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The Season Of Giving Contest Winner

Thank you Kristin for sending in photos of your work!  Congratulations!


Ribbon contest


Ribbon contest



Thank you
for your comments this week!  No matter
how you dress up your cards & gifts this year, we hope May Arts Ribbon helps
make them all a little bit more beautiful!

This week’s
winner is Kristin Perez:   

“Ribbon is fun because it’s
easily made into different embellishments for cards or layouts. Stitch up one
side and tug into a yo-yo flower, sew up the middle tug and you get a ruffle,
lay out on project and make loops as you go – so many ways to use ribbon!
Thanks for the chance to win!”

congratulation!  If you have any photos,
send them on in!  We will be happy to
post them!   Please forward your shipping information &
your ribbon selections to [email protected]

  1. Cheryl Nyboer

    Congratulations, Kristin – I can see why you won!!!

  2. suzann

    These are so awesome! Great work and congratulations, Kristin!!

  3. Jessica

    YAY Kristen!!

  4. Von

    Woo-hoo! Congrats, Kristin!

  5. Denise

    Congrats Kristin!

  6. Kristin Perez

    I am so excited to win!  Choosing from all of May Arts beautiful ribbon and trim was extremely hard! Thank you so much May Arts!


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