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{tutorial} strip pumpkins

The crew at Piggy Bank Parties celebrated my mom’s 80th birthday this past weekend with a fall-themed birthday party. My mom, Audrey, was a school teacher for over 30 years and always created great art projects for her students. My mom and my sister, Dorothy, decided to make one of her fall art projects as décor for the tables. I decided to step the art project up a notch using plain papers & May Arts ribbon. My name is Do and I’ll be your tutor today!

        Gather the following supplies:

  • Glue Arts – Ribbon Adhesive, Extreme Adhesive Squares
  • 8 1/2” x 11” or 12”x 12” Orange Paper
  • Green Cardstock
  • 2 Brads per pumpkin
  • 12” of Floral Wire
  • 1/16” Hole Punch
  • Scissors or Paper Trimmer
  • Optional: Leaf Punch

Ready? Here we go…

1.  Cut orange paper into 6 strips measuring 3/4” x 11” and fold in half.

2.  Add Ribbon Adhesive to the back of each paper strip.

3.  Adhere May Arts ribbon to the strip and trim excess ribbon.

4.  Punch a hole at each end of the strips and along the middle fold.

5.  Stack the strips on one brad.

6.  Evenly space the strips {see photo} and fold the brad ends down.

7.  Stack the opposite ends of the strips on the second brad {see photo}. Note: The second brad can face up or down—whichever you prefer.

8.  When all the strips are stacked, fold the brad ends down and “fluff” your pumpkin!

9.  Wrap the floral wire around the second brad and twist each end around a pen.

10.   Cut a 3/4” x 2 1/2” strip of green cardstock and roll it around a pen to create a stem.

11.   Attach the stem with an Extreme Adhesive Square.

12.   Punch or cut leaves from green cardstock and adhere with Extreme Adhesive Squares.

We hope you have fun creating your own Strip Pumpkins for your Thanksgiving table!


Blog posted By: Doris Driver

  1. Kimberly Jones

    This is just the cutest idea! Love it!

  2. Do {at} Piggy Bank Parties

    Thanks, Ladies! My mom’s par-tay was wonderful!

    Some of the “how-to” photos were missing yesterday…but now they’re all up in case you need to see all the steps!

  3. Charlene

    Adorable…like the above comment, I’ve made these with my kids but not with ribbon. Very imaginative!

  4. samantha sibbet

    I always love your tutorials Do, so easy to follow and fun to look at. Thanks for another great project!

  5. Deb D

    love that pumpkin!

  6. Barb King

    I used to make these years ago with just construction paper strips with my Kindergarten classes. I love the look with the ribbon added, definitely sophisticated!

  7. Karen K

    That is so darn cute!

  8. Bonnie

    would love to do these as place cards….have to see if I have all the materials needed.

  9. Pam Loris

    How cute and easy! Thanks for sharing! Hope the party was wonderful!

  10. Mandie W

    What a cute idea!

  11. Erika Seever

    GORGEOUS! Love the pumpkin. So cute!


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