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Vintage Inspired Pillowcase

I am a huge estate sale shopper because I love seeing the crafts that used to occupy peoples days. My favorite things to look at are the vintage hankies or pillowcases that have been lovingly embroidered and crocheted. The sad truth is that many don’t have much time anymore for the task of hand crocheting edges. It’s a good thing that there are so many beautiful crochet trims available to purchase. You can get the same look in a lot less time.




• 3 yards – 1.5" velvet/crochet ribbon: pink center (372-15-17)*

• 3 yards – 1.5" crochet trim: off white (NP09)*

• 2 white pillowcases

• white thread/needle

• scissors

• clear ruler

• sewing machine/thread
        * all ribbon can be purchased from






step 1 – pre-wash both of your white pillowcases.



step 2 – beginning at the pillowcase seam, pin your crochet trim along inside edge of pillowcase. there is a noticeable center point on this trim that you can use to be your guide. using your sewing machine, stitch trim 1/4 inch from edge of your pillowcase all the way around. if you do not have a sewing machine, this can be done by hand.

step 3 – once sewn in place, hand stitch the ends of the crochet trim to prevent unraveling.



step 4 – using a ruler, measure 1 inch from edge of pillowcase. this is the placement line for your velvet ribbon. pin velvet in place all the way around the pillowcase.



step 5 – hand stitch your velvet ribbon in place by following along line of velvet. when you near the end of one side, fold over .5 inch of velvet ribbon and stitch horizontally along the fold to begin going back down the other side of the ribbon. when you have completely secured the velvet ribbon, finish your piece with a few secure knots in the thread on the inside of pillowcase.



note – due to the delicate nature of the ribbon, hand washing is required for these pillowcases. keeping this in mind, these decorated linens are perfect for a guest room bed.



Download this tutorial here!


Blog post by: Tiffin Mills

  1. Kimberly Jones

    Love this idea! The crochet ribbon is so soft and pretty!

  2. Anita A

    Stunning idea!

  3. Melinda Wilson

    I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Charlene


  5. DJ

    Wonderful job and idea, and this Ribbons is PERFECT for the job.

  6. sharon gullikson

    Gosh, I love this idea. I’ve seen that ribbon on your site, and love it!

  7. Jingle

    These are so pretty!

  8. Mary

    Tiffin,Beautiful idea. Thanks for the great tutorial.


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