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Throw Pillows Part II – Pleated Ribbon Pillow

pleated ribbon pillow

PLEATED RIBBON makes a tailored frame around a button-strewn pillow.

striped ribbon
This stunning 2” striped ribbon – May Arts # 365-2-10 – needed to show its decorative potential.  A pleated pillow edging makes that happen.  Of course, the ribbon could also be gathered for a softer, less formal, look.

It is important to use a reversible ribbon for this project, as both sides are visible.



  • 16” pillow form
  • ½ yard fabric (fabric shown is from the French General collection by Moda)
  • 6 yards 2” RIBBON  (May Arts #365-2-10)
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Decorative buttons optional


pleated ribbon pillow



  • Iron fabric and cut into 2 pieces 16” square (this will result in a 15 ½” square pillow which will fit snugly without wrinkles or empty rabbit-ear corners).
  • Place one fabric square, FACE UP, on a flat surface
  • Pleat the entire ribbon by making light pencil marks as shown in Illustration #2.
  • Crease ribbon straight across at *’s and fold to “O”, as shown in Illustration #3.
  • Pin and repeat

ribbon illustration

  • To secure pleats, baste slightly less than ¼” from ribbon’s edge.
  • Pin the basted, pleated ribbon along the entire edge of the first 16” fabric square – as shown in Illustration #4.

ribbon illustration


  • Place the second 16” fabric square FACE DOWN onto the decorated square.
  • Pin together, taking care not to catch any of the ribbon.
  • Stitch 3 sides of the pillow using a ¼” seam allowance.
  • Stitch 3” from each end of the 4th side, leaving a 10” opening.
  • Turn right side out to make sure that all of the pleated ribbon is free from the stitching.
  • Turn back to the inside and trim corners and make any necessary stitching repairs.
  • Insert the 16” pillow form and close the opening by carefully folding the 2 raw edges under ¼” and stitching closed by hand or machine.

throw pillows with ribbon

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Blog Posted By: Ellen Highsmith Silver

  1. samantha sibbet

    Amazing pillows, I only wish i could sew like that!

  2. Kelly Jackson

    Those are beautiful….I love the ruffle. Thank you for posting the directions as well.



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