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The Best Of – Jen Shears


Welcome to 'The Best of The May Arts Blog' Week! 


Each member of our Design Team was asked the same question: Which of your projects featured on the May Arts Blog is your favorite & why? 

This week is the result of that question! 

All week long, we will be highlighting our designers picks and, in their own words, why it is their favorite! 

We hope you enjoy revisiting each project as much as we have!

The Best Of – Jen Shears


Burnt Ribbon Flowers



"I have chosen the burnt flowers to refeature because I love the out of the box use of the ribbon! These flowers are a hot trend in hair accessories, clothing accesssories & embellishments for any type of crafting you can imagine! If you've given this technique a try tell us about it in the comments- or link us up if you've got pictures! I'd love to see your creation!"

Jen Shears

  1. Nadia

    These are the prettiest burnt flowers I have seen. I’ve made a few before but never thought to put a slit to make petals. Thank you so much for this fantastic tutorial and inspiration.

  2. Charlene Austin

    I would have never even thought to use ribbon. Is the ribbon very wide that you used? Jen, these are amazing.

  3. Janet Zeppa

    Okay I so want to make these! Gorgeous!

  4. Jennifer H.

    I really love these! I must try them to see if they look 1/2 as good as yours!

  5. erin

    You so rock these…. I’m glad you’ve been making and making them and sharing them with us….

  6. B. Poteraj

    Wow, those look like they were professionally made. Similar to Prima flowers. That’s definitely a compliment!

  7. Sharon Gullikson

    How lovely. I would love to make those. I’ll need the right ribbon….

  8. Natasha G.P.

    I love those flowers. They would be nice on cards, layouts, hair bands…..

  9. Mary

    My granddaughter would love these on a hairband.,

  10. Hilarie Cortes

    One of my favorite tutorials! I spent hours playing when I read it the first time. I just had a few friends over and we used your post to make these flowers. Love it!

  11. Eniko

    These are gorgeous! Must try pronto!

  12. kathy s

    these flowers are so cool- have to get game enough to try making them.

  13. Ujjwal

    i love these flowers too but I am yet to give it a try 🙂

  14. Donata Pfisterer

    I have tried them and love the method. I’ve also tried it with the silk ribbon. If done very, very carefully. Meaning not getting too close to the flame it makes beautiful petite flowers. Since I hand dye the ribbon I get many differerent looks.

  15. Do {Piggy Bank Parties}

    Jenn…one of my favs, too! I can’t wait to create some for our Spring product shoot!

  16. Lindy

    Gorgeous flowers!!!!! T4S

  17. Pam Loris

    Love the look of these flowers!

  18. DeniseB

    These are gorgeous! I would love to use them as the centerpiece of a brooch!

  19. jan metcalf

    You inspired me to try it! Bought some deep purple, lavender and lime green silks, cut circles and leaves, looks divine with SEI’s new line of paper!

  20. LorraineN

    Wow, this looks so cool. I’ve got to try it!

  21. Jan Hennings

    Beautiful flowers!

  22. Kelly massman

    I haven’t tried this, but they are sure pretty!

  23. Kelly massman

    Those are gorgeous!

  24. conniemelancon

    I haven’t tried this yet!

  25. Tanya Hulbert

    I want to try the “petal look” next. Love them Jen!

  26. Janet Sisk

    Wow, what a great project! I would use them on cards. 😀

  27. Samantha T

    Those are really beautiful! I can see why they’re a favorite.

  28. Billie

    I have never tried it but it looks very cool. I can picture putting them on my daughters hair clips.

  29. Mandie W

    Those are so cute! I haven’t tried to make any but I have bought some 🙂


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