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Watercoloring on Stamps

I once heard it said that clean and simple (CAS) cards means there’s nowhere to hide your mistakes. Oh, so true! What a challenge to use so few elements and use them well  . . . without any product- or technique-fails! I’m not very skilled at CAS, so I invented something else: I call it SVCAS. “Sandy’s version of CAS.”

SVCAS cards often start out aimed at just plain clean and simple cards, but…they often take a left turn. A little more embellishing. A bit of extra ribbon. Some technique or coloring that pushes past the edge of the clean and simple purists, but for me – it’s as CAS as I get. And that’s what I have for you in today’s card!

I hope you enjoy seeing how I made this card.  It’s an old technique but looks fresh using these Tombow colors!

Note that to give this even more of a watercolor look, you can spritz a little water on the stamp instead of huffing on it with your breath.

So….what’s YOUR favorite color combo when it comes to the pretty retro tones in this set of markers?


Satin ribbon with grosgrain edge (HN18)

Epic Love stamp set: Hero Arts  

Markers [retro], Foam tabs, Power Bond tape runner: Tombow

Versafine Onyx Black ink: Tsukineko

Glossy paper: Ranger

Blog post by: Sandy Allnock


  1. Yvonne B.

    Thanks for the great technique demo, Sandy! I liked your little ribbon treatment, too! I really like the green and turquoise combo! And the purple and fuschia… And … And… And…

  2. AnnetteH

    I used to use markers to color stamps all the time; never got that effect when I breathed on them, maybe I need a different stamp.
    All the colors are pretty but I am partial to the turquoise & purple.

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  4. Rachel

    Wow what looked difficult at first wasn't really so bad after all!  Great video and technique! Hmmmm… My favorite color combo ( let me channel my early 80's outfits) I would have to say pink, yellow and green!

  5. Susan Hiles

    That technique is a fun one and your CAS card came out great!  My favorite color combo would have to be pink and green, my favorite colors for flowers.  

  6. sherry b

    TFS.  My colors are pink, blue and Purple!  I was thinking we were not to use the demenional tape, now I will with bows.

  7. Mary in Wausau WI

    Fun sentiment! Sweet card! Great technique!  Quite the ribbonista!!!

  8. Deb

    I love all tbe retro colors and use them often. This is a fun technique and adds so much color to cards.

  9. Carol Logan

    Great ideas, thanks Sandy.

  10. Jen Radloff

    I use this technique often.  I use both Tombo and Marvy markers.  One caution I have:  use the lightest colors first working towards the dark…….You can blend the colors also, but be sure to wipe off the tip on scrap paper.  It is a fun and different method.  Your card is very nice.

  11. Kim H

    Great technique, thanks for sharing. Mine would be blue, green and yellow.

  12. Kristie Maynard

    Great technique!  Thanks for the wonderful video!  My favorite color combo from those colors would probably be orange and pink.  That seems to be a big thing right now and I love it.

  13. Diana Evensen

    Oooh, I'd have to say I love the green and blue together.  Really bright, but soothing as well.

  14. barbara lassiter

    My favorite combination would have to be the one that you used. Not to be a copy-cat but those are some of my favorite go-to colors!

  15. Leni

    Very beautiful.Like the color combination!

  16. Donna R

    I love the purple, blue and yellow. Some dark and light with o=a shade in bewtween! Thanks for the visoe. Great fun!

  17. Verna A.

    What a neat card and cool way to do a clean and simple card with punch. I love that bow idea immensely. Thanks.

  18. Dotti

    Yay! Now I can use up all the glossy cardstock in my stash that I couldn't figure out what to do with! And those bold images in that stamp set are going to be fun to color, so I'll be able to use up my pens now too! I forgot about coloring on the stamp! Thanks for the tutorial!

  19. Barb Ghigliotty

    Such a beautiful card! I can see this technique being used for various holiday projects! Thanks so much for the video!

  20. Joyce EJW

    Loved the video tutorial.  Gotta try this soon.  My fave colors are autumn. The goldslk oranges and brown.  Loved the ribbon tip the best. So Cool

  21. Pat K.

    Good job, as always. 

  22. conil

    Your card is suoer duper. Color faves; yellow, orange and green. Love what you  diid with the ribbon, guess that's why you're a ribbonista.

  23. Beth

    Love your card and technique!  I definitely want to try it myself.  I like the blue, green, purple and maybe add in some pink.

  24. Narda

    What a fun SVCAC! Love the colored world! My favorite colors of the Tombow pack are the red – orange – yellow. They just make me happy!

  25. Penny Douphinett

    I also like to color stamps with my markers.  Any color combo is my favorite as long as there is purple in it!

  26. charlsie

    Sandy  that looks like alot of fun.  Will try it.  My color combo is pink-orange-green.  Thanks again always great ideas

  27. Charlene

    Looks CAS to me!  🙂

  28. Sue D

    Fantastic card!  I like the pink, turqoise and purple marker colors.

  29. lori

    loved it!  great inspiration and new techniques 🙂

  30. Rufus

    Sandy, thanks for reminding me of this technique. Sometimes we get so many floating around in our heads that we forget some of the earliest ones we learned!  Love the way that you did the May Arts ribbon, too.  My color combo would be the one you used, blue, green & purple.

  31. Ronni U

    Wonderful!!!!!! How you used the ribbon is just exciting!!  I now have 2 more things I have to add to my hoard – Ranger glossy paper – and oh no! more markers!!!! yikes – – – you made a great video – quite professional! 

  32. Barb

    great way to do this technique

  33. Randee S

    Enjoyed your video and the technique.  I like how you did the ribbon.  My color combo would be blue, green and purple.  Thanks for sharing.


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