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Thanksgiving Feast Giveaway – Winner!

Welcome to our Thanksgiving Giveaway!

Thanksgiving sometimes feels like the middle child of holidays.  I tend to feel bad for this underappreciated holiday, being stuck in between his very commercialized siblings.  It does also happen to be one of my favorites!  It's all the pomp & circumstance of Christmas without the pressure of presents!   What could be better?  🙂    The feast is my favorite part.  Well….that and the decorating of the table, because let's face it what is a feast without proper presentation!   Which leads me to our giveaway!

Post a comment here telling us what's on your Thanksgiving Table.  It could be a dish, a table decor or simply the people sitting at the table that make it special.  It's all good, just tell us all about it!


The prize up for grabs:

That's DCWV's Tattered Time Stack!

And the ribbon to go with it:


3 Spool of May Arts Ribbon – Your Choice!


For an additional chance to win, post a comment on our Facebook Page too!

Is that a great prize pack or what?!  I will post a winner on Monday, November 28th.

Good luck and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all!




-The Ribbon Lady


We have a winner!  Congartulations to:


2. Kimberly Sudol November 23, 2011 @ 11:06 AM

"The BEST thing on my table this year (and every year) is the Pumpkin Praline Pie that has been passed down in my family for generations! Everybody always LOVES it so much….I have to make 2!!"


Kimberly, email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

  1. Debi K

    At our table was myself and my two kids, This was our second Thanksgiving after the passing of my husband. We decided instead of getting together with family, we would just have our own little Thanksgiving and be thankful for everything moment we had with him.

  2. b. poteraj

    Turkey, green beans, garlic mashed potatoes. YUMMY!

  3. sharon gullikson

    I made an apple pie. That was my contribution.

  4. Natasha G.P.

    Candied yams, green bean dish, the usual

  5. {vicki}

    the only thing i cooked this year was turkey and corn casserole.
    but others brought plenty to eat —the sweet potato casserole is always my fave!

  6. Karen aka soccerboyzmom

    Oh my what a give away so many things tp be thankful mainly juat having family time love my small family

  7. Barb King

    My 2 little nephews were at the Thanksgiving table this year, and the youngest just had his adoption finalized the day before, so we were all thankful that he is officially part of the family!

  8. Marilyn Jones

    We gather with my husband’s extended family…this year there were 30 of us. This is the one time of year that we are sure to see most of the cousins & their families and our aging (aren’t we all?!) aunts & uncles. Even though the food is wonderful, seeing the relatives makes my day.

  9. Jess Marin

    What will be on my Thanksgiving Table? A non traditional dessert, in addition to pumpkin pie we will also be having a delicious fruit tart.
    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!

  10. Gayle Viera

    I love decorating our table for Thanksgiving and especially napkin rings or holders. I created my very own UNIQUE holder. I found fantastic turkey fabric in fall colors. I cut out the turkeys and used double sided fusible pellon and fused the cute turkeys to a backing fabric, then hot glued this to a toilet tissue tube cut smaller that I had covered with contact paper. My grand-kids loved the cute turkey at their own place setting.

  11. Gwen Windham

    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! There was SO many delicious food– the entire family was there– including the newest addition to our family– our little Granddaughter– our first and the first GreatGrandchild for our parents… We spent the entire day just enjoying family! Days like this are what life is all about! 🙂

  12. Tanya Hulbert

    I feel like this is my time to redeem our family’s Thanksgiving Day. We went out to a restaurant for the first time (not my choice) and was so sad about the lack of intimacy and cozy traditions we missed out on. However, you are so right about it being about the people around the table, even if it’s not Nana’s!

  13. Susan

    I love Thanksgiving and the whole idea of getting together and being thankful for what we have and remembering those who do not have these luxuries we take for granted everyday. This year we “healthified” our meal slightly since there are three diabetics in the family. We didn’t forgo the families favorites, but I made crustless pumpkin pies and cut back on the cream sauces and butter. I served smaller sized dinner rolls and no one seemed to notice. They enjoyed each others company and ate like it was the same dishes we normally have. Small footsteps for us, but hopefully a better lifestyle in the making! Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Angella Crockett

    There are so many good things about Thanksgiving, but the favorite thing at our table this year is the other 39 members of my family! This is the first time in several years that all of us could make it… parents and their spouses, my seven siblings and their families, my cousin and her family, and an aunt and uncle….makes for a wild, but blessed time!!! Happy Thanksgiving blessings to you !!!! God bless!

  15. Tammy V

    We had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, coleslaw, rolls, watergate salad, and cheesecake. Yummy!

  16. Tammy V

    We had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, watergate salad, rolls, coleslaw at our meal and cheesecake for dessert. YUMMY!

  17. Shartl

    Our thanksgiving table has all the traditional goodies, but with a twist! This year’s special addition was yummy potatoes au gratin, with butternut squash and gruyere cheese!
    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family!

  18. Jane Oetterer

    I bring the green bean casserole…and a camera!

  19. Kim H

    The traditional Turkey and fixins are on the table. Along with alot of elbows, filled plates, and halffilled drink glasses. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

  20. Janet Mack

    Mine is mostly about the people. Zero decorations because there is always so much food that there is just enough room for plates and forks.

  21. Tina C of SC

    On 11/23 the brownies, cake and cookies were still there. But as I write this, there are brownie, cake and cookie crumbs!! Along with turkey, potatoe salad – get the picture!! 🙂 Hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving!

  22. Nichole Bruno

    Love this giveaway and paper Tattered Time. I only got the matstack, and to have ribbon too?…sure its not christmas!? Thanks for the chance!

  23. Leanne S

    Nothing special.

  24. Sue D

    A very pretty tablecloth and lots of delicious food made by several talented cooks and a wonderful family eating together is at our Thanksgiving table.

  25. Julie Shearer

    The people at my table are what make this day so special. The great food is an added bonus. Thank you for a chance to win.

  26. Annette A.

    If i just had Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy and a roll I would be oh so happy… I love all the other stuff but these are my most favorite…Looking forward to the fun sandwiches now… Thanks for the fun giveaway…

    Happy Friday..

  27. Donna

    We had the turkey and all the trimmings, but the best part was some of the people I love the most being around my table. The best part of Thanksgiving is just being with them and giving thanks for all of or blessings and for those in the military who protect us everyday.

  28. Vanessa W

    I try to be thankful for my blessings all year long so I don’t pick one day over another to celebrate that but I do love Autumn all year long! My house is decorated all year with leaves everywhere!!! On the table, walls …picture frames!!! My favorite! My other favorite is this Tattered Time paper stack and I love May Art ribbon!!! 😀

    ~Vanessa W

  29. E. Marie

    My table had the usual Thanksgiving food but inclued two extra food items that are traditions – cranberry whipped salad (my family) and red cabbage (my husband’s family). We also used some lovely new Fall placemats and a cute turkey butter knife. The best part was having my daughter and her boyfriend there to share it.

  30. Tammy

    Love this paper collection! Traditional turkey, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, stuffing! Pumpkin and Fudge Pie! Yummy!

  31. Nicolle Kramer

    A Turkey, mashed potatoes,sweet potatoes, corn, mixed veggies, cranberries,gravy. A pumpkin for decor and an amazing family around the table and my 3 poochies patiently waiting for something to be dropped..:)

  32. alice hancock

    Our table had an old Hallmark honeycomb turkey centerpiece, which had to be removed to make way for all the great food! The best decoration was my daughter and her family!

  33. ava

    Sweet potatoes is something i just cannot get enough of these days.

  34. Janet Lebeau

    Having my hubby and my dog around my tsble is what makes it special. Awesome giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win it! I hope all the May Arts peeps had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  35. Kim H

    The only thing on my table was a tablecloth,lol. we hit the buffet at the Foxwoods Casino to fill our bellies-no mess and everyone gets whats they want. the only problem -its a long waddle back to the cars.

  36. Tini

    What for great papers!
    Here in Germany we don’t celebrate Thanksgiven 🙁 But I’ve have a yummy salad on my table in the evening :).


    we had meatloaf, potatoes and a salad. yum! the pumpkin pie without the crust is on the menu for tomorrow. there are just the two of us, so a turkey was out of the question.

  38. anita

    THOSE papers…. they are great… i love your ribbons offcourse 😉 but those papers..mmm i love to join your give away… here in Holland we don’t have thanksgiving, sorry

  39. Karen K

    My table… Just some decorations. At the table where I was for Thanksgiving there was lot’s of great food brought by several different families and great family to share it with.

  40. Jeannie

    I had my Thanksgiving dinner alone this year. Hb’s gone to another state for work so it’s just me…

  41. terriavidreader

    What a wonderful feast is this prize – thanks for the chance to win!

  42. Carol Ann Ater

    After our Thanksgiving day feast all is quiet and serene – and very much like this Tattered paper. wonderful to build upon.

  43. Lillian Child

    Just finished cleaning the table and putting away all the leftovers for our annual family day after feast of turkey/stuffing/gravy/cranberry PIZZA! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  44. Kathy P

    LOL….we drove back from Niagara Falls, Canada today, planning to stop on the way for a turkey dinner. HAH! Nothing open! Ended up eating turkey burgers from the freezer! A first for us!

  45. erin

    Lots of fabulous wine, I decorated up some labels and brought some crafty love, will post a photo on FB too.

  46. christi

    today spent with friends old and new great food great fun. even had some greens … not bad for a displaced yankee! love the prize pack. Happy Thanksgiving all!

  47. Naomi A. of CO

    Love the traditional turkey, dressing (cornbread), gravy, green beans,mash potatos and pie with whip cream on top! I at times make tamales for the upcoming Christmas holiday but have not thought that far ahead this year! Maybe next weekend! But it would all mean nothing if I didn’t have my husband, kids + the girls (dogs) to share it with! and enjoy!

  48. Joy Hager

    Awesome prize package! The thing on our table that made me smile this year was little indians our little guy cut out for us 😉

  49. Jeanne Scheffer

    right now my table is covered in arts and craft things since I just spent yesterday having fun with my young niece. In order to have dinner this evening, I will have to gentley move it aside and hope my husband doesn’t notice (what are the chances do you think?) so we can have our Thanksgiving dinner….but the table will have a centerpiece of my efforts this week – I used a spellbinders pumpkin die, some cool paper, and some ribbon to create a few dimensional pumpkins. Enjoy your family and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  50. Doris Widder

    Nothing unusual…Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, cranberry sauce, corn, greenbeans. Yummy! 😀

  51. jean marmo

    Right now the table is empty except or the crumbs and scraps!

  52. sue wisniewski

    I’m thankful to have my small family here to enjoy our turkey dinner. I’m all the trimmings more so than the turkey.
    Everyone out there enjoy your family at this holiday.
    stamping sue

  53. Becky D

    What a sweet giveaway for this special day! We have Thanksgiving at my mom’s with my immediate family of 20+ and growing on the Sunday before Thanksgiving so today is celebrated at my in-laws. I love my in-laws. I am so thankful to have married into such a wonderful family. The wonderful food is a blessing, but being with them really makes my day special. Thanks for the chance to win some of your lovely ribbon and this paper pack which is on my wish list 🙂

  54. Jenny Jean Lim

    Happy Thanksgiving to everybody in the US! 🙂
    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Singapore. But I am always grateful for every waking moment spent with people I love and care about. 🙂

  55. Maggy Tronche

    Wow thanks a lot for this oportunity!! Love this paper collection!!! For thanks giving love the decoration of the table, the turckey, the pumpkings, and sharing with all the family this day! Hugs:: Maggy

  56. SuZeQ

    Ha ha. Obviously, Thanksgiving dinner won’t be here this year and it’s a good thing. There are 13 ornaments, six hanging Christmas cards and four regular Christmas cards on our dining room table … all waiting for the right moment to be sent out. I’ll be serving the local firefighters their dinner at noon and after clean-up, I’ll be dining with my wonderful family. Happy Thanksgiving and I’d be very thankful should I win this over-the-top generous giveaways.

  57. Leanne Seed

    I think the food is wonderful, we are having a non traditional Thanksgiving this year and doing Salmon. But I think the best part of the Thanksgiving table are the loved ones around it…I am thankful to have them all here.

  58. Victoria

    We’re having all the traditional food but the turkey is a smoked one! It was a gift, I hope it’s good!

  59. Diane

    My mother’s turkey and dressing and her awesome potato salad. It’s so yummy it’s like dessert. Blessings, Diane

  60. Kelley

    DH asked if I wanted him to butcher a turkey for Thanksgiving (yes, we have real birds). I told him no, I was going to get a ham out of the freezer (yes, we raise pigs).

    For the first time, we are staying home. The one dish we must have is the green jello my grandmother always made.

  61. Barbara Moore

    Everything about Thanksgiving is special to me. But I’m most thankful for the family and friends around the table.

  62. Doris

    I hope its prime rib

  63. Kelly Sas

    On my table is a quilted table runner I made. We will be going to my SIL so her table will be the one with all the food and family. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families at MA.

  64. Chris R

    I’m celebrating at my parent’s house and the table will be decorated with hand drawn place cards and handmade centerpieces made by my nieces age 10 & 8. It’s all about family.

  65. JenMarie

    Yummy stuff and friends!!

  66. Cheryl Hutcherson

    Our Thanksgiving table will have 19 chairs around it and filled with all sorts of good eats, the grandest of which will be the smoked turkey. I also made name cards with 3D turkeys on them. 🙂

  67. Trisha

    What an awesome paper stack from DCWV and your incredible matching ribbon. Thanks for the chance to win. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  68. Kristie Maynard

    My usual Thanksgiving table has all the traditional food, but also a fabulous broccoli and pearl onion dish that is a family favorite. But this year it will be a surprise, as we are spending Thanksgiving with my daughter’s boyfriend and his family. It will interesting to see someone elses traditions.

  69. Tanya P

    Just the usual here, turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, yellow squash casserole, cranberries, and some croissants. Oh and apple and pecan pie. 😀 Happy Thanksgiving.

  70. Denise Bryant

    On my table…. my favorite casserole with garnet yams and cranberries, with a brown sugar/oatmeal/cinnamon topping. Even people who don’t like yams are fans of this dish!

  71. Michelle S

    I love my brown and orange square Thanksgiving plates and some special handmade place cards (made by my 7 year old!)

  72. Ruby C

    I’m going to my sister’s in the morning and to my daughters for the evening. This is my first year with 2 Thanksgiving dinner so I have lots to be Thankful for! Plenty of Turkey and dressing and Carrot Cake (my favorites!) and the best part is I get to spend it with Family!

  73. Melinda Wilson

    I will be going to a family meal at the church and my contribution is a homemade Red Velvet Cake from my grandmother’s recipe.

  74. Amanda Coleman

    Mashed potatoes and dinner rolls. Yay for carbs!

  75. indy

    It’s just my husband and me at the table, but this year I’m making his favorite pie–pecan!

  76. karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    that prize is to die for , thanks for the opportunity to win.

  77. Janet L.

    My favorite thing around my table will be my parents, ages 81 and 87 (yesterday). I’m sooo lucky and grateful to have them!

  78. Lindy

    We have the traditional Turkey with all the fixins’ and the table is surrounded by family. This year I’m making (made) a Thanksgiving Thankful Mini Album. Everyone at the table has there on page they have to fill out. I will add pictures of all the individuals and it will be for my daughter. She is five and in kindergarden and learned all about the first thanksgiving. I’m really excited for her to see it when I’m finished. Hopefully over the weekend; since most is already done. Happy Thanksgiving!

  79. Lisa Fuller

    Family and friends and my children and husband! And the turkey!

  80. Judy Ray

    The table is beautifully decorated awaiting the big turkery and all the side dishes. Happy Thanksgiving.

  81. Beth

    We usually have about 22 at our family Thanksgiving. Family and friends that need a place to go. This year my son is in Afghanistan but I am hoping we can talk to him by Skype. I got our 22 lb. turkey yesterday and found a new recipe for sweet potatoes today that I want to try.

  82. Suz

    Thanksgiving has to consist of turkey, homemade mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn pudding, jellied cranberries, Stove Top stuffing, pumpkin pie, my Grandmother’s chip dip and my candy apple pie and sweet potato casserole. Good thing I’m going running in the morning! LOL

  83. Sue McRae

    I love stuffing! I only make it once a year so I always make extra so I can have plenty leftovers.

  84. Anita A

    Thanksgiving is not a big deal in my house. I will fix a turkey with mashed potatos.

  85. Miriam Prantner

    We’re not huge turkey fans, so we’ll have a ham on our table. And, my family is Chinese, so we never had stuffing. We always had sticky rice instead. Now that some American’s have married into the family we also have turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes also (in addition to Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce [straight out of the can so you can still see the ridges], and pies, lots of pies). I’m gonna need sweatpants for this!

  86. Ann Merkins

    A couple of my favorites are the old fashioned Scandanavian traditions of lefsa and lutefisk.

  87. Christine Kerley

    My thanksgiving table has the essential goods but most of all what I am most proud of is we as a family are together as one unit. No deployments, no one missing and everyone here for the day. So thankful for that ..

  88. debb

    Right now my table is empty- but all it’s five leaves are in it! It is waiting to be set and decorated (but first I must finish cleaning!). My favorite item around the table is, of course, family but after that it is not the decorations or the table setting, it is the turkey and sweet potatoes! Yummmm! I can not wait for tomorrow!

  89. Natasha G.P.

    I’m going to my boyfriend’s family’s house in Hawaii, so we will be eating some different dishes. Pineapple upside down cake is a favorite…

  90. b. poteraj

    Candied yams are my all time favorite dish. It’s not Thanksgiving without them.

  91. sharon gullikson

    I’ve already made my apple pies and candied yams. They are my specialty. I have to work today, so I made them yesterday. YUM

  92. Betsy Burnett

    Even though I love all the food and stuff on the Thanksgiving table (especially turkey and cranberries and stuffing) what is most special to me is what is around the table. The family and friends gathering to celebrate the things they are thankful for 🙂

  93. Kimberly Sudol

    The BEST thing on my table this year (and every year) is the Pumpkin Praline Pie that has been passed down in my family for generations! Everybody always LOVES it so much….I have to make 2!!

  94. Krysta

    Not at all unique, but Thanksgiving just isn’t the same without a huge turkey and all the fixings. Add to that, the entire family packed in like sardines around the dinner table, and you’ve got the perfect Thanksgiving!


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