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{tutorial} piggy bank gifts

Day 2 – May Arts / Jenni Bowlin Blog Week!

Piggy Bank Gifts

The crew at Piggy Bank Parties loves giving gifts but our piggy banks only have a few pennies to spare this holiday season. We’ve gathered a few of our money saving tips and design tricks to share with you. Our gift wrapping was inspired by Jenni Bowlin’s designs and May Arts ribbon. Christmas will be here before we know so let’s get started!


Gather the following supplies:

  • Jenni Bowlin Paper & Embellishments: Family Tree Journaling Cards, Star Banner Yellow Stickers, Cousin Rose, Aunt Charlotte and Cousin Fred Papers
  • Plain Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive Dots and Double-Stick Tape
  • Inexpensive Food Containers, Recloseable Food Storage Bags, Mugs and Dishes
  • Optional: Snowflake Punch and Various Circle Punches, Brads and Eyelets



Ready? Here we go…

1.  Gather inexpensive food-safe containers from around your house or shop your local grocery and dollar stores. We spent between $.25 – $1.00 per container by passing up the holiday-themed containers and embellishing them ourselves.


2.  Fill your containers with delicious treats—Cinnamon Apple Cider, Popcorn, Brownies, Cocoa Mix and Marshmallows, Muffin Mix and Tea Bags. Each of our goodies cost $1.00 or less per container.


3.  We embellished the clear containers with simple shapes created using punches and scissors.


4.  We layered cardstock on Jenni Bowlin’s Family Tree Journaling Cards and embellished the label with her Star Banner Yellow Stickers and ¼” brads. The label was attached with May Arts Ribbon and double-stick tape. We punched various sized circles out of paper and cardstock and added a matching embellishment on the lid.


5.  To cover the entire lid of a container, trace around the edge of the lid on a scrap piece of paper. Cut inside the line ¼” to allow for the lid’s edge. When you have your pattern just right, trace onto cardstock, cut and adhere with double-stick tape. Double-stick tape adheres well and can be easily removed so the dish can be washed and reused!


6.  We created the wreath by punching sixteen 1” circles from Jenni Bowlin’s Cousin Fred and Aunt Charlotte papers. We attached the first layer of 8 circles with adhesive dots. We added one 1/8” button eyelet to 3 of the remaining circles. Then we tied a May Arts’ Twisted Rope bow and attached it to another circle with a ¼” brad. The second layer of 8 circles was attached with pop-up adhesive dots for a 3-D effect.


7.  We wrapped May Arts’Twisted Burlap around the neck of the container, attached 1 open eyelet to a Jenni Bowlin’s Family Tree Journaling Card and embellished it with 3 button eyelets and hand cut holly leaves.


8.  Not a baker or a chef? Add two packets of cocoa mix, mini marshmallows in a recloseable snack bag and a wooden stirrer to a mug. Wrap in a simple food storage bag and embellish. We even decorated the wooden stirrer!


9.  Add a muffin mix to beautiful baking dish and place it in a plastic bag. We cut the top off of a recloseable food storage bag and taped the bottom corners to the bottom of the package. We created the bow by looping May Arts’ Wired Pom Poms and tying them in the center. Isn’t the ribbon so fun?!?


10.   Our last little gift is 4 tea bags in a snack bag. We stapled folded cardstock to the top of the bag and then embellished it. We always keep a few of these in our cupboards in case we need a quick gift throughout the year!


As you can tell, our favorite Jenni Bowlin paper was Cousin Fred! We love the simple dot pattern and the color combination. We also love May Arts ribbons and YOU, our faithful blog readers…so we designed a little something to get you started on your Piggy Bank gift giving this season!


{Free Download} – Favor Bag Toppers

The Favor Bag Toppers fit standard size recloseable snack and sandwich bags. We embellished our toppers with a few of our favorites things—Jenni Bowlin embellishments and May Arts ribbon! We hope you have fun creating holiday gifts on a Piggy Bank budget!


"Favor Bag Toppers" by Piggy Bank Parties

Blog Posted By: Doris Driver


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  1. Amy Serbaroli

    Thanks for all the great piggy bank ideas! Yous rock!!

  2. Jan J

    Fabulous ideas…thank you for the inspiration!

  3. jen shears

    Such fun ideas!!! Great job, Do! 🙂

  4. DeniseB

    Great ideas! Love that wreath of circles!

  5. Marie / Legojenta

    What great ideas! TFS =)

  6. Do {at} Piggy Bank Parties

    Thanks for all the wonderful compliments! We hope you’re inspired!

  7. Shelly

    What great ideas. Thanks for giving me a whole new set of gift ideas to add to my list.

  8. Craftastrophe

    Thanks for all the great inspiration! Love your ribbons.

  9. Mandie W

    What cute ideas!

  10. Pam Loris

    Great ideas this week! And also with Jenni Bowlin! I’ll try to keep up as my computer is down:( You always have great projects!

  11. Katie Green

    Super cute ideas! My cricut and I are off to recreate a few of them right now!

  12. Kelly Sas

    Such simple ideas, but with a great gift impact! Thanks for the great instructions.

  13. nerdgrl

    Love the bag toppers. I’m going to a cookie exchange; I’m making fudge, so these will be great for the bag toppers! Thanks.

  14. sue w.

    The piggy bank ideas are just so creative….love it! stamping sue

  15. Kelly massman

    All of these are great ideas!

  16. Kelly massman

    Great ideas!


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