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File Folder Makeover



"The post I have chosen is my File Folder Make-over.  A few reasons for it being my favorite are it stretched my creativity a bit.  They don't make metal file holders much anymore, so I had to think outside of the box and found a plate holder to work for it.  Also, it stretched my thinking in deciding how to apply the ribbons and embellishments without it looking over done, and having each of them be unique.  And last but not least, it really has been a fantastic solution to the piles of paper in my kitchen and looks amazing sitting on my counter.  It's always more rewarding when you question the outcome and it turns out better than you had imagined."
  1. Hilarie Cortes

    I love these, this was one of my favorite projects too!

  2. DeniseB

    Great idea… really dresses up those boring folders!

  3. Kristie Maynard

    Beautiful job! Very pretty.

  4. kathy s

    these folders look amazing they would make a great letter set gift.

  5. lynda

    Fabulous project!

  6. Larissa Heskett

    SO CUTE!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Have a FABULOUS DAY!!

  7. Larissa Heskett

    THANKS for sharing these are so cute!! Have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)

  8. mary friederichsen

    Oh these are so gorgeous! you did a beautiful job on these!

  9. Janet Sisk

    Very pretty, but I would hate to use them! 😀

  10. Karen K

    These are really nice looking folders.

  11. Frankie Leal

    Oh Yea I’ll be makin these!!! Love it!!

  12. Jennifer H.

    These really are pretty! And I know they look fabulous on your counter!

  13. Andrea

    Nina, you don’t have to be organized to make these. It helped me get organized, by having some place to put every family members papers so they didn’t get thrown away by accident, and keeps the mail from being everywhere but where you need it. Give it a try!!

  14. Samantha T

    Ooh, these are so cool! Glad you picked it as a favorite, because I don’t think I saw it the first time around!

  15. Lindy

    Beautiful…..I just might have to try this!!!! T4S

  16. Natasha G.P.

    That is the nicest file folder ever. Thanks for showing us.

  17. Sharon Gullikson

    Wow, how nice that is. I’m going to try to make one as nice as yours.

  18. B. Poteraj

    That would look wonderful on my new desk, in my new office. Nice example for me!

  19. NinaN

    I wish I was organized enough to need to make these!

  20. Pam Loris

    I remember these from last year! Shame on me for not making some! They are very pretty!!

  21. jackie 4124

    LOVE IT!


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