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Velvet Ribbon Jewelry Tutorial

When I go junking I simply can’t resist the allure of shiny bits and pieces of broken jewelry, old watches, or lone clip on earrings embellished with rhinestones and pearls. All these sparkly treasures beckon me to rescue them and turn them into something new!

I found several old watches at a local thrift store and decided to use them for a slide bracelet with a modern twist. Slide bracelets became popular during the Victorian era and were made from precious keepsakes like old jewelry parts, buttons, rings, and even stickpins. They were called “slides” because the parts could be moved up and down on the bracelet. Making your own slide bracelet is simple and requires just a few supplies. Use the baubles and mementos from your own jewelry box or embark on your own junking adventure to find treasures for your project.

Supply List:

  • Various jewelry findings: Jump Rings, Lobster Clasps
  • Needle Nose Pliers



  • Remove the watch cases from the bands.

The pins holding the band on are spring loaded, so you can press against one side and pop them out, remove the band, and then replace the pins.

  • Cut a length of velvet ribbon about 2 inches longer than the circumference of your wrist.
  • Use the needle nose pliers to add a ribbon clamp to one end. Simply insert the ribbon into the clamp, line it up, and squeeze together with the pliers.
  • Attach a jump ring to the ribbon clamp.
  • Attach a lobster clasp or other closure to the jump ring.
  • Slide the watch cases and the ribbon slides onto the ribbon.
  • Measure the bracelet on your wrist to determine where to cut the other end of the ribbon before you add the final ribbon clamp and jump ring.

Voila! A custom slide bracelet for you or a friend!   But we’re not finished yet!

I had to use these beauties too, so I decided to make a necklace with an interchangeable adornment.


Velvet Ribbon Choker



  • Use the same supplies and techniques used for the bracelet, minus the watch cases.
  • Determine the ribbon length by measuring around your neck and adding 2 inches.
  • Attach a ribbon clamp and jump ring as shown above on one end.
  • Measure the fit around your neck to determine the final length of the ribbon.
  • Attach a jump ring and a lobster clasp to the other end.

Clip on the earring or ornament of your choice! May Arts Velvet Ribbon comes 12 lovely shades. I used black, violet, and pewter for my projects in the 3/8” width.


I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial for the May Arts Design Team! Please visit my blog Serendipity Vintage Studio for a downloadable PDF of this project and for more artsy/crafty inspiration with a vintage twist!


Blog Posted By: Kimberly Jones

  1. Leah

    Beautiful project, Kimberly! Lush and expensive looking, what a creative idea!!!

  2. Charlene

    Love the chokers…I’ve done ths for years…perfect way to use old pins.

  3. Veronica

    very easy to follow tutorial! congrats.

  4. jen shears

    LOVE these!!! I’m thinking it’s time to take apart some jewelry!!!! Great tutorial!!!

  5. Michelle Mathey - POMI

    WOW!! This is a wonderful tutorial and so “KIM”!!! LOVE it!


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