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Vintage Beaded Ribbon Flower

Happy Friday, everyone!  We have a very special Guest Blogger today.  Please welcome Rebecca Ednie of Eclectic Endeavours, with a video!

Vintage Beaded Ribbon Flower

Hi, I’m Rebecca from with a tutorial for May Arts. I’ve seen so many new beautiful flowers but whew, are they expensive!  So how do you get them for less? Make your own of course! Now who wants to go out and buy lots of pieces of fabric when you can use ribbon that is cheaper, easier to store and has so many other uses!



Some other variations:

  • Try making a flower with more layers of petals.
  • Use two or more colours of ribbon for a gradient look.
  • Use more sizes of circles to create a fluffily dome shaped flower.
  1. Kathy P

    Phew….labor intensive, but sure are beautiful flowers! Thanks so much for the tutorial and measurements!! Definitely much cheaper than the fancy flowers you buy!

  2. pam

    Wow what a great flower, so simple and so beautiful, TFS, GJ

  3. Charlene

    Beautiful flower! Love that ribbon!!

  4. Kristie Maynard

    Beautiful flowers. Definatly have to give this a try. For mere pennies a beautiful flower! Love it! TFS!

  5. Dawn Burnworth

    Rebecca.. you did a fabulous job. I just got done with a video tutorial and it is so much work. Love this idea. Great job


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