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Welcome back to the May Arts Blog.  I hope to be bringing you a series of thrifty gifting ideas since we all have budget concerns.   May Arts Ribbons make it easy to take simple items and transform them into one of kind gifts.

Does your mom, sister, friend or neighbor love to cook or bake?  Maybe a new neighbor just moved in and you want to say “Welcome to the Neighborhood” but you don’t want to break your budget.  Here are a couple of quick and easy ideas that are sure to please them.

Aprons are back in style again.  Unfortunately, their prices have risen with their popularity.  Well,  I have a cute, quick and easy version that you can whip up in 30 minutes or less.



Isn’t this just the cutest little gift set?  Pair it with a favorite cookbook or a plate of something yummy from your kitchen and you’ve got a one of a kind gift that anyone would appreciate.   It’s so easy; you might just make one for yourself while you’re at it.


Here’s your supply list:

  • 1 large cotton dishtowel (I got mine at a national discount home décor chain 3/$ that’s a bargain!)  The size is 27” long by 20” wide
  • 1 oven mitt
  • 8 buttons various sizes
  • Sewing machine/thread
  • Needle/thread
  • Iron
  • Bodkin or large safety pin



1.       Fold towel so that one side is 2.5” shorter than the other.    Press along the fold.  Stitch close to the pressed edge.   To form the ribbon casing, stitch again 2” from the folded edge.

2.       Stitch the May Arts DD14 5/8” Grosgrain Dots ribbon to the bottom ends of the towel turning back the raw edges at the ends.  Stitch the buttons where desired using needle and thread.

3.       Form a loop bow with the ½ yard of ribbon.  Stitch to the oven mitt.  Add a button in the center of the bow.



4.        Thread the May Arts 1.5” QH14 through the casing using a bodkin or large safety pin.  Press if needed.   You can tie the ribbon into a bow in the back or wrap it around your waist for a front tie as I did.  It can be removed for ease in washing.  I added a bit of Fray Check to the ends to keep them from fraying.



That’s it!  A cute apron and oven mitt set for under $10!!  If you have a bit of leftover ribbon, why not make a little card to go with your gift.  For the basic card, here’s what you’ll need:

  • ½ sheet of white cardstock
  • Glue Arts ribbon Adhesive
  • A greeting stamp of your choice plus matching ink
  • Straight Edge cutter or razor blade
  • Embossing folder/Cuttlebug or Big Shot (optional)




I’m going to show you how to insert ribbon into a card using a straight edge.  It’s an easy way to add ribbon and keep clean edges on your card.

After embossing your card, if desired, open the card flat and determine where you want your ribbon to lie.



Once you determine where you want your ribbon to go, make a slit in the fold of the card the width of your ribbon.  Insert one end of the ribbon into the slit.  Pull the remaining ribbon across the front of the card and into the inside.  Overlap the end you inserted through the slit.  Cut off any excess.



Apply Glue Arts Ribbon Adhesive to the entire length of the ribbon, pressing firmly.  Remove film from tape and press onto your cardstock.  Add your sentiment and done.

One of a kind thrifty gifting that looks like it costs much more and you did it yourself with May Arts Ribbon!



Blog Post By: Charlene Driggs

  1. Karen Hunsaker

    Fabulous! I’m loving your gift ideas!

  2. Patricia

    Very nice gift set! TFS

  3. ellen s

    this is so awesome!!!

  4. Liz

    Super cute

  5. Becky Dunham

    Oh Charlene – I LOVE this set! I want to make one for myself, my sisters, my mom, my nieces – everyone!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Cynthia B.

    Great gift idea! So affordable too.

  7. Sue from Oregon

    Very fun Charlene!

  8. Joan Ervin

    What a fabulous gift set…I love the white and red color combo and and how you used all that beautiful ribbon!!!

  9. Ashley

    OMG how cute…I love aprons 🙂

  10. Kristie Maynard

    That is the cutest darn apron. I have a friend who always wears aprons and i wanted to give her one, but the cute ones are so darn expensive. With one more towel, I’m thinking I can make it into a bibbed apron, which is what she likes. Now you got the wheels turning! thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Chris Dring

    So simple, yet oh so cute! TFS!


    Nice & simple ! )))

  13. Laura Carazo

    Love it :O)!!!!!!!!


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