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Christmas Countdown Gift Holder



"My favorite project to date is the Christmas Countdown Gift Holder.
I loved making this project because it allowed me to alter an everyday item into something unique and different.  It was also fun to create a new take on an Advent Calendar.
As I designed each pocket, I really challenged myself to be creative with the ribbon application, paper products and other embellishments.  I was so thrilled about the outcome of this project, everyone in the family is getting their own version for Christmas 2011."

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  1. Janet Sisk

    Kids will LOVE being able to get bigger surprises with this countdown calendar! 😀

  2. Elizabeth P

    Very clever – could also be adapted to a “regular” calendar for kids, where they could remove a card each morning to keep track of the date – or use in a classroom. very nice embellishment !

  3. Karen K

    This is a very creative cute idea.

  4. Bette S

    What a neat idea! My grandchildren would love it!

  5. kathy s

    this is such a great idea and one my children could adapt and adopt for their children a they are all getting to the age of knowing about Christmas- thanks for sharing such a great idea

  6. Kristie Maynard

    How adorable is that? Great idea!

  7. Janet Zeppa

    What an awesome idea!!

  8. Lucy

    Great idea! I love the inspiration found here 🙂 Lucy

  9. Anita A

    What a cool idea!

  10. Lindy

    So freakin’ cute!!!! I love this idea!

  11. Larissa Heskett

    SO CUTE!! I have seen something to hold your tools, but never to hold your projects!! THANKS for sharing!! Have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)

  12. Samantha T

    This is GREAT! So unique and fun!

  13. Doris Widder

    Very unique idea! I’ve never seen anything like this before. I think it’s great. Such roomy pockets. Very cute! 😀

  14. Hilarie Cortes

    This is such a great idea!

  15. Pam Loris

    This is a cute idea!

  16. DeniseB

    Great idea! I like that the compartments are large enough for all kinds of gifts!

  17. NinaN

    I have never seen this used for an advent calendar. Great idea!


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