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Tied Ribbon Necklace

One of my major obsessions, besides ribbon, is jewelry.  I am always adding to my collection and love when I can create a unique jewelry piece by hand. 

I have a formal event coming up in a few months and decided to make a vintage inspired necklace to wear for the occasion.  Today, I thought I’d share with you the how-to’s for creating a Tied Ribbon Necklace.



Your supply list:

·       Chunky Silver Chain – Since the ribbons I’m using are light grey and whtie, I went with a silver chain measuring 20” long.  This length will allow the necklace to sit right at the collar bone and work well with a collared shirt or open neckline. (note: I purchased my chain at Hobby Lobby which carries a good selection of styles and lengths).

  • Ribbon:  I used two different ribbon styles to create the vintage look of my necklace.  QH31—3/4” Grosgrain in light grey and 390-15-09 1.5” white Lace.  You’ll need 72” of each ribbon.
  • Glass Chandelier Drop – you can purchase one of these are your local hardware store or antique shop.  I used a classic teardrop shape for my necklace.
  • 1 or 2 large Silver Jump ringsthese circular rings will allow you to attach your chandelier drop to your chain.
  • Needle Nose pilars
  • Scissors
  • Two Paperclips



  • To get started, cut both your ribbons into 5” strips.  You should have approx. 28 pieces of ribbon.  Cut both ends of the ribbon pieces at an angle. 



  • Next, unclasp your chain and lay it flat.  Measure in 6” from the left and right side and mark with a paperclip.  This will leave a center section of chain measuring approx. 8 ½” wide.



  • Starting at your left paperclip, tie a piece of the ¾” wide ribbon around the chain in a single loop tie.  You don’t need to tie a knot.  Next, tie a piece of the 1 ½” wide lace ribbon onto the chain.
  • Continue tying ribbon pieces around your chain, alternating between the grosgrain and lace s until you reach the paper clip on the right).



Once all the ribbons are tied around your chain, you may need to twist them a bit to make sure each piece is facing forward and sitting on the top of the chain.  Don’t worry if the ends of your grosgrain ribbon fray a bit, this adds to the vintage charm of the necklace.

The final step is adding your chandelier drop.  Find the center point of your ribbon cluster and using your needle nose pillars, open the jump ring and attach it to the necklace chain.  If you want your chandelier drop to hang down lower, add additional jump rings until you find your desired length.  Now add your chandelier drop to the last jump ring. 




Wasn’t that easy??  A few ties of ribbon around a chain, add a glass drop and you’ve created a beautiful necklace. Just think how many different color combinations you can make of this necklace, especially given all the wonderful ribbon choices available from May Arts.

Thanks for joining me here on the May Arts blog today.  I hope you enjoyed this project.


Blog post by: Shelly Dozier-Mckee


  1. Melinda Wilson

    Super cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jan Hennings

    very pretty!

  3. Holly Iossa

    Neat idea!

  4. Kristie Maynard

    Very clever idea!

  5. Anita A

    Stunning! What a beautiful idea!

  6. Jingle

    This is gorgeous! I love it!


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