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Variations on Ribbon Candy – Part 2!

Next, we have Kim Wilson with her tutorial for ribbon candy:

Ribbon Candy Ornament #2



Hi guys! I have a great little tut for you today on how to make low cost ornaments! I have looked high and low for “sweets” theme ornaments with no luck so I decided to make up my own.


For this project you will need the following:

  • Faceted, round, plastic beads your choice of colors
  • May Arts Striped ribbon of your choice, I used RG14
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Lighter or heat sealer




         1.  Cut 14 inch length of ribbon for each ornament you want to make.                


2.  Thread needle, pull both strings even and knot. It works best with doubled thread


3.  Take bead for the bottom of the ornament, feed onto needle pulling almost to the knot but then thread needle between the two threads above knot and pull tight. This will loop the thread around the bead and hold it tight at the bottom of the ornament. You could also just knot the bottom but it isnt as pretty.


4.  Begin alternating ribbon loop for bead, stitching through the center of the ribbon, up through the bead and through the next layer of ribbon until you have made 6 loops.


5.  Add on your final (top) bead and run needle back through a few times to tighten up the ornament stitching.


6.  Cut thread close to needle, make a loop in the thread and tie a knot to make a way to hang the ornament.


7.  Heat seal the ends.


Thats it! The possibilities are endless!


Blog Posted By:  Kim Wilson

  1. Donna Przybylowski

    Thats right, I just now remembered we too got that Ribbon candy as kids, my grandmother would get it and I never ate it much as it was pepper mint and it would break into thousands of tiny pieces it was always so Fragile, I did not like peppermint so I never ate it, there fore it did not stick with me as a great memory, but the ornament will stick as a great idea, especially with you choice of colors!!!

    It did not come to me when I first posted, I forgot until I saw Any’s post about her grandmother and then it clicked!! Just had to add this to my original post


  2. Amy Serbaroli

    Love this! They remind me of my Great Grandmother. She would buy ribbon candy every year and put it in her cookie jar. Thanks for the memorie and the tut, I will definately be making these!

  3. Charlene

    Ribbon Candy with no calories….yummy!

  4. Donna Przybylowski

    So pretty, a terrific idea. Great one, thanks!!

  5. Pam Loris

    Thanks for the tutorial! I love ribbon candy!


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