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Velvet Ric Rac Ribbon Christmas Trees! Featuring Vickie Howell!

D.I.Y Velvet Ric Rac Ribbon Christmas Trees?


Hi there!  I’m Vickie Howell, a designer, author, ambassador, and host of the CRAFT-ish Podcast. I’m also a lifelong lover of crafts…and if I’m being honest, VELVET! I blame the latter on my mom who must’ve gotten a bargain on a gazillion yards of velveteen fabric when I was a kid, because everyone in my family had a Christmas outfit made out of it. See Exhibit A below for a picture of my brother and me wearing ours.

img_8489As an adult, my penchant for plush has veered more towards vintage-inspired haberdashery rather than head-to-toe wearables, which makes the May Arts Velvet Ric Rac right up my alley! Combined with a few other supplies and in a few short steps, this adhesive Ric Rac tape turns from trimming to festive Christmas trees — oh what fun it is! Here’s how!


Adhesive Ribbons

May Arts 3/8” Adhesive Velvet Ric Rac (in desired colors) SKU# A480-38


Styrofoam Cones

Fabric scraps

Hot Glue & Gun


Various decorative sequin and pins (optional)

Finished Sizes are 13”, 10”, and 7” Tall

D.I.Y. Directions:

Step 1

  • Cut circle out of scrap fabric approximately 1/4” larger around than the circumference of the flat, cone top.
  • Use scissors to male small snips around fabric circle so it won’t bunch once it’s glued to the cone.
  • Hot glue fabric circle to flat surface of top of cone, folding and gluing the snipped edges down around the cone’s top-sides.


Step 2

  • Beginning at the top and covering the snipped portion of the fabric, begin covering the cone with May Arts Velvet Ric Rac. To do so, peel backing off of Ric Rac slowly as you go. Working in a spiral pattern, slighting overlap each round of Ric Rac for a layered look.
  • Pause at the back of the piece, every few rounds or so, and add a dab of hot glue for security.
  • If working in stripes, cut old color and join new at the back of the piece as desired.


Step 3

  • Decorate tree by either gluing or pinning sequin to Velvet Ric Rac covered cone.
  • Top off with a few, decorative stick pins


*Repeat for other cones*


Place finished trees on display — as a centerpiece or on your mantel –in all of their velvety glory!



  1. Diana S.

    I don’t understand where to make the small snips – across what will be the bottom of the tree or the long side of the tree? Thanks.


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