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{Tutorial} Embellished Pillowcases

The crew at Piggy Bank Parties is so excited about joining the May Arts Design Team. We love sharing our ideas for easy and affordable projects. My name is Do (like do-re-mi) and I'll be your tutor today!

I am always inspired by the changes that the fall season brings—crisp air, colorful leaves and warm clothes. Autumn inspires me to change things around my home and this year our master bedroom needs a facelift!

I have a very small budget and buying designer sheets is not an option. An easy and affordable way to make simple discount sheets look expensive—embellish them with May Arts ribbon and a few buttons.

Gather the following supplies:

  • 3.5 yards of May Arts ribbon per pillowcase
  • Sewing Machine
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Buttons and Needle


Ready? Here we go…


1.  Pin the ribbon along the seam of the pillowcase hem.


2.  Fold the ribbon end under and pin.


3.  Trim any excess ribbon.


4.  Sew a straight stitch to attach the ribbon.


5.  Optional: Embellish with buttons.

May Arts ribbons turned plain pillowcases into better-than-designer pillowcases!


We wanted to thank the May Arts Blog readers…so we created Pillow Talk Notes just for you! SURPRISE!

{Free Download} Pillow Talk Notes

We hope you have fun creating your own Embellished Pillowcases and remember to leave a Pillow Talk Note for someone special!





  • "Pillowcases" from Discount Store


Blog Posted By: Doris Driver

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  2. Charlene

    Awesome, Do! Let us know how that chenille washes.

  3. jen shears

    Your ideas are always so fresh, Do! And your tutorial is so clear!!! Sweet of you to share the notes too! 😀

  4. Jennifer H.

    These are great! I love the colors!! And thanks for the little notes too. My hubby will like them too. Teehee 🙂

  5. Leah

    Doris, this is Wonderful. I love the notes! what a nice idea! Always love your posts.


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