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Hi! Tiffin here from Linwood Avenue. I can’t believe we have said goodbye to December and that Valentines Day is fast approaching! I don’t go all out for this holiday, but I do like to have a few valentine themed decorations hanging up here and there.  I love to use canvas bases to create mini-collage pieces of art. Just because I don’t paint, doesn’t main I can’t use stretched canvas. This project is a perfect way to use up all your art scraps and could be adapted to any holiday.



May Arts Ribbon

     – 1 yd. – 3/8″ red velvet (PV14)

• 5″x7″ Stretched canvas block

• Foam brush

• Gel medium (glossy or matte)

• Vintage hankie or fabric scrap (stains are ok)

• 8 upholstery tacks (found in any local hardware store) and a hammer

• Paper doily heart

• Miscellaneous paper, and trinkets

• Kids watercolor set

• Clear gloss spray paint­



Step 1 – Adhere your hankie onto canvas with gel medium and foam brush. First apply a thin coat of medium to all sides of the canvas. Lay hankie on top of medium and smooth out wrinkles with more medium.


Step 2 – Miter the corner of your hankie like you are making a bed. Apply a thin, even coat of medium over all sides of hankie and fold excess to the backside of canvas. Let dry thoroughly.


Step 3 – Apply a thin, even coat of medium to top of canvas and start arranging your miscellaneous items until you get a composition you like. I positioned my paper heart doily first in order to cover up stains on the vintage fabric. Let dry.


Step 4 – To add a little depth, heavily water down red watercolor and paint onto sections of canvas. If you add too much, wipe off with paper towel and begin again.

Step 5 – At this time, add any 3 dimensional elements you wish with glue, such as vintage buttons.


Step 6 – Cover the sides and top of your canvas artwork with 2 coats of clear glossy spray paint.
Let dry thoroughly between coats.

Step 7 – finish your piece by adding velvet trim. Beginning on the top side of your canvas, start 8 inches in and secure in place with a hammer and upholstery tack. Continue this process at all 4 corners. You will end up with 2 tacks per side. Finishing up on the other end of the top, cut your excess trim to be the same length as where you started and secure with a knot for hanging.


Blog post by: Tiffin Mills

Download the Tutorial to this project Here!

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  1. Barb Ireland

    This is awesome, I could do this , I can't paint either lol.

  2. Janice Aeschliman

    Very pretty!  Love all the elements and layers.

  3. Anita A


  4. Kathy P

    Wow, this is amazing! Lve the layered goodies. Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Kim Martin

    THAT IS GORGEOUS!! Thanks for sharing. Have a GREAT Day,
    Me-Ma Kim
    kimnsammy at gmail dot com

  6. Christina

    I love working with canvases too. And I don’t paint either. Love what you did with this one. Fantastic material and very nice ephemera pieces. This would make a nice alternate to the traditional Valentine’s cards. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Dorina D

    What a great idea and use of grandma’s doilies and can’t wait to try something like this. nice job. Thanks

  8. Laura Cox

    Such a pretty project! I just LOVE vintage!!

  9. Christine Dring

    Awwww! This is so pretty! Love it!

  10. Charlene

    So pretty!!

  11. Ann Merkins

    This is gorgeous!!!

  12. Holly Tolman

    Wow, this is stunning!


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