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Throw Pillows Part III – Woven Ribbon Pillow

Ribbon pillow

The face of May Arts Ribbon # WPP14 reminds me of a tiny chenille pillows on parade while the back features the same colors in a less dramatic fashion.  If used alone, the back could appear unfinished.  However, combining the ribbon’s rich front with its graphic back creates a very effective contrast.


  • A piece of foam- core or cardboard or corkboard at least 18” square
  • 48 push pins or thumb tacks
  • A 14” pillow form or the equivalent amount of poly-fil
  • ½ yd fabric (I used ”Rouenniers” from the French General Collection by Moda)
  • 11 yds. May Arts Ribbon # WPP14 (1 ½” wide)
  • 2 yds May Arts Ribbon # 337-15-14 for the ruffle
  • Basic sewing supplies


  • Iron fabric and cut out a 14” square and a 16” square
  • On the face of the 16” piece, draw a pencil line 1” in from the edge along all 4 sides
  • Tightly pin or tack this piece, FACE UP, onto the board
  • Cut 24 pieces of ribbon # WPP14 – 14” long
  • Pin the ends of 12 of the ribbon pieces, FACE UP, close together along one of the  drawn pencil lines.  See ILLUSTRATION below.

ribbon pillow illustration

**They should fit tightly together, filling the 14” penciled area.**

  • Repeat the same process alone either of the 2 pencil lines adjoining the first.  These 12 pieces will display the ribbon’s REVERSE side.
  • Weave these 2 perpendicular sets of ribbons into a tightly woven 14” square.  Remove from board.
  • Baste the ribbon ends along all 4 sides then stitch, ¼” from the edges.
  • Trim the square to 14” X 14”.
  • Gather the entire 2 yards of Ribbon # 337-15-14 about ¼” from the edge.  Use either side of this ribbon.  One shows more satin and the other more matte finish.
  • Distribute the gathered ribbon equally among the 4 sides of the 14” woven square,  allowing extra gathered ribbon at the 4 corners so the ruffle will lie flat.
  • Carefully pin, baste then stitch the ribbon ruffle along all 4 sides of the 14” woven square, using ¼” seam allowance.
  • Place the second 14” square of fabric onto the woven square, right side facing the weaving.
  • Pin together then stitch 3 sides of the square and 2” from each end of the 4th side, taking care not to catch any of the gathered ribbon into the seam. This should leave a 10” opening in the 4th side for turning right side out and inserting the pillow form.
  • Turn the pillow cover right side out and check the gathered ribbon ruffle for any spots where it might have been caught in the seam.  Make repairs if necessary.
  • Insert the pillow form and close the opening by folding the 2 raw edges under ¼” and stitching by hand or machine.

Ribbon pillow

Blog Posted By: Ellen Highsmith Silver

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  1. Kendall

    At last, instructions & illustrations that even I can follow. Thank you. I’d like to learn if this method can be expanded to create a piece of fabric that could be used to make a jacket or a bodice. Or does one make the garment 1st, then apply the ribbon weave on top of the pattern?


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