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Vintage Collage Parcels & a Giveaway

Welcome to Day 4 of May Arts / DCWV Blog Week!

Vintage Collage Parcels & a Giveaway



My sewing machine has been tucked away in a closet for over a decade now.  I used it once to make a slightly wonky pair of shorts for my toddler, and then put it away to pursue my passion for paper crafts. I’ve always loved the look of stitching on paper but felt a bit nervous about trying it. After all, I couldn’t even remember how to thread my machine and the manual for it was in a “safe place” {at my house that’s code for lost!} This past March I signed up for an amazing online workshop called Remains of the Day and I was utterly smitten with the marriage of thread and paper all over again! Mary Ann Moss created the workshop, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stitch on paper. Then I saw this video tutorial by the incredibly talented Roben-Marie and that was all she wrote!  I was so inspired that I dug out my sewing machine, got my sweet sister-in-law to show me how to work it, and started stitching like crazy! The result: 12 x 12 paper parcels made with the Vintage Collage Stack by Die Cuts with a View and my favorite May Arts ribbons.



These stitched paper sacks are stuffed with fun bits and pieces of old book papers, collage sheets, tags, buttons, and of course gorgeous May Arts ribbons to inspire your artsy/crafty projects. I’m so excited about these paper parcels that I’m giving one away during the May Arts/DCWV blog week! Simply leave a comment on this post before midnight CST on Sunday May 15th, and I’ll randomly choose a winner on Monday, May 16th.  Now on to the tutorial so you can start stitching your own paper parcels!




  • Sewing Machine
  • Sewing pattern tissue {or other tissue paper}
  • Scor-Tape
  • Sharp Detail Scissors/Craft Knife
  • ¼” Hole Punch or Crop-a-Dile



Every sewing machine is different of course, but I had my thread length set to 3 and used the “A” straight stitch setting and the “C” zigzag stitch. Part of the fun is experimenting by stitching on scrap paper using various settings and stitches until you discover what works best for you. You’ll want to add any embellishments to the each side of the parcel before stitching them together. I used a straight stitch to add ribbon and the sewing pattern flower, and a zigzag stitch to sew the papers together.



First I added a bit of crochet lace layered with satin/pleats ribbon on the right side of the front paper panel. Then to trim out the top of the paper, I stitched satin/pleats ribbon along the edge. I used Scor-tape to tack the ribbon in place and then sewed down the middle of the ribbon, folding about ½” of the ribbon around to the back for a finished look.



My favorite part of the project is the sewing pattern tissue flower!  Old sewing patterns are readily available at thrift stores, antique shops, or even rummage sales and are very inexpensive.



 To create the flower stack up about 12 layers of the tissue, draw or trace a large circle {about 6”} and then cut out all the layers. Stitch them together in the center, and backstitch to secure creating about a 1” seam. Decide where to position the flower and stitch to the front paper panel following the same seam line.



Crumple the top circle of tissue to create the flower center then continue lifting and scrunching each layer to create a fluffy blossom.  So pretty!



Add another layer of texture by cutting out some flowers and leaves from one of the other Vintage Collage Stack papers and glue them under the flower as shown. I used a black pen to add some definition to the leaves and creased the leaves along the center line to add dimension.



The back panel of the paper parcel is embellished very simply with more of the satin/pleats ribbon sewn along the top edge. Stitch the two paper panels together using a zigzag stitch around the sides and bottom. Punch a hole on each side of the top of the parcel {about ¾” in from each side} and then use 18” of ribbon to create a handle. Stuff the paper parcel with lots of fun collage elements hang it in your creative space or give it as a gift to a crafty friend!

If you’ve been a bit intimidated about sewing on paper like I was, I hope this project will inspire you try! I couldn’t believe how much fun it was and I can’t wait to stitch up something else. Thanks to May Arts and Die Cuts with a View for sponsoring this tutorial. Happy stitching!

Blog Post By: Kimberly Jones


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  1. Dolly LaBelle

    What a lovely gift to give someone. The use of old patterns is brilliant. Now I know what to look for at garage sales. Too late to win, but still wanted to say what a great bag you created!

  2. Renee J.

    The ribbon and this stack look so awesome together. Great taste! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  3. Linda Slattery

    Thank you for a great tutorial and for the links to teaching us crafters who are dumified by a needle and thread. Cute project.

  4. DeniseB

    Gorgeous! Love the vintage look!

  5. Catherine Lippert

    You are so talented! TFS!

  6. Carol Douglass

    Oh my vintage goodness. This package of goodies is awesome, and the pattern flower is
    a great idea. You can get old patterns at lawnsales cheap!

  7. Karen K

    Fun project! i like the flower made from sewing tissue, it naturally looks vintage with the color it is. What a nice collection of different things that go so well with May Arts ribbon.

  8. ellen s

    what a treasure!

  9. Zenaida

    Beautiful bag, love the flower made out of patterns. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  10. Carol B

    So pretty, love th flowers!

    Carol B

  11. Denise Johnson

    love the vintage, my favorite. sure hope I win this one.

  12. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    That flower you made is so pretty and I think in storage I have a box of old patterns. Can’t wait to find it. Love the ribbon and lace through out.

  13. Denise Johnson

    Wow, I love this vintage bag you made and would love to win this. what an inspiration and will have to try and make one if I don’t win. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Kathy P

    Such beautiful work…I do love the marriage of the DCWV papers and May Arts ribbons, for sure!

  15. Naomi A of Colorado

    what a great altered idea!

  16. Dana Tatar


  17. SuZeQ

    I do not have a sewing machine, dang! I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this giveaway. It rocks! I haven’t made a sewing pattern flower for a while now so thanks for the reminder amd inspiration – I’m on it!

  18. Seline Price

    Beautiful! Maybe I won’t move my sewing table out of my craft room after all. I love that flower. Thanks for the chance to win to goodies.

  19. Barbara A.

    Whoa….thanks for sharing all these awesome tips with us….now I got to try my hand at!

  20. Lucy

    Wow! This is fantastic. You make it look so easy. Thanks, Lucy

  21. Aki

    How beautiful! I love it! 😀

  22. shartl

    Those tissue paper roses are just beautiful! I will have to try out this technique for sure! Loving the vintage look!

  23. sue w.

    I don’t sew but this project makes me rethink that….very good project. thanks for showing and for chance to win.
    stamping sue

  24. Wendy Orme

    Such a fun project! I love the pattern flower.

  25. Heide D

    What a wonderful give away. Love the little tutorials on the ribbon and the pattern flower. I am going to have to give it a try.

  26. Sue D

    Fabulous project–love the flower.

  27. B. Poteraj

    Oh, I like it! Thanks for the hints.

  28. Natasha G.P.

    Oh my gosh, I love the bag. So pretty–great for moms, grandmas, friends.

  29. sharon gullikson

    I LOVE the flowers made of patterns!!! NICE

  30. Melinda Wilson

    I love this flower demo! I have never thought about this.

  31. Kelly massman

    I’m lovin’ that pattern flower!

  32. f lynn rush

    i need to set up my sewing machine close to my paper crafting area, too.

  33. karenladd

    This is just scrumptious!! I love the flower and the beautiful vintage touches!

  34. Donna

    What an awesome project!

  35. Shartl

    This is just gorgeous! Love all the lace and layers…and vintage rocks!

  36. Donna

    Wow, my sewing machine needs to be dusted off! This is great!

  37. Kristie Maynard

    Beautiful project. I always say I want to sew on some of my paper projects, but dragging the machine out to stitch a few inches is such a pain. I just found a handheld stitcher that was my daughters and I think I need to give that a try.
    thanks for the great tutorial and inspiration.

  38. Rebecca

    This is AMAZING!!! I totally love the tissue flower – I am SOOO going to have to try that!! ♥ Thanks for sharing!!

  39. marie

    Wow!! Lots of beautiful cards I can make with this!!

  40. Beth W

    Truly stunning and I love the tutorial. I would have never thought to stitch the flower right on the project!

  41. Cheryl Arnold

    Love it! Must get a machine (know a lil about sewing) but this looks simple enough that I am sure I can accomplish it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  42. Cheryl Arnold

    i must get a sewing machine; I do not like to sew (or do not know much about it), but bet I could do this simple and I have an antique shop here that has lots of patterns

  43. Cheryl Arnold


  44. Anita A

    Amazing project!

  45. Becky Dunham

    Wow Kimberly – this is fabulous! I love vintage everything. I have not sewn with my machine since it mysteriously stopped working after my kids used it 🙂 Will have to get it tuned up so i can try this tutorial! thanks for the chance to win some fabulous vintage collage goodies !

  46. Holly Tolman

    wow, you make that “seam” so easy and your tissue flower looks like a lot of fun

  47. Stephanie

    This is beautiful! I actually warmed up the sewing machine today and did some stitching on a ‘thank you’ card I’m sending to a friend. You’ve inspired me to try stitching some parcels now!

  48. Jennifer

    Timeless and classic. So feminine. Very beautiful.

  49. Emma O.

    Very cute! The flower is very nice!

  50. Michelle Mathey - POMI

    WOW – THANKS for the flower tutorial!

  51. {vicki}

    and thanks 4 the chance 2 win

  52. Lindy

    Just fabulous!!! Thanks for the tutorial!!! I’ve made flowers similar to that with tissue paper but didn’t use the machine. Next time I’m trying the sewing machine; maybe they won’t fall apart. LOL

    Oh, I love vintage!!! I’m crossing my fingers and toes!!!! Thanks for the wonderful chance!

  53. Jengd

    Gorgeous! I love that pattern-tissue flower!

  54. Annette A.

    That flower is so cool. Thanks for the chance to win.

  55. angie

    I absolutely LOVE that silver pleated ribbon. Can you please start selling somewhere in OHIO?? 🙂

  56. MARIA

    this is amazing – I’ve been wanting to try sewing on paper – you make it seem so easy this is next on my list. thank you for sharing with us.

  57. Fayleen Tonkin

    So totally gorgeous!

  58. Jingle

    This is so gorgeous!!! What beautiful elements!

  59. Carol

    Fabulous bag! Love the vintage look, TFS

  60. Cassandra Harmon

    Thanks for a chance to win.The flower is just to beautiful I think I may need to learn how to sew.

  61. Suzanne Morse

    Absolutely gorgeous might be time for me to dust of my sewing machine too. I love the pattern flower plus the gorgeous paper and ribbons. Crossing my fingers to win

  62. Jihyun Kim

    Beautirlful work! and amazing giveaway! Love to win 🙂


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