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Tiffin Mills – Prima Ribbonista {2011-12 Term}

I grew up in a creative fire storm. My family makes. My mother and my siblings all create. I came to it honestly. I went away to Ohio University and studied Art History and began my creative career in Graphic Design after graduation. Soon I craved the makery of my life again and computers were not where I wanted my hands to linger and languish. I wanted to wrap them round fabrics and other beautiful things and see them speedy with creative energy. I now make my home in the sweet south of Atlanta and started Linwood Avenue by selling my handmade cards to local Atlanta stores. And as you know – if you give what you love the chance to grow, it will. I am married to a wonderful man and have two sons. I try and practice girlyhood as much as possible around here. I am always working on an art project. There is little downtime to my creative spark. When i grow up i would love to be a world famous illustrator of botanicals. I would love to have a small greenhouse where I could sit and draw and imagine all of the beauty that is around me. It's everywhere. It's my job to share it.

Visit Tiffin at her blog: Linwood Avenue


Some of Tiffin's favorite projects are shown below:

  1. Rebecca Ednie

    Beautiful rose card.

  2. Stacey

    Welcome! I love all your projects! The little hearts and those notebooks are so adorable!

  3. Sue McRae

    Love your felt covered notebooks!

  4. Monika/buzsy

    Looking forward to seeing more fabulous project from you! Congratulations Tiffin!

  5. Kathy P

    Coming from a totally NOT creative family, you were blessed! Thanks for sharing it with us here, and welcome, Tiffin!

  6. roxyfur

    great projects, love the apron!

  7. sue w.

    creative projects.
    stamping sue

  8. Adi

    WOW projects! Love them all!

  9. Iris s

    Lovely- lovely and again lovely!! Welcome!

  10. Sue D

    Fabulous projects!

  11. Karen B.

    Wow! Those are some amazing projects! I look forward to working with you more!

  12. Cynthia B.

    Welcome, Tiffin! Wonderful that you grew up in a family that nurtured your creativity. It shows in your wonderful projects.

  13. Larissa Heskett

    I LOVE your creations!! CONGRATS and I look forward to seeing everything else that you will create using May Arts Ribbons!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  14. Marie

    Hi! I am one of your newest followers and would like to say how much I love your creations! I can tell you absolutely love what you do!

  15. Charlene

    Amazing works of art, Tiffin…Welcome to the team!

  16. Karen K

    Nice work Tiffin, welcome to the May Arts group. It will be fun to see your projects.

  17. Mumsie

    Awesome projects, can”t wait to see more.

  18. DeniseB

    Welcome Tiffin! Great projects!

  19. Kelly massman

    These are so pretty! Welcome!

  20. MARIA

    very pretty and different – can’t wait to see more

  21. b.poteraj

    Welcome. I can’t wait to see what you create. I like your examples.

  22. Sharon Gullikson

    Welcome to the May Arts design team. I’m going to like your style.

  23. natasha G.P.

    Your skills are very versatile. Nice. Welcome.


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