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{tutorial} lil’ lanterns


I LoVe parties. I design invitations for parties. I design partyware for parties. I style parties. I LoVe parties. I’m always looking for ways to create the perfect party mood. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to create ambiance. The problem—an electrical outlet isn’t always readily available. Today’s project was one I designed to solve that problem.



Gather the following supplies:


Ready? Here we go…


1. Download and print the Lil’ Lantern template on heavy cardstock.

2. Cut out the template using scissors on the exterior solid lines and a craft knife, ruler and self-healing mat for the interior solid lines. A ruler will help you cut a straight line when using a craft knife.

3. Trace your template on the back side of the Glitter Stack cardstock. Repeat 4 times to make a total of 5 lanterns. Cut out the lanterns just like you did the template. Set the interior cut-outs aside to create embellishments later.


4. Peel off the backing on the lantern and attach to a piece of translucent paper. {If your lantern cardstock is not adhesive backed, attach the lantern using an adhesive roller.} Trim around the outside edge.

5. Score along the dotted lines {refer to the template}, fold and crease using a Bone Folder. {Hint: Score on the back of the glitter cardstock. This will help prevent the paper from cracking and tearing.}

6. Punch a 1/8” hole at the top of the lantern {see photo}.

7. Add ribbon adhesive to the lantern flap, tuck under and seal.



8. Add 1-3 Celebration Party Lights to 10” of Irish Waxed Linen Thread. Tie a knot 1” above the light. The knot allows the light to dangle and prevents it from going through the 1/8” hole.

9. Pull the ends of the wax thread through the 1/8” hole at the top of the lantern. Tie a triple knot in the thread to keep it from falling back through the hole.

10. Tie the lantern onto the 10’ ribbon starting 3’ from the end. Then tie additional lanterns every 12 inches. There will be another 3’ length of ribbon after the fifth lantern. If you need longer strands, adjust your measurements accordingly.


11. Trim the excess wax thread and add embellishments. The flowers shown were made from punching 1” and 1.5” flowers from the lantern cut outs. Peel off the backing, stack the flowers and add a brad in the center. Attach the embellishments near the top of the lantern.

12. Hang up the lanterns, twist the lights to turn them on and…Ta-Da! Lil’ Lanterns for any occasion! Hang them in trees for outdoor parties or anywhere you need a lil’ light!

The Crew at Piggy Bank Parties created the Lil’ Lanterns Template as a free download for you, our wonderful May Arts blog followers!


{free download} Lil’ Lanterns Template


I hope you’re inspired to create some Lil’ Lanterns using May Arts ribbon and DCWV’s fabulous adhesive backed cardstock!


Ribbon by May Arts

{Style: 333-66 (3/8”)}

Adhesive Backed Glitter Stack by DCWV

Buttons and Brads by Doodlebug Designs, Inc.

Adhesive by Glue Arts

Lil’ Lanterns Template by Piggy Bank Parties


Blog Post By: Doris Driver

  1. samantha Sibbet

    umm, these are incredible!

  2. Cynthia B.

    Cool project! Makes me want to throw a party just so that I can decorate. 😉
    Thanks for the template and step by step instructions!

  3. ellen s

    ooh these are so awesome!!!

  4. Kristie Maynard

    What a wonderful project. Thanks for the template, will have to try these for a party one day soon!

  5. Carol

    Awesome party decorations! Thank you for the tutorial and for the pattern!

  6. Charlene

    I am so seeing these for summer parties! Amazing, Do…thanks for the template!!

  7. Emma O.

    This is a cute project!! Thanks for sharing the template.

  8. DeniseB

    What a fun idea! I love the adhesive backed papers… so versatile! So pretty hanging from the ribbon.

  9. Kimberly Jones

    What a fantastic idea and a great tutorial! These lanterns are just adorable!

  10. Annette A.

    Now that is an awesome idea…thanks for sharing

  11. Anita A

    What a neat idea!

  12. angie

    Adorable, I love it!

  13. Becky Dunham

    Oh my goodness Doris! These are about the cutest little lanterns i have seen! And what a fabulous idea for decorations without electricity – love it! Thanks for sharing this and for the free download 🙂

  14. Chris Dring

    How AWESOME are these! ! Thank you for sharing such a great idea!


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