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Using Seasonal Stamps Offseason


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Using Seasonal Stamps Offseason


I received this great Halloween stamp set from Our Craft Lounge but I just wasn’t quite in the “Halloween” mood.  I absolutely love this Tree stamp and definitely wanted to use it.


  • Cardstock and patterned paper
  • Therm O Web Zots for bling

I first stamped my Tree with brown ink.  Then I cut out all the leaves from BY66.  I attached them with some super small zots to make the tree nice and full.  I added my stamped tree to some patterned paper and to my card base.  I took my turquoise ruffle ribbon and cut it down the center and attached it to the green corduroy velvet, to give it a ruffle along each side. Attached my ribbon and phrase and I was done. 


I love it and can’t wait to use the rest of the stamps for some Halloween fun.  It is always fun to see what other things you can come up with, with seasonal stamps.  What can you do?


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  1. DeniseB

    Love the way you used the leaves!

  2. Kelly Braund

    Great card!

  3. Kelley

    Great idea! I tend to see things only in the sets in which they come. Going from a leafless tree to one covered is great. I would be looking for leaf stamps that fit not even thinking ribbon.

  4. Wendy aka Roo

    I Love it!!! Great idea!!!

  5. Kathy P

    What a cute idea! Your ribbons are the BEST!

  6. ellen s

    looove it! brilliant!

  7. Aki

    Woah, this is so impressive~ XD Love it!

  8. Shartl

    Wow, I love that tree!! The leaf ribbon is fabulous!

  9. Sue D

    Love the leaves on this tree!

  10. Kristie Maynard

    What a sweet card. I love that you are showing a different use for a stamp that might be considered Halloween! Very versatile!

  11. indy

    So clever! Lovin’ the ideas.

  12. Cynthia B.

    Sometimes I don’t buy seasonal stamps because I don’t think I’ll use them except for that time of year. Thanks for showing off this great idea – love the leaves!

  13. SLachan

    what a beautiful stamp set and great idea using the ribbon as leaves – love it!

  14. SLachan

    LOVE the stamp set and what you did with the leaves – great job!

  15. Sandra ltb

    very cool!
    Sandra ltb

  16. Mumsie

    That is a very clever idea! I love the card.

  17. jean marmo

    Very creative!!

  18. Tanya P

    Look at that! A whole new way to use the tree, so clever! I love the look!

  19. Chris Dring

    This is awesome!

  20. Karen K

    Cute tree with the ribbon leaves.

  21. Holly Tolman

    That turned really cute. What a great idea!

  22. natasha g.p.

    How cute. I’m going to look at my seasonal stamps in a new way…

  23. sharon gullikson

    What a great idea. I’ve never thought of using the leaves in that way.

  24. b. poteraj

    That is so cute. And I just about drooled when I saw the 3 ribbons that you had layed out. I LOVE YOUR RIBBONS!

  25. Beth Elmore

    What a great idea!! Absolutely love it!! Thanks. Beth

  26. Crafty Math Chick

    Very creative! That gorgeous tree could be used for any season – how versatile! Thanks for so many chances to win!

  27. Jingle

    What a cute and creative way to use the leaf ribbon! I love it!


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