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Using Mini Chalkboard Signs in Flower Pots

Using Mini Chalkboard Signs in Flower Pots

As the end of the school year approached for my children, I was looking for a lasting gift to give the teachers…the many teachers between the two of them! I wanted something simple, beautiful and easy to reproduce. I decided upon potted flowers with a chalkboard sign, complete with a piece of chalk and beautiful, silk ribbon bows!

Using Mini Chalkboard Signs in Flower Pots 

I chose a sampling of flowers potted in a 4” temporary plastic container, so that the teachers could repot if they chose to do so. I covered the plastic container with coordinating paper, securing with glue dots.

Using Mini Chalkboard Signs in Flower Pots

Attaching the chalk to the sign was clean and easy-it is based off a macramé knot. I chose to work with ¼” silk, as the line is available in many colors and I was able to match all of the flowers.

  1. I cut ~1/2 yard of the silk and made a loop at the top of the chalk.
  2. I then tightly wrapped the silk ribbon around the chalk and the loop of ribbon, until I reached the top of the loop.
  3. Then I made a knot and pulled the ribbon tight, securing the chalk to the ribbon.
  4. I trimmed the excess ribbon at the end of the knot, which left a trail of ribbon on the other end.

 Using Mini Chalkboard Signs in Flower Pots

I tied a single bow under the base of the chalkboard sign found at a mass-retailer craft store and tucked that into the flowers.

 Using Mini Chalkboard Signs in Flower Pots

To finish the gift, I made a large bow just underneath the lip of the container of the flower with coordinating silk ribbon in the 1.25” width. Before securing the bow, I tucked the chalk in so it had someplace to rest while not in use.

 Using Mini Chalkboard Signs in Flower Pots

Here’s another finished version with a different type of flower. I chose to work with the purple in the silk ribbon line to correspond with the colors of the flowers.

 Using Mini Chalkboard Signs in Flower Pots

The silk ribbon makes beautiful bows and is very forgiving-you don’t have to be perfect in your attempt! Not only do these make great teacher gifts, I think they would make amazing wedding centerpieces as well! Include the table number on the chalkboard sign! These Chalkboard Sign Flower Pots would be awesome as a housewarming gift as well, include the address on your sign, or the recipient’s last name.

By Karen Baker



Other Supplies Used:

  • DCWV cardstock
  • Tombow Adhesive
  • Chalkboard Sign
  • Potted Flowers


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