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Velvet Ribbon Necklaces

Ribbon necklaces

Following are exact instructions for making one of the pieces in the photo.

Velvet ribbon necklace


This Fall, why not bake a Red Velvet Cake from The Joy of Cooking and make a Red Velvet Ribbon Necklace from May Arts Ribbons?

I selected this project because it makes a dramatic statement in velvet to finish off a party outfit or hang out with tweeds and a turtleneck.  Of course, the process can apply to countless ribbon/bead combos.  Think about your own wardrobe AND your holiday gift list.

MATERIALS for necklace approximately 21” plus ties.

  • Ribbon – ¾”  wide;  4 yds –  May Arts # PV25
  • Decorative Beads – 14
  • Square Blocks (3/4″) With Hole For Stringing – 15
  • Beading Wire Or Monofilament –  .014”  or .015”  diameter
  • Needle that will fit through the hole in the blocks and an eye that will accommodate the stringing material.



  • Gluestick


  • For 16 blocks, cut 30 3” long pieces of ribbon.
  • Apply a generous amount of gluestick to the wrong side of 16 ribbon pieces.
  • Wrap a ribbon piece around each block –  beginning and ending on a side without a hole.
  • Follow the same procedure for the remaining 14  3” long ribbon pieces, wrapping to cover the two remaining exposed sides of each cube.
  • Cut the remaining length of ribbon into 2  18” pieces and use one end of each as the second wrapping ribbon on the remaining 2 blocks.  These will be positioned on each end of the necklace (before the ties).
  • After the second ribbon wrapping on these 2 end blocks, the remaining length of ribbon on each block is the necklace’s tie closure.
  • NOTE:   The wrapped ribbon pieces should be glued firmly to all surfaces of the block.  If necessary, use a straight pin or toothpick to apply tiny bits from the gluestick into any gaps and smooth firmly in place.
  • Thread your needle with about 30” of wire or monofilament, knotted at one end.  Begin stringing the necklace through one of the two end blocks.  Pierce the ribbon on both sides as the needle travels through.  Securely hide the wire’s knotted end under the ribbon at the beginning of the tie portion of the ribbon.  Make sure that the tie flows freely from the end of the block.
  • Thread on a decorative bead and proceed to the next ribbon-covered block.
  • Continue alternating all remaining ribbon-covered blocks and beads.
  • Shake out the completed string of covered blocks and beads, look for and correct any errors now.
  • Secure the second end of the wire underneath the base of the second ribbon tie.  Cut excess wire.
  • Neatly trim tie ends and enjoy your creation.

Velvet ribbon necklace

Blog Posted By:  Ellen Highsmith

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  1. Bets

    Any idea where we can find the tiny blocks with the holes?? This is a great idea now that metals are being banned…

  2. doris

    wow this is fantastic, oh soo little time until Christmas, but maybe I will make such gifts:) thanks for tutorial

  3. Denise Bryant

    These are so fun! I really like the look of the velvet one…. yummy!


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