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{tutorial} heart napkin rings


Day 3 of May Arts / Glue Arts Blog Week!

Heart Napkin Rings


The crew at Piggy Bank Parties is busy creating decorations for Valentine’s Day! We love using May Arts ribbons, Glue Arts adhesives and cardstock to create simple decorations that make a huge impact!




I was inspired by a set of felt poinsettia napkin rings I made as an art project in grade school. For this project, I decided to create the napkin rings out of cardstock. These napkin rings can also be made with felt and then they could be used over and over again. My mom still uses the napkin rings I made on her dining table every Christmas!




Gather the following supplies:

  • 4.5”-6.5”of May Arts Ribbon per napkin ring
  • 8 1/2” x 11” Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Napkins


Ready? Here we go…


{Free Download} Heart Napkin Ring Templates


1. Download the templates we created for this project. Choose the size that works best for your napkins—small, medium or large—and print on the cardstock.




2. Cut out the napkin rings along all of the solid lines. Be sure to cut the lines next to the heart that create your closure but don’t cut too far in!




3. Cut ribbon—4.5” for the small, 5.5” for the medium and 6.5” for the large—and add Glue Arts Ribbon Adhesive to the back.




4. Attach the ribbon to the napkin ring. Make sure the ribbon does not extend past the slits you cut to close the heart.




5. If you use a wide ribbon, the top edges of the ribbon may be visible when you close the heart. Trim the top edges on an angle to avoid this.




6. Add a napkin of your choice—paper or cloth—and Ta-Da! This simple napkin ring can make a huge impact on your dining table. Not enough impact for you? Embellish it with cardstock, ribbon, gems…whatever you like!


I hope you’re inspired to create simple décor using May Arts Ribbon and Glue Arts Adhesives. They go together like two halves of a HEART!







Blog Post By: Doris Driver

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  2. carlota

    Verry cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. carlota

    love your site!

  4. Rheba

    Very cute, I made those up in just a few minutes. Thank you for sharing and helping make our Valentine’s table special.

  5. Charlene

    Super cute, Do!!

  6. Dawnll

    Oh my goodness how fun is this project?
    Love this great idea.

  7. Ryann Salamon

    How cute is this!?! VERY!!

  8. Donna Przybylowski

    Adoreable project, thanks for the free download and template!!

  9. Janet Sisk

    How fun and easy is that! Love the tutorials that you so willingly share with us. 😀

  10. conniemelancon

    these are so cute!

  11. Stacie

    Great way to spruce up a dinner setting!

  12. {vicki}


  13. samantha Sibbet

    amazing what you can do with a strip of ribbon do!

  14. Becky D

    Sooo cute! What a fun project – these could be adapted to so many holidays 🙂

  15. Pam Loris

    Thanks for the template! These are too cute! Would be great to put names on them too!!

  16. Mandie W

    What a cute idea! So simple and yet makes a big impact!!!

  17. Joy Hager

    Oh how cute!

  18. Stephanie J

    so cute!!

  19. DeniseB

    Sweet project! I love all things heart shaped!

  20. Hilarie Cortes

    Very cute, I’m looking for ideas to make Valentine’s dinner at home special for the whole family. This is definately on the list.


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