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{tutorial} spring in a can

Day 4 of May Arts / Little Yellow Bicycle Blog Week

{tutorial} spring in a can

Today’s tutorial was inspired by Little Yellow Bicycle’s Flower Button Dots. As soon as I saw them I knew exactly what I wanted to create—a Spring Flower Bouquet! Finding an adorable and whimsical container wasn’t so easy. While making dinner one night, it came to me…a tin can! All I needed was some fun May Arts ribbon, a lil’ adhesive and a few buttons to create, “Spring in a Can!”



Gather the following supplies:

  • 36” of 1.5” wide May Arts Ribbon per can
  • (optional embellishment):12” of May Arts Ribbon per can
  • 1 Clean Tin Can
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Recycled Easter Grass or Paper Shred
  • 2” Scalloped Circle Punch
  • 1.5” Circle Punch
  • 2” Circle Punch
  • 1/16” Hole Punch
  • 1 lollipop stick, wooden food pick or wooden skewer per flower
  • Glue Arts Ribbon Adhesive & Mini Adhesive Squares
  • Pop-Up Adhesive Dots


Ready? Here we go…



1. Fill the tin can with packing peanuts and cover with plastic wrap. Cut away excess plastic wrap.

2. Cut the 1.5” wide ribbon into 12” lengths. Add ribbon adhesive along both long edges. Wrap one 12” ribbon around the bottom third of the can.

3. Tuck under the ribbon end and seal with ribbon adhesive. Repeat with the other two 12” ribbons until can is covered and embellish with buttons.



4A. Punch 1”, 1.5” and 2” circles—one of each circle size per flower—from Piggy Bank Parties paper. Stack the circles and punch a 1/16” hole. Attach the circles together with a brad.


4B. Punch 2” scalloped circles as well as 1.5” and 2” circles from Piggy Bank Parties paper. Attach Little Yellow Bicycle Flower Button Dots and Cardstock Stickers to the punched circles for quick and easy flowers!

Note: If the flowers will be seen from both sides then finish the backs

with punched circles or make the flowers two-sided..

5. Attach the flower to a lollipop stick, wooden food pick or wooden skewer with mini adhesive squares. Tie the 5” ribbon around the stick and trim ends to create leaves.



6. Poke a tiny hole in the plastic wrap with a sharp object. Insert a flower into the hole and push gently into the packing peanuts. The plastic wrap holds the stem in place so be careful not to make the hole too big. Repeat until you have added all of your flowers.

7. Add a few adhesive dots to the plastic wrap in between the flowers. Add recycled Easter grass or paper shred to the plastic wrap and press down to adhere to the adhesive dots. Trim the excess grass.

8. Ta-Da! A lovely bouquet for any Spring occasion. Perfect for Mother’s Day, a Spring luncheon or a lil’ way to make someone Happy!



I wanted to add a lil’ something special to the bouquet….


9. Attach a 12” piece of contrasting ribbon around the top edge of the can.

10. Cut the butterfly out of the Little Yellow Bicycle Elizabeth Park Tear-Out Ticket Book. Fold the wings up and attach to the can using an adhesive dot. Ta-Da!

Piggy Bank Parties wanted to wish you a, “Happy Spring!” so we are offering you our Spring Graphs Paper as a free download for you, our wonderful May Arts blog followers!



{free download} Spring Graphs Paper

I hope you’re inspired to create “Spring in a Can” using May Arts ribbon and Little Yellow Bicycle’s adorable embellishments!



{Styles: KB28 (1.5”), KB56 (3/8”) and BA17 (3/8”)}

Blog Post By: Doris Driver


Be sure to hop on over to Little Yellow Bicycle for more Inspiration!

  1. DJ

    Great can of flowers, just made a similar one myself at a cricut class I went to, think I will be adding a few more flowers!!

    Donna Przy….

  2. Wendy Crowe

    Adorable project!!

  3. Jamie

    Awesome! I can’t wait to try this out! Super tutorial!

  4. Aga

    Such a cute project, and thanks for the download 🙂

  5. Sandra L.

    This is such a fun and easy project. Love the orange ribbon! TFS!

  6. conniemelancon

    love this! thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Cynthia B.

    Thanks for the download! Lovely project!

  8. Toni K

    Cute idea! Such cute flowers!

  9. ellen s

    love love the buttons on the back! gorgeous!

  10. SuZeQ

    Oh my. Is this just too sweet or what? I think I “can” do this!!!

  11. Denise Bryant

    Sweet project! It would be a fun Mother’s Day project for kids to make too.

  12. erin

    This is a great project.

  13. Carol B

    Those flowers are so cute!

    Carol B

  14. jen shears

    what a way to brighten a day! great project, Do!

  15. Beth W

    May be my favorite tutorial ever-so cheerful and happy.Definitely making one of these to brighten up the house.

  16. Kelly massman

    This is very cute!

  17. {vicki}

    love it

  18. Becky Dunham

    This is too cute! I am going to make a bunch of these for my craft room – just think what cute holders for pencils, markers, rulers, scissors…. I am sure i can come up with a bunch of reasons to have these cute cans in my room! Thanks so much for the download – this is going to be fun 🙂

  19. Julie in Edmonds

    AWESOME!! Thank you!

  20. Kathy P

    This is so cute! I am thinking I might be able to do this with my DGD…she will love it!!

  21. Linh C

    I love long-lasting flowers!

  22. Lindy

    How sweet!!!! I love it. I actually just did something like that. You can check it out here…..

    However, I will try this one as well. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  23. jengd

    VERY cute! I love the ribbon-wrapped can and those flowers are just adorable!

  24. Aki

    Oh my, how cute! I can feel spring~ xD Pretty sure I’ll make it~

  25. Samantha T

    Very sweet! Thanks for the fun idea.


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