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Valentine’s Treat Bags

*whew*  I just finished up the goody bags that’ll be for the kids’ school Valentine parties….all 60 of ‘em.  Mass-producing gets really old after a while, so this time I took full advantage of child labor – heh.

I started with some little brown paper sacks.

And then I had the littles punch out hearts from all my old 6×6 paper pads – anything red, pink, mauve or even remotely Valentiney they were to punch a heart out of.  And when they were done, we had a beautiful little pile.

Which I then took and stitched across the bottom of my little bags.  I could have organized them in like order or colors or patterns, but meh, that would take too much time and I ended up loving the randomness of them all.

And then it was time to fill them up with sweets and treats.  If you have ever been to my blog on a Sunday, you know that I’m a couponer.  Scoring a deal and being frugal is my thing.  On a recent trip to Cost Plus World Market I saw that they had their Christmas treats 90% off.

They had little red and white mint candy balls, and little red and white peppermint twists.
Hello Valentine theme at 90% off!

I also bought some Christmas Snickers on the super cheap too – sent the green ones with my husband to work, and kept the red and silver ones for Valentines.  That’s a thinker right there 😉

The littles had the bestest time helping me stuff the bags…..

….and tying our bows.

Because my colors were so varied from different shades of red and pink and even some lavender, I chose to go with a soft pink that was still Valentiney, but soft enough to complement any of those colors.  This pretty satin ribbon from May Arts looked lovely on the kraft, and brought all my colors together.

Thanks for stopping by today!  More of me can be found on my blog.

Blog post by: Michelle Philippi

  1. Leah

    great idea and great help!  I bet the kids will love these!

  2. Tanya Hulbert

    I love the simplicity of them!  I also love the curved stitching used across the hearts.  Very cute!  Thanks!

  3. sue wisniewski

    what fun goodie bags and scoring the deals on the sweets!
    stamping sue

  4. Luanne P.

    thanks for sharing! I love it.

  5. Christine Dring

    Fabulous job on the bags!

  6. Nina

    Love the wraping idea! Got to try it myself! Beautiful!

  7. Kristie Maynard

    These goodie bags turned out just adorable!  I'm a couponer too and this is definately the way I would have gotten the goodies and if I had a coupon to cover any of it, that would have gone into the deal too.  LOL.  Great job on these, and I love the randomness too.


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