wood deck and ship’s sails!

  71. Kelly massman

    I would pair it up with .381 1.5″x30y SHEER / TINSEL EDGE! It would look great!

  72. Karen G (Cardcrazed)

    I would team up that crochet with the AE series of sheer ribbons (, and weave it through the middle of the of the lace. If I had to choose ONE of those ribbons, it’d be the AE72, which is a pink and pale yellow together. Very soft and spring like.

  73. Amanda Coleman

    I would pair it with 5/8 sheer organza SN02. When I think of the beach, weddings come to mind. It would make for a lovely, monochromatic feel reminiscent of sand.

  74. Naomi A of CO

    Love it…being neutral would so with about anything.

  75. Carol Douglass

    I am thinking something shabby chic for Valentine’s Day, so I would pair it with 393-25-17. The two together would be lovely.

  76. Samantha T

    Oh, I love this! I bet it would look fantastic with the 1.5″ RG10.

  77. Jeyatha

    I would like to use 360-38-03 and run it inbetween the gaps of the crochet.. In this way I can use it as a strip used for hanging a small photo on the wall.. I can use it in a scrapbook to hold some photos too..

  78. Jeyatha

    I will like to team it up with 393-25-17.. I would have each flower cut with a layer of lace behind it to make it look more beautiful.. I will like to put it on a scrapbook front cover or on a mini box lid.. 🙂

  79. April W

    I think it’d be beautiful with E05…the sheer grayish color would look amazing woven in there! 🙂
    – April W

  80. Lucy

    I would put this on top of the sheer/scallop (green). I think it would be gorgeous!

  81. Lana day

    thinking a fushia for valentines day

  82. Tammy V

    381-1-14 Red Sheer/Tinsel Edge Ribbon would look nice with this!

  83. Katrina Mawhiney

    I think the 1.5″x15y – EMBROIDERY ribbon would really be a striking combination!!

  84. Becci Manies

    I posted the same one on facebook but I say the teal twill stripes: 382-34-94. 🙂 I don’t think it would fit into the crochet, but a pretty match!

  85. Caroline D.

    Great thing is that this ribbon can be paired with almost anything, but for my pick I’d choose 379-58-33 brown satin pleats AND AF16 green solid two tone for a nice vintage look. :o) I posted on FB too….

  86. Karen aka soccerboyzmom

    Well I bought somne at lss just a foot I tea dyed it yes put it in cup of tea stained well and was so vintage it was so cool

  87. LinhC

    For a beach theme, how about using .HP 1.5″x25y CROCHET to coordinate with your ribbon?

  88. Ryann Salamon

    AKB14 – red/ivory gingham checkered ribbon. I would layer the crochet on top so you would just have little bits of red peeking through the holes in the crochet! Would be so cute!!

  89. Jessica Toulmin

    It really depends on the type of project you’re doing. For a heritage or romatic page it could be teemed with the lace with the pearl centre 384-34-09. The 389 velvet and the 387 solid/centre stitches would both work well, and the colour choice would determine the type of page. 389-18-34 would be modern, 389-18-25 romantic, 387-18-25 also romantic. So many possibilities!!!

  90. Crafty Math Chick

    I think teenie tiny velvet would look beautiful woven through the middle of this pretty crochet ribbon – like 389-18-25, but ANY of the colors would look spectacular! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  91. Janice Aeschliman

    I would have to say the solid/center stitches in the purple t go with my daughters room.

  92. marie sierra

    i would threa XH05 thru this! its the 2-tone purple ribbon..i think that would be very pretty!

  93. Miriam Prantner

    I can’t tell how wide the center is, so my first choice is the black velvet with satin edge, but if that was too wide, I would pick PV10 black velvet/woven.

  94. Jessie G

    I really like pinks or blues. So I would probably go with something from the Twill/Stripes line or THe Solid Stichededge line.

  95. Kristy

    I think it would like great with the grosgrain white ovals….the black for a more classy look, the pink for a bright playful look and the aqua for a fresh look!
    Thanks for the fun!

  96. DeeDee Catron

    Oooh I have been into Aqua/Teal and tan for weeks now.. I’d go with the WS34 – the teal sheer/iridescent/pinstripe!!


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