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Velvet Bookmarks

Welcome to the May Arts blog.  If you’re new here, welcome!  You’ve found a great resource for creating beautiful gifts and cards with ribbon.  If you’re a regular visitor, you know how much I love “thrifty gifting”!

I love books.  I think electronic books have their place but when I want to relax, there’s nothing like the printed page.  I also love to give books as gifts.   Books can be read again and again, treasured, and handed down for generations.   Today’s project is an elegant gift you can give along with that special book at Christmas time or anytime.

May Arts gorgeous velvet ribbons, a few supplies and very little skill (I’ve never made wired jewelry!), you can create beautiful elegant gifts.  Be careful though…it’s addicting!

Supply List

May Arts Velvet Ribbon – PV17, 15, 16, 25

May Arts Crochet Velvet Ribbon – 372-1-17, 372-1-32, 372-1-33

Head pins, jump rings, beads or charms, bookmark clamps (make sure the clamp is the same width as the ribbon), wire cutters, needle nose pliers (Michael’s or Joann Crafts)

Note:  If you are fortunate enough to have old jewelry, you can take it apart making your cost even less.


1.      Cut May Arts ribbon between 8-12 inches long.  This will largely depend on the size of the book.

2.     Place the end of the ribbon into the clamp.  Close with the needle nose pliers.  Repeat on the opposite end.

3.     If using charms, (see the heart bookmarks), add a jump ring to the bookmark clamp, and then attach the charm.

4.     If using beads, use a head pin with a loop at the end.  Unbend the loop with your pliers, attach to the bookmark clamp and close.  Attach beads to the pin.   Leave about ¼ inch at the end of the pin.  Using your pliers, bend the pin to secure the beads.

That’s it!  Beautiful, elegant gifts in literally minutes thanks to May Arts Ribbon!

Blog post by: Charlene Driggs

  1. Sabrina Jackson

    Oh my goodness, Charlene, these are absolutely amazing!!! You are one of the most creative people I know my friend!! Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

  2. Nancy Peterson

    Thanks Charlene..I am ordering the clamps and making these for christmas. Love them!!

  3. {vicki}

    Thanks for this Wonderful Idea—Now to get to work on making some for all my book club friends!

  4. Charlene

    Thanks for the lovely compliments! You can find the clamps here:

  5. Sue McRae

    These have a lovely vintage and elegant feel.

  6. sharon gullikson

    Where would I buy bookmark clamps? I’ve never seen those for sale…THANKS!

  7. sharon gullikson

    I would love to make some of those for the people in my Bible study group!

  8. jen shears

    these are soooo gorgeous! guess I NEED some velvet ribbon!!! 😀

  9. Christine Dring

    Wow, these are beautiful! Love them!

  10. Nancy Peterson

    Beautiful….I want to make some of these. Where did you get the clamps? I’ve never seen those. Thanks

  11. Jingle

    These are stunning! So pretty!

  12. Mary P

    Wow these would make great gifts.Beautiful!!!

  13. Kristie Maynard

    These are just gorgeous and what an easy gift! Love them!

  14. Andrea Miller

    Absolutely adorable. I may have to make a few of these!


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