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Pillowcase Skirt



" One of my favorite projects completed with May Arts ribbon is actually the first one I created: the pillowcase skirt. I think what I loved so much about it was that it was an easy project that was very budget friendly. Plus, it combined my love of vintage finds with my love of the RG ivory/striped series ribbon!"

-Lexi Bridges

  1. Janet Sisk

    Gee, another great idea for using things you already have on hand. 😀

  2. Anita A

    What a fun idea!

  3. Hilarie Cortes

    Wow, such a unique idea!

  4. DeniseB

    So many pretty pillowcase prints available, it would fun to look for different designs.

  5. kathy s

    this skirt is so retro- the colours and style- love it- ahh the memories it brings back

  6. Larissa Heskett

    OMG!! What a cute idea and what fun old prints you can find!! I have seen several at thrift store and garage sales and now I won’t over look them!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)

  7. Janet Zeppa

    Oh my goodness….I would never have thought to make a skirt from a pillowcase!! Too cool!

  8. Kristie Maynard

    How clever is that? Love it!

  9. Pam Loris

    Love this skirt! I have some old pillowcases I bought to make curtains with, but this is a much better idea!!

  10. Lindy

    Great idea!

  11. Lindy

    Wonderful idea!

  12. NinaN

    Love how added the doilies to it!


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